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The Ace
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 47
Personal Data
Real Name: Angelo Vintelli
Known Aliases: Ace of Swords
Species: Homo Superior
Age: 29
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220 lb
Eye Color: unusually pale blue
Hair Color: black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Italian American
Occupation: Idle rich/mutant activist
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Superspeed, Energy Absorption and Projection
Known Abilities
Dancing, Sound Engineering, Business
No additional information available.


Character History

Ace V was previously known as the Ace of Swords, when he operated with his Dad's criminal organisation The House of Cards, and later with the superhero group known as The Strangers. Due to a brief and ultimately doomed love affair with hero known as The Spider, Ace ended up betraying his Dad's art criminal associates in return for a new life on the right side of the law. After the Strangers disbanded, he spent some time investigating alternative avenues for mutant-human integration, and pioneered the short lived "Anti Mutant Hysteria" roadshow, a kind of superpowered Lollapalooza tour in which he and other mutants used their powers for entertainment purposes. Ace himself pioneered the art of superspeed dancing along with identical twins Peach'z 'n' Creme. Other acts included Der Inkubus, a German reality warper, and the indestructible untouchable Una Tease. The novelty of AMH died down, Ace's alleged simultaneous affair with Peach'z 'n' Creme came to an alleged end, and he found himself at a loose end. "Hey, why not go to Paragon City and lend a hand? See whats happening there, huh?"


Ace is friendly and generally easy going. He's never had to work much for anything, being born into wealth and gifted with high-grade functional mutations, and has coasted through life on these advantages.

He sees himself as an ambassador for Mutant Rights these days, and will generally react very favourably to "brother" and "sister" heroes, and has been known to fly off the handle at those who give mutants a bad name, such as the Outcasts.

He would happily describe himself as "a lover not a fighter" and often talks himself up as a coward in front of strangers to get a laugh. He is however, first into the fray when he's needed. Well, maybe second after the big tough guys...


Ace has been described as a living car battery. His blood is green and acidic, and reacts with trace metals in his body to absorb, store and release energy. Through training he can use this to draw a bluish energy from other biological entities to make them slower, weaker or just plain exhausted. This energy can then be stored for a short while and released as electrical charge, or transmitted to allies to bolster their speed or energy.

The exact nature of this "blue flame" has yet to be determined, even by the Pit Crew.

Ace's metabolism is much faster than a baseline humans, allowing him to move and react about 10 times faster than normal and run at speeds of up to 100mph. Due to his energy manipulation, he rarely gets tired, and kept up this speed for 24 hours once under laboratory conditions.

He switches between accelerated and normal mode, during accelerated mode it is difficult to talk to and interact with people due to the speed differential.



Ace has previously worked with The House of Cards, The Strangers, The Council of Strangers and Anti Mutant Hysteria. He joined S.C.O.R.P.I.O.'s Meta-Ops Division with Una Tease, planning to use the recent wave of publicity for that agency to promote positive mutant role models. They left when they retired from active crimefighting to pursue other business ventures, prompted also by some disagreements over dress codes within the organisation.

Ace currently employs a small "Pit Crew" of mutant specialists to look after him, and make sure his crimefighting abilities are in tip top shape.


The Ace carries a revolver, just in case.

His sneakers contain a number of lifesign monitors and speed sensors that relay vital performance data back to the Pit Crew.


Ace has a good understanding of business practices and economics, and engages from time to time in a bit of market speculation.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Ace is no more durable than the average human, and can be taken down quickly if caught off guard. During day-to-day non-combat activities he operates unaccelerated, and takes about 1 second to rev up, providing a small window during which he is defenceless.


Ace often refers to himself in the third person as "The Ace".

His Pit Crew includes Dex, a mutant gene designer and Karla, his masseuse.

Ace is friends with the mutant fashion designer Zaultier (who did most of the gear for Anti Mutant Hysteria), and happy to pass on requests for costume advice to his buddy .

Before City of Heroes, Ace was a character in the Freedom Force mod "The Strangers". See for details

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