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Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.
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Midnight Gent
Eliot Nightwater.jpg
· Magic Dominator/Brute ·
Gravity Control/Electrical Melee
Psionic Assault/Shield Defense
Player: @Gent
Real Name
Eliot Nightwater
February 29, 1988
Limerick, Ireland
Quincy, Illinois
Occult Mitigator
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
163 lbs.
Body Type
Powers & Abilities
Gravity Control/Electrical Melee
Psionic Assault/Shield Defense
· Known Powers ·
Flight, Teleportation, Invisibility, Occult Sense
· Other Abilities ·
Jeet Kune Do, bits of other fighting styles

I wanted a mage. So I mixed up what I knew of Dr. Strange, Dr. Fate, John Constantine, with some Eliot Rosewater from Kurt Vonnegut's God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater thrown in—a mystically-adept alcoholic, with possible flecks of psychosis.

Character History


Magic is like the internet. Anything you search for can come up with things you didn't expect. Only with magic, you aren't safe behind a slat of glass in a plastic box. You have to give your body, and more, to the search. You're exposed past skin and muscle and viscera.

Oh, and with magic, there's no power button.

You plug in, you stay in. Until there's nothing left of you but words and aether.

—in conversation with El Penumbra Sangre, 1967, during an unstuck period for Nightwater.

Midnight Gent.jpg

Encounters of Eliot Nightwater: A Diary of the Weird

Chronicle of odd encounters Nightwater had during his travels around the world.


Recounted by Edgar Jay Cash-Danielson

Lately my back's been hurtin'. Maybe it's all this light I've felt in stinging trickles. I think it's buildin' up in there, formin' somethin'. I don't know what, I'm gonna need an MRI since the damn aspirin ain't workin'.

1 month later...

Screw me sideways, well I got the MRI and they found all that light, just a glowin' cluster of, I don't know, either hell or heaven. When it came up on the monitor, this cluster looked like a thousand little men all hummin' together, and the vibrations was what was makin' my back hurt all the time. The doctor took it out and let me keep it as a souvenir, but one day the jar it was in was just missing, and, well, now I kinda wish I woulda left it. What if it was my soul? What if it was Jesus?


Recounted by Niles Weaver, the story is a complete figment of his imagination. All investigation into the "Micronomers" has yielded zero results, yet strange things tend to happen around Weaver. Subject claimed to have received many coded messages like the one below, and also claimed to have no knowledge of leet speak, an internet language originating from the 1980's.

((OOC Note: Wanted the leet a little stronger, but it messed with the editor))


4s y0u 4r3 4w4r3, 34rth 1s s3t f0r 1nv4s10n by th3 M1cr0n0m3rs--m1cr0sc0p1c b31ngs fr0m th3 L4rg3 M4g3ll4n1c Cl0ud. 1n l0ck3r numb3r 1033B 4t L4X 1nt3rn4t10n4l 41rp0rt, y0u w1ll f1nd y0ur 3q1upm3nt. Y0u h4v3 b33n g1v3n th3 X03 3nl4rg3r D3v1c3. Wh3n 3nl4rg3d, M1cr0n0m3rs w1ll b3 3xtr3m3ly w34k 4nd vuln3r4bl3, s1nc3 th3y w1ll n0t b3 us3d t0 34rth's gr4v1ty, 0r 4tm0sph3r1c p4rt1cl3s, 4s th3y w1ll n0t b3 us3d t0 b31ng l4rg3 3n0ugh t0 br34th3 1n such p4rt1cl3s. Th3y w1ll 4ls0 m0st l1k3ly b3 un4bl3 t0 m0v3, s1nc3 th3y w1ll 4ls0 b3 un4ccust0m3d t0 b31ng s0 h34vy. Y0u h4v3 b33n c0mm1ss10n3d 4n upgr4d3 t0 y0ur tr4nsd3rm1c qu4ntum 1nl4y 4s w3ll. Th3 upgr4d3 0ff3rs st34lth c4p4b1l1t13s, 4s w3ll 4s 4 t3l3p0rt3r 4ll0w1ng p3rs0n4l tr4v3l 0r tr4nsp0rt 0f 1t3ms up t0 300 lbs. W3'v3 pr3p4r3d c0nt41nm3nt c3lls f0r up t0 100 3nl4rg3d M1cr0n0m3rs, 0r r0ughly 4 tr1ll10n m1cr0sc0p1c4lly-s1z3d 0n3s. C4ptur1ng th3m f0r 1nt3rr0g4t10n 4nd c0nt41nm3nt 1s y0ur m41n 0bj3ct1v3. W3'r3 n0t c3rt41n 1f th3 M1cr0n0m3rs m34n t0 b3 h0st1l3 0r, 4s th3y'v3 sh0wn gr34t sc13nt1f1c pr0w3ss, 1f th3y'r3 h3r3 t0 r3s34rch 0ur pl4n3t. 1f th3y d0 pr0v3 h0st1l3, d34dly f0rc3 1s 4uth0r1z3d. R3p0rt t0 L4X by 0600 h0urs 3ST.



