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Admiral Kraken and his lead sentence!

Admiral Kraken
 ?? Natural Scrapper
Dual Blades/??
Adventurist Member
Player: ??
Activity Level: ??
Physical Identifiers
Species: Human
Sub-Type: Unknown
Gender: Male
Apparent Age: Appears to be in his mid 50s or 60s, is actually 193.
Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 208-lbs
Build: Athletic
Complexion: Unknown
Eye Color: Very very dark blue
Hair Color: Greying, was reddish-brown
Distinguishing Features
A facial scar that runs vertically across his right eye, which is blind
Biographical Data
Birthdate: June 18, 1815
Birthplace: Warsaw, Poland
Nationality: Polish
Residence: The Carpathian
Occupation: Ship’s Captain; anonymous majority stockholder in the shipping company Mare ad Mare Nauticus, Unlimited; Chairman of the board and majority stockholder in Verne Maritime Design and Construction, Inc.
Marital Status: widower
Legal Status: Originally a legal resident of Poland; outlawed by the Russian invaders; records lost during the wars. Currently holds Swiss citizenship papers.
Relatives & Associates
Zoska and Jozef Krakow, parents, deceased; Irene Adler, wife, deceased.
Known Powers
Skills & Abilities
Expert swordsman and sailor
2 swords, a fleet of ships and submarines
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"To bring light to the greatest mysteries of the world..."



Supergroup: The Adventurists

Former Supergroups: none





Dual Blades




Additional Powers






Weaknesses and Limitations



2 swords of Asian or Indian origin

Character History

1815, June 18, Sunday, while the battle of Waterloo was being fought, Zdzislaw Krakow was born to Zoska and Jozef Krakow of Warsaw. Josef was a veteran of the elite Vistula Legion that had supported France in the Napoleaonic wars. An injury at the Battle of Leipzig kept him from Waterloo.

After Waterloo, Poland went under the iron fist of Russia. A final revolt was sparked On November 29, 1830, by the Polish cadets of the Russian Military Acadamy in Warsaw led by Piotr Wysocki. Though three-years younger than Piotr, Zdzislaw -- now a cadet at the Academy -- was a co-conspirator. Initially, this Polish revolution created a Polish state, but Russia invaded and, by 5 Oct 1831, had put down the revolution.

Discovering that his family had been slaughtered by the Russian army and he himself was a fugitive slated to be deported to Siberia, Zdzislaw fled his homeland. He worked his way through Europe, picking up a smattering of engineering and boatman skills.

In 1837, Zdzislaw found employment as an assistant to French engineer Brutus de Villeroi who was demonstrating his model submarine “Nautilus” to representatives of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

In 1839, Zdzislaw was hired onto a ship bound from Liverpool to New York City; 20-year-old Herman Melville was cabin boy on the ship. The two young men became friends. Melville renamed the older youth "Ishmael" because of his friend's history and because "Zdzislaw" was too hard for English speakers.

In 1840, Ishmael signed onto the whaling ship, "Pequod", commanded by Captain Ahab, and learned both the craft of whaling and the effects of obsession. Ishmael lost his right eye in the final confrontation between Ahab and a whale.

In 1841, Ishmael and Melville sailed together again as part of the crew of the whaling ship "Acushnet".

When Ishmael became a captain in his own right, he changed his surname to Kraken, a reminder to never allow himself to be blinded to needs of ship and crew as old Ahab had been. By 1850, Captain Ismael Kraken had his own ship, plying the China-India-England trade routes. In Mumbai, he learned of a cursed treasure sunk in the Indian sea. By exactly following the instructions of the curse, he became the sole survivor of a salvage expedition which returned the Great Statue of Kali to her temple in Mumbai. After this period, Kraken was wealthy and seemed to have discovered the secret to slowing the aging process, possibly as a reward for lifting the curse.

In 1867, while having a submarine secretly built in Portugal, Ishmael helped out Jules Verne with his stranded yacht.

Kraken avoided the World Wars as much as possible, his abiding hatred of Russia tempering his natural inclination to support the allies against the iron fist of Germany, et al. Nonetheless, in 1940, when the Germans pinned the British at the beaches of Dunkirk, May 29-June4, one of Kraken’s subs was there in the motley armada of private vessels that saved the allied soldiers from certain doom. Amongst the soldiers taken aboard Kraken’s ship was Nick Stone.

In 1941, Nick Stone and Capt. Kraken joined The Adventurists; The sub “Queequag” is used as the group’s mobile base.

By 1976, Kraken secretly owned the largest private fleet of submarines in the word. His employees took to calling him "Admiral".

In 1984, Kraken helped J’on Thalasa rescue fiancé M’rei from giant octopus. Kraken learned of the Atlantean colony of Oceanis and its mother colony Posidonis. Became “friend of the family”. J’on often tried to get him into discussions about the probability of industrial run-off causing the continuing increase in individual size amongst the giant octopus population. In 1986, T’leri Thalasa (Oceanid) born in Oceanis Colony, Atlantic Ocean, to M'rei and J'on Thalasa. Kraken was asked to be godfather. During visits over successive years, Kraken encouraged J’on and T’leri to practice vocal speech, so to be better prepared to meet surface people.

2007 July 24, the Rikti invaded for a second time. Since that day, bombs brought by currents have destroyed a third of Oceanis.
2008 May 31, Admiral Kraken joined the re-formed Adventurists as one of the Inner Circle, having decided that even he can't fight an alien invasion alone. The group uses his sub "The Carpathian" as its current base.



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