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Dr. Elliot "Dr. Zoo" Zooberman is a professional supervillain and mad genius. He was at one point a professor of zoology at Steel Canyon University, but he was fired and discredited after his teachings became more and more deranged and obsessed with the concept of 'survival of the fittest'. In one of his final lectures, he said that humans need to learn from animals and that we must kill off the weaker members of our race.

Following his termination, Dr. Zooberman fell off the grid. He did not attempt to get reaccredited or find any other work. Zooberman vacated his apartment, stole lab equipment from SERAPH offices, and moved into a decrepit, run-down zoo somewhere in the Isles. This location became known as The Human Zoo as Zooberman began kidnapping citizens of Paragon and keeping them in cages there for his own sinister experiments.

He developed serums that could turn people into different animals. A few of his creations managed to escape his grasp and became heroes, such as Wild Pack and Chimera Girl. Another one of his experiments, Kong Pan, became a villain. Those that remain in the Human Zoo eventually lose all sentient thought and become his mindless human/animal hybrid soldiers. These crimes against nature have earned him status as a supervillain and the name Dr. Zoo.

Dr. Zoo is very elusive, rarely able to be cornered by heroes. When he is, he is not above drinking his serums himself. His most common animal forms are a lion, a hawk, a gorilla, and a panther. Zoo's animal forms are extremely strong, ferocious, and agile. Any hero is recommended to take extreme caution when dealing with any of Dr. Zoo's creations as well, as they are very bloodthirsty and put up quite a fight.

Dr. Zoo was recently contacted by Athena, the Queen of the Warriors. She requested he breed special minotaurs for her fighting tournament and he gladly obliged. One minotaur he helped breed, Julio the Minotaur, was favored to win the entire tournament, but was taken down by Armaments, who was in disguise as a participant.

While prowling around Steel Canyon University, Dr. Zoo hatched a plan to kidnap The Noisebomb, whom he saw as the perfect bat/human hybrid. His plan became out of control, however, when he accidentally kidnapped hero Voltium as well. With heroes closing in on his location, Zoo turned Voltium into a dog and siphoned off some blood from Noisebomb to study it. Zoo transformed into his animal forms and fought off the heroes while he collected blood and then fled the scene. Voltium was returned to his human state and Noisebomb was safe.

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