As you are aware, earth is set for invasion by the Micronomers--microscopic beings from the Large Magellanic Cloud. In locker number 1033B at LAX International Airport, you will find your eqiupment. You have been given the X03 Enlarger Device. When enlarged, Micronomers will be extremely weak and vulnerable, since they will not be used to earth's gravity, or atmospheric particles, as they will not be used to being large enough to breathe in such particles. They will also most likely be unable to move, since they will also be unaccustomed to being so heavy. You have been commissioned an upgrade to your transdermic quantum inlay as well. The upgrade offers stealth capabilities, as well as a teleporter allowing personal travel or transport of items up to 300 lbs. We've prepared containment cells for up to 100 enlarged Micronomers, or roughly a trillion microscopically-sized ones. Capturing them for interrogation and containment is your main objective. We're not certain if the Micronomers mean to be hostile or, as they've shown great scientific prowess, if they're here to research our planet. If they do prove hostile, deadly force is authorized. Report to LAX by 0600 hours EST.

And the Light Begins

Source: Unknown

The wood-framed television

of your dusked basement flickers

from the talking golden retriever

and its family, drowned out by laugh-

track, to black and white snow

roaring with failed connection.

A voice emerges, short of breath,

fluctuating with strange magnetism.

Mayday May…day…this is Jesse Gibson,

the Nuclear Man. Mission Zeta Psi 2573,

Op…Operation Infinitum, has suffered heavy

setbacks. Our arrival in Universe 2 was…

success. We landed on an un...own planet

resembling Earth…ut with zero continental

drift…We decided to call it Pan…ea. Upon

close…closer inspection, we found the

planet uninhabited…Completely uni…abited.

…couldn’t figure out…why…so dark

during day…

The stale basement air feels

heavy, like your surroundings

are anticipating something

you cannot alone sense. You’ve

turned the volume knob just so

you can make out the gasping

man’s words without your parents,

in their room above you, waking

from the interrupting howls of static.

The…lanet first read inhospitable

to…uman physiologies, but strangely

sh…ted. Somehow it changed…

atmosphere to…commodate us, but

couldn’t…ell we were different…

normal humans…Emily could channel

something…felt presence of…arge

consciousness. She…d us to…cave

with strange marking…We found

food…ater in this cave. Thought it…

trying to help…just want…energies.

The television returns to the talking

dog and family. The volume is now

too low to hear what they’re saying,

but the laugh track piques into the

audible every ten to fifteen seconds.

You reach to clap the side of the TV

when within a few inches of it you feel

the hairs on your hand rise and the

blood within your arm buzz as if

being filled with electric current.

The scrambled black and white

confetti returns.

…couldn’t have predict…Universe 2

would affect…and I’s abilities…My

power…similar but diff…Stronger.

Emily…pears to have transcended…

nother realm…appened before, but

not…this. I fear she may…yond

saving or even…inding. I’ve found

one…machines, this mach…order to

…nicate with her, but this prove…

iffcult than predict…If you…hearing

this mess…are the only…save us.

Luck…machine not only com…ut


You’ve left the volume unchanged,

but the man is growing louder. He

sounds as if he’s just behind a door

in front of you. The screen starts

to flash blank, then return, flash

blank, then return. After five

cycles of this, you notice

it’s gotten brighter every time.

The…as been damaged by stray…o

I only have one…rk. Remember: though

…look the…ame, you will be diff…on

…2. There is no tell…what you will ex…

ience physio…ly. You may also…bilities

you never ha…Universe 1. I’m br…ou

here because…is no other hope…I knew

an…ne…ould gain abilitie…ere. A long

shot…etter than…shot, eh?

Your skin is tingling from the pins

and needles in the air. You think

of how your family never takes

vacations, how everything will be

different next year in high school.

You wonder why your mind is racing.

Sometimes, you think you hear small

pops in the air, or maybe a tiny

crackling. You close your eyes but

the light doesn’t stop at your eyelids.

Stan...Repeat. Standby for…rt. Don’t

for…ything may be d…ent. No telling

how…be affected. See y…, Chief. Let’s


The television flashes blank

again. You count the seconds

and you hear angry footsteps

from the floor above, each step

falling like approaching thunder.

You reach fifteen before the penetrating

burst of light from the screen. You can

feel it in your blood, in your bones

and lungs and you try to look at

your hands but you can’t tell

where your skin and body end

and the light begins. </div> </div>

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