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Player: @stein
Origin: Science
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 10
Personal Data
Real Name: Clyde Weiss
Known Aliases: '
Species: Undead Human
Age: 27
Height: 7'5
Weight: 297lbs
Eye Color: Right eye is blue, the left is a cloudy white
Hair Color: Bald, though most likely black if it were to grow
Biographical Data
Nationality: Living body was American: a quarter French, a quarter Italian, and half German. Current body is of unknown heritage
Occupation: Currently unemployed
Place of Birth: Somewhere in New Jersey
Base of Operations: Trenton, NJ
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Alphonse Weiss (Father), Martha Weiss (Mother) Allen Weiss (Older Brother)
Known Powers
Generation of incredibly high levels of electricity. Superhuman strength. Incredible resilience and resistance to physical pain, physical injury, and environmental hazards.
Known Abilities
Fairly skilled in what could be commonly noted as "street fighting." Highly knowledgeable in the fields of chemical and forensic sciences.
No additional information available.

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The man now known as 'Stein wasn't born into the most privileged of situations.

On a cold winter's night in 1984, a baby boy was delivered by a Mrs. Martha Weiss somewhere in the state of New Jersey. News of the successful delivery was brought to a very nervous Alphonse Weiss, who at the time was sitting in the lobby and waiting room attempting to keep his first son, five year old Allen, entertained. Upon hearing the good news, Alphonse was quick to grab his son by the wrist, leading him quickly to the hospital room where Martha awaited. By the time the father and son had arrived, the mother of this quaint little family was already cradling the newborn, soothing his cries as she gently swayed back and forth. Alphonse slowly made his way to his wife's side, smiling as he looked down into the face of his new son, Clyde Dieter Weiss.

Unfortunately, growing up for little Clyde wasn't nearly as graceful as his birth. His hometown of Trenton wasn't terribly kind to him, as it seemed there was always someone to comment on his father's thick German accent or some fight breaking out right in front of the apartment his family owned. As time went on and Clyde grew a bit older, he found himself far more attracted to books and education than he was sports and physical play.

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