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This Article is about a super heroine. If you're looking for the adult entertainment clown fetish, or the nationality actresses in that industry boy are you in the wrong place!

The Amazing Acrogirl is one of the thousands, if not hundred of thousands of heroes that patrol the city of Paragon, RI daily. Born with powers that set her apart from other mortals she decided to fight crime, only after meeting a certain beetle.

Because she was lost, helpless and mentally unhealthy when she met the "Buggy", she has formed a connection to him as he's helped her become a normal citizen, a daughter to father one.

But all that is gone now, it's a different Paragon, none of her surrogate 'family' are here, even her adoptive father doesn't really remember her...

Ass Kicking Hotness!
Player: @Amaterasu
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: Incarnate
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Jean, Jeanie, Co-Co (Only to three people), The Goddess of DODGE!
Species: Human/Kherubim
Age: 27
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Naturally Raven
Biographical Data
Nationality: Saudi Arabian (Alien)/Puerto Rican
Occupation: Former Pumpkin Panic lead singer, Toy Magnate, Children's Entertainer
Place of Birth: Memphis, Tennessee
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Currently None (to be seen!)
Known Powers
Hyper Senses, Attack Precognition, Hyper Reflexes, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Neuro-kinetics, Enhanced Musculature, Organic metal skeleton, Extreme tolerance for temperatures, Vacuum/Void survival, Dimensional Traversal
Known Abilities
Able to predict incoming attacks pre-emptively and move to avoid them. Strong enough to kick a malta titan through a wall. Fast enough to avoid bullets and energy blasts
Empathetic/Cognizant Battle Armor "AndreAI"
No additional information available.



Formerly a Justicar but having left years ago, she was a solo hero until the universe exploded.

Since the exploding of the old dimension and her appearing in the new one she has joined The Wonders.


Outspoken, Flirtatious, Sometimes Off the wall, Acro has been called a lot of things, including "Oh my god she's coming, run for your lives" by the freakshow. She is fond of flirting and is fully aware of what effects her genetic 'gifts' have on people, she likes bouncing in place and causing "boob hypnotism".

A former teenage runaway from Tennessee, her parents hadn't reported her missing and somehow her their guardianship of her vanished.

She's a graduate of Paragon University, holding a bachleorette of science degree, and a doctorate in theoretical physics. A mechanical genius and capable of understanding complex formulae, due to her alien heritage.


Due to her kherubim and human hybrid heritage, Acrogirl displays active precognition abilities. Though at her current power level she's only able to predict incoming attacks before they happen to her and dodge them, or sense people approaching her, with pratice and age this ability should increase exponentially.

A side effect is that her eyes glow when this power is in active use.

She is a fifth dan ranking in Korean Tae Kwon Do, Akido, Kenpo and an accopmplished gymnast. She has learned Kherubim martial arts, and dancing. Fond of acrobatic and dance-like arts, as well as dancing itself, becoming learned in several terrestrial and extraterrestrial dancing styles.

Other Information

Recently she's grown a spade tipped tail and small bat-like wings, enabling flight and further increasing her balance, earning her the nicknames "Acro-Bat", and "Little Bat".

Official clocking of her flight speed has been recorded at Mach 2, her body generates an arua to protect her skin and clothing from damage from wind, though with the small wings nobody has been able to figure out just HOW those things support her body weight.

Acrogirl is fond of 'playing' with patrolling jet pilots, oftentimes sitting on their hulls while they're in mid flight, much to the consternation of the pilots, it's become a running joke with the local military that she's a sign of good luck if she appears knocking on your cockpit.

New Notes!

Acrogirl's secondary mutation of wings has mysteriously reversed itself, leaving only her tail, she is still able to slip earth's gravitational pull and achieve flight, studies are underway as to how she does this. The only possible theory is that her half Kherubim ancestry enables this.

