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Virtue Verse and Union Verse have always been offered as free resources to City of Heroes players on the Virtue and Union servers. We intend to keep it that way, providing you with a space that is free of corporate advertising or subscription fees.

Community members have requested over the years for the ability to donate and to help support the site and until now it hasn't been added for a variety of reasons. But we're now going to provide you with the chance to throw your support behind the site. Any and all donations here will go 100% to the cost of hosting Virtue Verse and Union Verse. For that reason we will only be accepting the total hosting cost for the year via a chip-in widget for now.[1]

A few facts about Virtue Verse and Union Verse (Updated 06/17/2011)

Monthly Hosting Cost: $57.38 [2]
Average Monthly Bandwidth: 8 GB

Many people don't realize how large and costly the site can be, and its important to thank especially Kadekawa who kept the site running for many years at around the same cost. We do this because we love the community and enjoy seeing it thrive.

If you have any questions or concerns about the donations please feel free to contact me at virtueverse AT or in game I'm @Ran Kailie.

  1. Total Yearly Cost: The chip-in widget has been rounded up to 700 from $688.56.
  2. Hosting Cost: A few people have questioned the high cost of hosting for the sites. Given the size and bandwidth needs and overall computing power necessary to run both of the sites it would be unrealistic to use low cost shared hosting and even if it was feasible the site performance would lag terribly. We want you to have a good experience with the site so we've acquired hosting that supports the needs of the site.
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