Adriana Winston

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Adriana Winston
Player: @NeutronStar
Origin: Science
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Adriana Cassandra Winston
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 16
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Part-time student
Place of Birth: Providence, RI
Base of Operations: Mobile, usually Founders Falls
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Cassandra (mother, whereabouts unknown), unknown father
Known Powers
Jab, Punch, Haymaker, Knockout Blow, Rage, Hurl, Foot Stomp.
Known Abilities
Resist Physical Damage, Dull Pain, Resist Elements, Resist Energies, Tough Hide, Unstoppable
Carries around several trinkets she's earned in her adventures.



Paragon City Construction - Current


Adriana's been used to being treated like something less than human, thanks to her abilities and looks. She's also been used as a lab specimen, so trust isn't something she readily gives out. She can be a bit sarcastic and blunt, never holding back what's on her mind unless circumstances warrant. That isn't to say she's without feelings of friendship and compassion, for once she makes a friend, she remains loyal to them.

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Adriana's powers come from the Superadine that was in her system when she was born, though she suspects some of them also came from the time she spent in a Crey laboratory. Her skin is hard enough that it requires special equipment to puncture or cut (titanium needles and up).


Adriana cannot drink alcohol of any kind or any amount. She was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and combined with the Superadine infused in her system, makes her extremely ill when she consumes alcohol, voluntarily or not. This has been used against her in more than a few occasions. Rubbing alcohol, however, is safe to use.

Character History

Early Years

Adriana was born in Providence, Rhode Island. Her mother was a battered woman that had turned to Superadine to both cover her inner scars, and to give her the strength she felt she needed to hold off other potential abusers. Until that point, the affects of Superadine on unborn children was still unknown. However, it was immediately evident that Adriana had been subjected to its effects, as she was born with a slightly different shade of green skin common amongst Trolls, as well as an already evident musculature. This secondary effect was a bit curious, since Superadine was not thought to grant such a physique, but only to enhance the existing strength of the user.

Her early childhood was anything but tranquil. Her birth had caused a minor media sensation, which her mother found quite unwelcome. Subsequent overly-nosy "investigative journalists" revealed all of her mother's past, including her current addiction to Superadine. This brought her into conflict with Human Services, who tried (unsuccessfully) to take the young Adriana and put her into foster care.

School was little different. Very few people associated with her, except to mostly tease and torment her for her appearance and perceived stupidity, despite the fact that she displayed none of these typical traits. On more than one occasion, this led to an altercation, which inevitably led to her tormentor being hurt in some way. This brought on more police involvement, since she was classified as a "person with supernatural abilities". Several times, she was taken to juvenile detention, which only served to provide further chances of conflict with others. If it were not for the efforts of one David Pastore, an attorney that was working with Adriana's mother, she would most assuredly have ended up a ward of the state.

Dark Times

However, nothing could prevent what happened when she was eight. Her mother's addiction to Superadine, and the effects on her, had become so pronounced, that even Pastore's work and efforts couldn't keep Adriana from being taken away. Things took a darker turn when the worker in charge of the case turned out to be moonlighting at a Providence branch of Crey Enterprises, and became rather intrigued by Adriana. Specifically, how she had the benefits of Superadine, without the drawbacks to it. Secretly contacting a Paragon City branch, they knocked her unconscious while in a holding room with sleep gas (though it took four times the normal dose to do so), and had her shipped to Paragon City.

Years of "scientific testing" and the like ensued. Kept under control by an increasingly more powerful sedative due to her body developing a resistance to it, she was tested and studied daily in a wide variety of areas, from "effects of toxic chemicals" to "electrical stimuli response", and a hundred other areas. Her heightened immune system also received its share of work, with different chemicals being injected into her on a regular basis, with the effects studied and recorded.

(More as I think of it.)

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