Note: 05-20-09: Acrogirl has seemingly lost the ability of flight, but has retained some of the ability to leave the bounds of earth, if only temporarily, she can now be seen leaping huge distances across the zones of the city on her patrols.

In 2019, after years of dimensional wandering after the universal detonation, Jean woke up on her back in the Atlas Park fountain. Confused, and bewildered she found herself weaker and set out to discover what was going on.

Acrogirl has joined forces with The Wonders, finding a version of her 'Buggy' there, and another who is definitely not her buggy, awkwardness abounds! She has also made new friends, new romances, and discovered that her wings and tail are not gone, they were hidden out of her own body confidence issues.

She no longer has any of those issues whatsoever.


All her costumes have slits or holes in them for ease of removal or getting into, for her wings and tail.

Original: her original costume was little more than what she had managed to steal from the circle of shadows, a full length unitard with a skirt over it, in a jester pattern. She has since then remodeled her costumes as her career as a heroine has shaped itself.


The cognizant battle armor "AndreaI" is a battle armor suit form covered with protective plates. The suit is all black with blue accented shoulder pads, gauntlet gloves, and belt. Protective helmet gear covers her eyes, enabling a H.U.D. inside to further enhance her predictive abilities. The lower half of her face is covered by protective armor, giving her a fear inspiring appearance.

Character History

Acrogirl's past history is a tapestry of tragedy and pure bad luck.

A product of in-vitro fertilization for a couple in Memphis, Tennessee, when she was born the donors refused to accept her, leaving her the sole responsibility of the surrogate mother, Maria Chambers.

Her mother wasn't the best mother ever, and her father was worse, drunken and abusive, she endured a lot during her early childhood, beatings, harassment and ridicule from her 'father', until she ran away at eleven years old after stabbing her father with a kitchen knife in self defense, and wasn't even sought after by her parents.

For two years she traveled the country, hitchhiking, railroad hopping, backpacking, living in the streets and trying to find somewhere to belong, it wasn't until she ran across the carnival of shadows at thirteen that she thought she found a place.

Upon joining she was recruited as an Acrobatic Fighter, having to prove herself to get a mask, she eventually did and when she put it on the mask shattered, it also drove her poor abused mind into itself, shattering her fragile mental state. From that moment on she was a plague to the Carnival, random, insane and violent, but loyal and continued to serve them for three more years.

Upon several encounters with hero's, the carnival was eventually broken and she was taken to the proper authorities, who judged her mentally insane and a juvenile ward of the state, putting her into a mental asylum for the rest of her life. But that didn't go well with her so she escaped, and wandered the streets in "borrowed" clothing she took off a hiding Carnival Attendant, fighting crime in the guise of "The Amazing Acrogirl", she had yet to show any of her alien physical heritage, but her prediction abilities were there.

It was just after she had managed to trick the paragon hero board into giving her a hero license that she was struggling to combat villainy in atlas park, dismayed at her lack of fighting skill, she was found moping by The Atomic Beetle, and taken under his wing to learn to fight, she supposes that when he learned of her past and treatment he further decided to sort of "adopt" the poor teenage girl, reasons why are only known to him.

That began the best days of her life, fighting crime while being taught and meeting the other Justicars, eventually joining them along with her "Pops", she began to fight with them, forming bonds that would slowly heal her psyche.

It wasn't until Croatoa and meeting the Cheshire spirit Trix that she began to heal, the spirit cat tried to help her and ended up bound to her, taking some of her madness upon himself and giving her spirit enough ground to start healing. She continued to fight crime with the Cheshire cat at her side, causing mischief wherever the two went.

Then the "Portal Slide" incident happened, leaving her stranded on an alternate world where she was dead, and finding the Justions, an alternate version of her Justicar "family" there The differences were startling, but until she could get home she would fight with them. While with them she attempted to portal jaunt home, spending five years of accelerated time seeking her home dimension and learning the darker side of combat, as well as herself, on the world she called "Grimworld", her first kill was there, afterwards she had to face her darker urges.

