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Well, I'm 改. Which is pronounced 'Kai' like 5 or 6 other kanji, its generally used in technical documents and such, its meaning is 'mod', 'custom', or 'revision' depending on the context. While it'd be less ambiguous to use the kanji, no one would know how to say it, so Kai, the romanji form, it is. ;7

My global in game is @Kai and I'm on many discords as such. My deviantArt account full of commissioned character art and random sketching is Eris-kai. Yes, I used to run Cyberia and The Blackbox podcast on The Cape Radio.

It's many years later so new characters, fresh start, but I know some people want to still connect, so I'll leave the list of former characters up but unlinked. At most, some might someday make cameos, but their stories were told, and most are happy where I left them so I won't drag them back.

Past Characters

Heroes: Wyld Fyre(Jae Smith), Dark-wave(Lina Pearson-McCallister), Terra Aureus, Bya-ko(Tianyi Xu), Kyle Rymes, Killswitch Nine(Raze), Blaize(Kenna O'Neill), Raksasha(Rowan Wendel), Aetherfade(Selene), Veredelte

Villians: Ashe Phoenix, Roxy Acetylene, Kuroame(Shima Kukichi), India Ink, Psiamese(Lexi), Black Symphony(Ezekiel Covington & Azkythe)

Praetorians: DJ Facade, Gina Myers, Calliber

I think that's all really, feel free to ask me questions on the talk page or find me in game.

Active Characters (Everlasting)

Heroes/Vigilantes Villains/Rogues Praetorians
Lithium Zero Four Acapriccio
Core Phaseshift
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