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Aeur is a character I enjoy playing quite a bit, though I'm still trying to come up with a better name. She started on another server, but I liked her enough to recreate her here.

Player: User:Thrune
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 32
Personal Data
Real Name: Diana Hunt/Aeur
Known Aliases: Godstone
Species: Human/Demon
Age: 16/The Dawn of Time
Height: 5'7
Weight: 165
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American/Infernal
Occupation: Supervillain
Place of Birth: Paragon City/Hell
Base of Operations: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Invulnerability, lightning blasts, severe resistance to psychic attacks, minimal ability to create illusions.
Known Abilities
Minor talents at sorcery, pickpocketing skills
Demon-infused armor
No additional information available.



A thousand years ago, the war-demon called Aeur was summoned to the mortal realm by a powerful sorcerer, who bound it into enchanted armor. Though the demon could not work directly against him it failed the sorcerer in his final moments. His slayer, a brave and good knight, took up the armor. It began to work it's magic on the knight's mind, corrupting him and, in the end, simply seizing control of his body to wreak havoc in the mortal world, sowing chaos and destruction. When, in the end, a champion grew strong enough to slay the knight, the demon repeated the process with him, enticing him to seize the armor and then taking control of his mind.

And so, for six hundred years, it passed so. A man would take up the armor, slowly submit to the demon's influence, and wreak havoc as a soldier or warlord across europe, until eventually the man was slain. Even in those few cases when the slayer resisted taking up the armor, some scavenger would find it, pick it up, and wear it.

This pattern continued until a man named Janus took it up. He had recieved some minimal training in white magic, and identified the demon for what it truly was. He knew not the magic that would unbind it from the armor and banish it back to Hell, so he fled to where it would no longer be found. He bound it in a chest encrusted with runes, traveled across the great ocean to the new land of America, and buried it deep in the earth, planting a tree over it to mark its resting place.

Four centuries later in Paragon City's Perez Park, through a twist of fate, a root slowly and surely erased a rune and allowed a trace of the demon's mind to escape the prison. It called to the nearest person without the magical learning to know what it truly was...

Sixteen years ago, a girl named Diana Hunt was born to a poor family in Paragon City. Though they did the best job they could of raising her, she was chaotic, more prone to fighting than working. After they died in the Rikti invasion, she grew up by herself in the ruins of Paragon City. She learned to be tough as well as strong, and she made a living as few could, stealing and hiding and nevertheless, scraping to get by. Despite her lack of wealth, she had an overwhelming curiosity, which got her into trouble that she often had difficulty getting out of.

She was in Perez Park one day, hiding from the Skulls, when she saw something strange - A gleam under an old, old tree. Thinking it may be valuable, she began to dig and found a chest, bound with strange symbols. Opening it, she discovered a suit of incredible armor. Putting it on, she began to see more than she ever had before, and was far stronger and swifter. After taking care of a few last details in Paragon City, she traveled to the Rogue Isles to begin her career. After all, with the armor, she had all the power she ever needed... Enough to take whatever she wanted, from whoever she wanted.

And the demon laughed.


While she is the dominant personality (And, in fact, is unaware of the secondary one) they do have differing opinions, and thus there are subsections.

Diana Hunt

Clever, curious, stubborn, and greedy are all words that can be used to describe Diana Hunt. She enjoys the feeling that, instead of being weaker than even the gangs, she can dish out some damage to the people who used to cause her trouble. Still, unlike the demon, she's not actively malicious, and is mostly just out to profit herself. She has a vengeful streak, which Aeur exploits, but in the end she's happier if she doesn't need to fight. She has something in between a hatred and jealousy of (other) super-powered beings, feeling that they haven't earned their powers.

The Demon of Aeur

As a creature of Hell, Aeur exists purely to cause strife, living to spread chaos and destruction. However, he does have a few quirks. Most notably, he has a strong hatred for technology and the modern day and age, preferring the time when people died in droves from disease and malnutrition, war was a national hobby, and weapons that could pierce his armor hadn't been invented. He also engages in corruption and manipulation far more than is common among war-demons, most of whom would rather just smash.


- The ability to summon blasts of infernal lightning at short ranges.

- Increased strength, capable of lifting more than a ton.

- Near-invulnerability: Bullets can penetrate the armor, but cruder weapons are ineffective.

- Rapid healing, capable of mending wounds at a moment's notice.

- 'Witch-sight': The ability to see magic, and tell to a minimal degree what sort it is.

- Enhanced speed and agility, including the ability to run at 10 MPH for sustained distances.

- The supernatural ability to leap incredible distances.


Aeur is pronounced Ay-Oor (To rhyme with Bay and Boor)

The Demon's theme song is March of Cambreadth by Alexander James Adams. Diana's theme song is The Fairies Siege (Words by Rudyard Kipling, music by Michael Longcor)

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