It was during these years she traveled to many alternate realities, a curious phenomena of her alien heritage, when she encountered another version of herself that was "genetically" weaker, she absorbed them, mind body and soul, which fused together her fragile psyche. The side effect is she has four distinct versions of her in her head, voices only she can hear, that converse with her like one would roommates, they eventually disappeared. Curiously Trix can also mind-speak to her, her latent psionic abilities, plus their connection makes for fun conversations when she's speaking aloud and he's speaking mentally.

She left that family to make her own way, and then the universe exploded and she was blown "Sideways" into a different dimension. Thus began her seven year trek to find home, or "A home", and she went to sleep in a world where heroes were outlawed, she woke up in the Atlas Park fountain confused.

After ascertaining what had happened, and her physical state was weaker than before, she set about learning and getting stronger, only to meet Captain Weevil and join The Wonders. There she found a version of Atomic Beetle, his name was changed, his memories were fragmented, he just -might- be her dad again, maybe, it's complicated.


Acrogirl has spawned a line of "Acrogirl" action toys, dolls and plush items, her comedic and oddball ways endearing herself to the children of paragon as a wacky hero who fights for the good of all. She works hard to maintain that image in public, even going to children's events in her old acrobatics costume with makeup on, children are her weakness.


-Acrogirl has a huge fear of cockroaches and will run screaming if one even so much as looks at her funny.

-Acrogirl's favorite pastimes are beating up Freakshow, and pummeling Crey, both of which have labeled her as their bane of existence, the Freakshow run the other way if she shows up and the Crey call for backup immediately, it never helps them. She also enjoys hanging out with San-San, Ju-Ju, and Ra-Ra and spending time with her two magical pets, Fuzzums a pet bat who feeds off fel energy, and Trixie her pet blue cheshire lion.

- Acrogirl adores The Atomic Beetle, to her he will always be her 'true' father, regardless of her genetic parentage. This new reality is confusing and awkward for her.

- Acrogirl swings many ways, a self described "Omni-Sexual", she's half Kherubim and in her travels has had attractions to many a being, humanoid and otherwise.

- Acrogirl also has an aversion to the color green, though if you were to ask her she'd get confused and attempt to prove you wrong by wearing green, only to find for some reason she's afraid to even touch the color. This is due to Daemonites being green.

- Acrogirl has absorbed sixteen alternate versions of herself, due to the "Law of conservation", her Kherubim side making her the stronger of the two in wherever she appears. (Think of the movie "The One" with Jet Li, only not killing merely touching to absorb them in spiritual, dimensional and physical essence.).

- Acrogirl loves her pet Cheshire lion Trixie and is often seen petting the huge beast with no regard to danger whatsoever, others tend to get scared of the giant glowing Cheshire cat with swirling gold eyes. On the flip side of that they're still trying to figure out how she managed to get a pet fel energy devouring bat.

- Acrogirl accepted her half alien heritage during the portal slide incident, she only learned it shortly after getting stranded, and made friends with another half kherubim. She's slowly learning what there is to her powers and how to fully utilize it, and has learned her kind are extremely long lived.

- In her travels she has explored her powers and tested limits, growing stronger every day.

- Acrogirl finds it easy to befriend Kheldians, they are like her in a way, so she can see their point of view on things.

- Acrogirl is weak to magic, especially binding spells, they make her head fuzzy, magic itself can easily wound her almost critically, causing her to flee to rest and recover quite often against magical enemies.

- Acrogirl absolutely hates Rikti Drones, and The Nemesis, their area of effect attacks slip by her precognition as it counts it as one attack, not one attack with multiple after-effects.

- Acrogirl displays open enjoyment of pummeling Crey Corporation employees, and unlike most heroes she considers The Malta Group to be playmates, though if you ask about the Knives of Artemis you'll only hear expletives as her response.

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