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I hate this city...
Ace Powers
Player: @Duskling
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 26
Personal Data
Real Name: Johnny Anderson
Known Aliases: Ace
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160lbs
Eye Color: One Grey, One Red
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: Baltimore, MD
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Maried
Known Relatives: Micheal Anderson (Father), Linda Anderson (Mother), Robert Anderson (Brother), Allison Anderson (Wife), Abigail Anderson (Daughter)
Known Powers
Advanced Cybernetics
Known Abilities
US Army Special Forces Training
M4 Carbine w/M203 grenade launcher , Cybernetics, Stolen Council Battlesuit, Various Gadgets

This was my first villain character. I wanted to try out the Mastermind Archtype and I had A-Team on the brains when I picked the Mercenaries.



Early Life

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Jonathan Anderson was born in Baltimore, Maryland, the son of Micheal Anderson, a dock worker, and Linda Anderson, who was only eighteen at the time. He had one younger brother, Bobby. The family lived in a poor neighborhood in Baltimore. Because his father had drinking problems and his mother worked nights, Johnny and Bobby were left alone quite a bit. His younger brother fell to a life of petty vandalism and larceny and Johnny would have probally done the same if he hadn't met his future wife, Alice. The two remained good friends.

During High School, he and his now girlfriend, Alice, were tormented by the local hoodlums that went to his school. This forced him to toughen up and learn to fight fast so he fend them off. With his family troubles and his brother growing worse and worse each year, he fell into a depression. He thought about suicide constantly and even attempted it once. If not for the support of his girlfriend, he may have gone through with it.

He was an average student, but without any scholorships, his family couldn't afford to send him to college. After marrying Alice, he got a job at a local warehouse to earn enough money so his wife didn't have to work. They eventually had a baby girl and Johnny realized he wouldn't make enough money to support them both, so he looked for an alternative.

Military Career

After doing some research, he found out that the Army could help him support his family and even pay for college. He joined the Army as a Special Forces Candidate and after the rigorous training, he was awarded his green beret. He took various other advanced courses such as the Military Free Fall Parachutist Course, the Combat Diver Qualification Course, the Special Forces Sniper Course, Advanced Special Operations Techniques course, and the Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance and Target Exploitation Techniques Course. He seemed have gotten his life on track. He had a steady job, he could provide for his family and he knew his daughter wouldn't grow up they he did. Everything was going fine until he got deployed to the Middle East for some clandestine mission to take out a high ranking offical of a terrorist cell. The mission was going according to planned until he got too close to an improvised explosive device (IED). The bomb detenated, blowing off his right arm and leg, as well as damaging several internal organs and blinding him in his right eye. To this day, he still doesn't know how he survived the blast. All he remembers was waking up naked on a lab table.


After waking up, he found out he was in some facility owned by a company called "Crey Industries". He noticed his arm and leg were replaced with cybernetic prosthetics, and later learned about the rest of the implants he recieved. He was told he had been drafted for some Super Soldier program, codenamed "Steel Phoenix". The primary objective of the project was to create a super soldier for Black Ops. He was to be used for high profile assassinations, anti-terrorism and basically remove anyone deemed a threat to the United States. At first, he carried out his missions without much trouble, until one fateful day, he swiped his file. The file revealed several distrubing details. It turned out the mission in the Middle East was just a farce so that Crey could get mangled bodies to experement for a Super Solider progam. It also turned out that he'd been decleared legally dead. Outraged by this, he used his new found powers to break out, stealing a few weapons and gadgets before leaving.

Spoilers end here.

Life of Crime

Homeless and starving, Johnny was forced to steal to survive. Since he knew he would probally make a few enemies, he changed his name to Ace Powers to protect his family. He was eventually caught and tossed in Zig. There, he met other criminals who suffered a similiar fate. They quickly banded together, protecting each other from the super powered thugs. Eventually him and his crew were busted out by Arachnos as potential soldier. They turned down his offer and formed their own elite mercenary team, named "Blackwolf Security". Since than, they've been doing jobs for the various groups in Rogue Island and have been moderatly successful. Strangely enough, Power's wife began to recieve mysterious packages with a considerable amounts of cash.

Blackwolf Security

Through his time in the Zig and working in the Rogue Islands, he's assembled a team of Mercenaries from various backgrounds. They operate as one elite unit, taking on just about any job if the prices is good enough. Each member has an extensive military background, each with their own specialty.

William "Wolf" Howell: "Wolf" is the linquist of the group. "Wolf" is a former Sky Raider, who speaks atleast six different languages. He met Powers in Zig after being arrested after trying to blow up a warehouse. While his military history before the Sky Raiders remains unknown, he seems to have some extensive combat training.

James "Hawk" O'Donald: "Hawk" is the engineer of the group. While he does repair the occasional device, he's better known for blowing up things instead of fixing them. A former Irish terrorist, he came to Paragon City looking for work after his organization was disbanded. He was evenutally arrested and thrown in the Zig.

Dale "Rooster" Mitchel: "Rooster" is the medic of the group. "Rooster" is a former medic for the Council and left after coming to the conclusion that they were too insane for him. After stealing some of their advanced medical technology, the Council left an anonymous tip to some heroes in Paragon city that a member of the Council stole some prototype technology from a research facility. While the heroes weren't able to find the devices, they found "Rooster". He was thrown into jail, where he met Powers.

Nikolai "Fox" Bakatin: "Fox" is the intel and recon specialist of the group. Former KGB, "Fox" came to America after the fall of the Soviet Union to work as a hitman. He was evenuatally caught and thrown into Zig.

Zadok "Viper" Rabin: "Viper" is the marksman of the group. Former Isaeli Special Forces, "Viper" left the military after his family was killed by a suicide bomber. For a time, he went around as a vigilant known as the Steel Viper and made a name for himself by killing high ranking terrorist. Avoiding arrest, he fled to American in hopes of "legally" fighting crime. His first week there, he slaughtered a group of Skulls and was arrested for murder. He was thrown in Zig, where he met up with Powers. Since they were both betrayed by their country, "Viper" gladdly joined Powers mercenary group.

Vladmir "Bear" Rasputin: "Bear" is the heavy assualt specialist of the group. While most of his past remains unknown, it's rumored he was in a Soviet Super Soldier program. He possesses super human resistance, vitality and reflexes.

Physical Attributes


After the accident, Ace Powers was augmented with various cybernetic enhancements. His arm and leg are made of a titanium alloy and interfaced into his nervious system, allowing him to use it as if it were a natural limb. His left leg is also augement with a few cybernetics, allowing him to leap twenty stories and absorb the pressure from the fall. His right hand is capable of 300 foot pounds of force and is equiped with a data jack, which sends the information to a computer build into his arm. While the computer can store uploaded data, it's primary function is to run diagnostics on the various cybernetics in his body. He's also equiped with a cybernetic eye, which is connected to his right arm, allowing for superior hand-eye coordination. It's also equiped with zoom, infrared, night vision and even a prototype "ghost vision" which allows him to see spirits. He also has various organ replacements such as a cybernetic heart and lung as well as a titanium ribcage. The most advance cybernetic would have to be the "nerual scrambler" which is designed to block all forms of psionic powers as well as wipe his memory. It was originally designed as a fallsafe incase he was caught for deniablity purposes.


Because of his Special Forces background, Powers is well versed in military tatics. He is also a skilled marksman and has extensive SERE (Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion) training.

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