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Types of Advertising We Accept

In an effort to keep VirtueVerse within its theme we only accept advertising that is directly related to the Virtue Universe. This includes Supergroup recruitment and event ads, server wide event ads, server wide story event ads and even your own fictious ads pointing to your content on VirtueVerse.

Advertisements for the site will be served through Google Doubleclick and will be marked as advertisements so that you can block them if you please using any of the numerous ad block programs. We will also be limiting the advertisements to 10 at any given time, first come first serve with a maximum of 30 days. Event ads and SG recruitment ads will take priority. Ads for fun will be listed but at a lower priority. All ads will run 30 days. For fun ads can be left indefinately as "house" advertising that shows when nothing else higher is listed.

A few simple rules to ensure the advertisements go well with the site:

  1. Adverts must be for items within the Virtue Universe as described above.
  2. Animated Adverts are not accepted, nor are flash based ads. JPG, PNG, or static gif images are fine.
  3. Adverts can not use excessive amounts of neon or extremely bright colors. Try to keep them tasteful.
  4. Adverts are not currently being accepted for mature content.
  5. Adverts can not break any of our Terms of Use

Advertising Location

For now we are only one advertising slot on the left hand side of the site below the navigation menu. This may change in the future but for now this slot will be shared equally by all advertisers.


Advertising on VirtueVerse will be free, we do kindly ask however that if you find the service valuable consider donating to the site hosting fund. The donation is in no way mandatory.

How to Submit Your Ad

In order to request an advertisement on the site you will need to send post your request on the VirtueVerse Forums in the Advertisement Requests area using the sticky guidelines. If you have not already done so you will be required to register separately on the forums. Please submit your advertisements with enough lead time if it is time sensitive.

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