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Mark is part of a story arc that spans 4 primary characters and an additional 2 characters. Mark is unique in that the character had no 'history' and no 'plan.' Everything about the character was shaped by his interactions with other heroes and friends. The result is a quasi-epic and convoluted story, but one that was witnessed from beginnign to end.

Parallel Characters:

Mark Nine
Player: @MarkNine
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Kieran McTierney
Known Aliases: Mark, M9, The Eclectric Eel, Medbot IX, The Spirit of Orion
Species: Human
Age: 30
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Registered Hero
Place of Birth: Founder's Falls
Base of Operations: Talos Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Electricity Manipulation, Technopathy
Known Abilities
High yield manipulation of electrical fields, remote mental access and control of digital equipment.
The Mark Nine robotic combat rig.




These days 'Mark' is a fairly typical superhero. His past, and second chance, weigh heavily on him and he feels a strong obligation to assist the Kheldian he is bonded with.


Brief History

Kieran rebelled against his wealthy, privileged upbringing. Upon discovering his mutation, Kieran initially began to use his abilities to commit petty crimes such as shoplifting. The crimes he committed continued to escalate and donning the monniker 'The Eclectric Eel,' Kieran began first terrorizing the citizens of Paragon, then the Rogue Islands after he escaped the Ziggurat. He joined the The Nemesis Council, and as a trusted lieutenant, he volunteered for a program designed to test the ability to create, and manipulate, nanobots.

Essentially, Kieran's memory was wiped, his genetic structure altered and his mind enslaved to serve as a remote organic 'central processing unit' for a robotic entity benevolently called SWAT Medbot IX. First Strike Security discovered part of this plot and rescued Kieran from the enslavement to SWAT Medbot IX, however Kieran had no memory of his life prior to serving as the robot. In fact, in the days after the rescue, Kieran was convinced he was the robot and insisted on being called Mark Nine.

It took months, but eventually 'Mark' started to experience emotion again and started to pick up on cultural references. With the help of the First Strike Security resident tech, Protos, 'Mark' developed a suit of armor to help amplify his electrical manipulation as well as try to re-establish contact wth SWAT Medbot IX. A side benefit of the armor, 'Mark' discovered, was that his conciousness could enter digital equipment like a telepath might an organic mind. This made him a natural at hacking, controlling technology, and diagnosing technical problems.

In time, however It was that the genetic manipulations made to 'Mark' were breaking down his genetic code and he was slowly dying. In a showdown with the new controller Medbot rig, now calling itself Mark X, Mark lost the battle in the digital world and was dispersed from the Medbot rig. The dispersion force Mark's conciousness into the Datanets in small packets of data. Mark's body, however, found unconcious and dying, was placed into cryogenic storage in the hospital as a John Doe.

After months of slowly gratitating back toward one another, Mark regained conciousness and from the Datanets, Mark procured a prototype Malta Group combat rig to serve as his avatar to find his body. The Nemesis Council archenemy of The New Porter Institute discovered that Mark's conciousness resided in NPI's central server and sought to reclaim their old ally. Mark, unaware of this intention saw the intrusion, and subsequent digital attempts to contain and download him as an attack. Using his avatar, he was finally able to locate, and revive his body, an downloaded his conciousness back into his body before The Nemesis Council could collect his mind.

Moments after downloading back into his body, however, Mark's body died from the genetic breakdown. Ironically, this death was the release the Kheldian bonded with him needed to escape from the prison the genetic modications had created for it. The Kheldian, now released, was able to reconstitute and heal Mark's body and mind.

With his body and mind fully restored, remembering his sordid past, and the second chance he was given, 'Mark' took the name The Spirit of Orion and now fights as a matter of personal redemption and gratitude to Narakeesh, the Kheldian he is bonded with.

The Spirit of Orion, still possessing the technopathy of the mutant Kieran, can call upon the stolen Mark Nine combat rig that he had used as his avatar while he was exiled to the Datanets, as well as the now recovered SWAT Medbot IX healing rig at will.

Meanwhile, in the Rogue Isles, the new controller, known as The Mental Potential, a mutant with a singular focus of increasing his telepathic abilities, also controls the new Mastermind rig known as Mark X. The Mark X rig was initially designed to command legions of robots based on the Medbot rig, however, with the loss of the Medbot prototype, Mark X commands a small unit of inferior robotic rigs.

((All the follows is still under contruction.))

The First Strike Security Years

Key Characters: Contact Sly Fox Jasra Fire Mistress Boscoe Roughshod Ms. Independence Ms. Deliverance

Developed for the Paragon Police Department in a time when they had no way of standing toe-to-toe with the super-powered villains of Paragon City, the Medbot Project, at least publicly, was designed to test the practicality of manipulating living tissue on the cellular level to heal wounds and protect from future damage. Unknown to most of the city council, the The Nemesis Council was using the data they collected was helping them perfect the robotic unit's ability to serve as a weapon: to cripple and control living tissue.

The Paragon SWAT team, responding to fewer calls as they were fielded to true superheroes, stopped using the Medbot rig. In order to recoup the development costs, the Medbot rig was leased to First Strike Security, a commercial 'Hero for Hire' security organization. After serving flawlessly for several months, the SWAT Medbox IX rig began to have an increasing number of failures as it's systems were upgraded. First Strike Security personnel began to investigate a message they received asking for help to save a mutant.

After a long series of missions that culminated into a showdown with the Clockwork King, First Strike Security tracked the communication signal between Medbot and its organic controller. Upon entering DATA's labs in City Hall, a scientist explained that the mutant before them had been enslaved to the machine. Before he could explain who was behind the plot, the scientist was assassinated, and the assassin disappeared before First Strike Security could track them down.

The New Porter Institute

For months Mark's conciousness drifted in tiny fragments, and like gravity pulls particles in space together, some force slowly pulled Mark's conciousness back together. Existing only in the New Porter Institute's computer systems, Mark began searching Paragon for an avatar and eventually discovered a new combat rig that the Malta Group was developing. Mark 'procured' this prototype combat rig and used as his avatar for interacting with the physical world.


Mark Nine has the ability to manipulate high-yield electrical fields to a variety of effect. While primarily and offensive tool, Mark has learned to utilize this ability for travel and defensive use as well.

Electrical Manipulation

The Mark Nine robotic combat rig


Combat and Healing rigs

Weaknesses and Limitations


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