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Agaris Sirilye, former High General of the Asgardian Dragons.
Agaris Sirilye
Player: @Zaeed Anuket
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 34
Personal Data
Real Name: Agaris Sirilye
Known Aliases: Often called Ag, Agar, or Aggy by those close to him
Species: Asgardian Dragon
Age: 7,592 (This would be the equivalent of 29 for a human)
Height: 16'2"
Weight: 4182 lbs with armor
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: Asgardian
Occupation: N/A
Place of Birth: "Cliffs of Heaven",Valhalla, Asgard
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Baromar (Brother, fused with a Nictus then killed by Agaris), Elmieth (Former mate, presumably still active), Savenath (Praetorian counterpart, active), Yimira (Current mate), Falendar (Son)
Known Powers
Innate strength and resilience, flight
Known Abilities
Skilled with a blade, claws, and staves, is able to create and repair much of his own equipment through forging
Armor made from Uru metal. A blade also constructed from Uru metal, taken by Savenath. Uru Battlestaff constructed while on Primal Earth.
No additional information available.


Powers and Abilities

- Asgardian Dragon body structure: Due to being an Asgardian Dragon, Agaris possesses amazing levels of strength, stamina, and defence. The musculature of an Asgardian Dragon is typically extremely dense, granting Agaris unprecedented inherent strength. Combined with either his blade, Boromir, or his claws, Agaris' musculature allows him to easily destroy most materials, including almost all known conventional armour. Agaris' muscles appear to me much denser in his legs than anywhere else. This ensures that, in the event that Agaris is falling and is unable to use his wings, his legs will be able to take the brunt of any impact, while Agaris himself sustains minimal damage. He has been known to test this by repeatedly jumping off Lord Recluse's tower in Grandville.

- Healing factor: One aspect of Agaris that sets him apart from most Dragons is his healing factor. Agaris' cells can repair and recreate themselves at an increased rate. Due to this, most small scale injuries such as knife, sword and bullet wounds are completely sealed within several minutes of them being inflicted. Perhaps the most astounding aspect of Agaris' healing factor is his ability to completely regrow body parts that have been either destroyed or torn off. Provided that the body part in question does not contain any of his vital organs, such as his brain or heart, a bone-like substance will grow over the affected area, and take the form of whatever body part is missing. These bone formations act as scabs, and offer unparalleled protection to the affected area, while Agaris' healing factor manually rebuilds the destroyed body part, using sections of Agaris' genetic code. The entire process can take anywhere between 2 years to a century, depending on the amount of body parts destroyed, and the amount of strength left in the individual.

- Recuperation Cycle: If Agaris is close to death, he is able to manually enter a recuperation cycle. This ability is arguably Agaris' ultimate safety-net. Upon the recuperation cycle being triggered, Agaris enters a comatose state, slowing or completely halting most bodily processes, with the only unhindered processes being respiration and brain functionality. In this state, the body will automatically target problems, such as wounds sustained in combat, and prioritize them. When the most severe injuries have been taken care of, the body will begin to reactivate more bodily processes, slowly bringing Agaris back to consciousness, until he is able to function fully again. Due to this, it is widely believed that Agaris is simply unable to die, with the exception of death via old age.

-Combat Training: The Asgardian Dragons are born and bred to wage war. Since Agaris was a small child, he has been subject to rigorous and sometimes torturous training. For much of the first quarter of his life, this training was near-constant, and on many occasion's, almost killed him. However, through these experiences, no matter how painful, Agaris was forged into a warrior of incredible skill. Agaris fights with unwavering discipline, able to enter a state of battle-meditation when presented with the most dangerous situations. In this state, Agaris focuses completely on his opponent, and the ensuing battle. He blocks out almost all other factors, and abandons any form of battle-cry or morale-boosting action, instead opting to be completely silent. While like this, Agaris is able to put every fibre of his being into every strike, be it with his claws, or with a weapon. Through this technique, Agaris can not only deal immense damage, but endure pain and injury far more then he would usually.

-Smithing: Asgardian Dragons, as a part of their training, must know how to repair and forge new equipment for themselves while on long combat missions. Furthermore, as part of their coming-of-age ritual, a young Asgardian must forge his initial weapon of choice using Uru 'star metal', a substance known for its durability and surprisingly light weight, which is almost unique to the 'Cliffs of Heaven', the preferred hunting grounds of the Asgardian Dragons. Much of Agaris' current equipment he has created himself, most recently his Uru-metal battlestaff, dubbed 'Ironwings spirit'.


Uru armor: Perhaps one of Agaris' most defining traits is the dark-gold and white armour that he wears almost constantly. Created from the mythical metal that Thor's legendary hammer Mjolnir is crafted from, Uru, Agaris' personal armor can protect against a variety of blades and projectiles. However, other Uru weapons and elemental attacks are still able to penetrate Agaris' armor. The armour covers his entire body, including custom-built greaves to fit a Dragons uniquely-shaped legs, boots crafted to mimic the shape of his claws, and a full helmet moulded to the shape of his face and muzzle.

Baromar: One of Agaris' first weapons, this simple blade once belonged to his older brother, Baromar, who gave the blade to Agaris as a gift following his promotion to a leadership position. Following Agaris' tearful execution of the Nictus-inhabited Baromar, Agaris named the blade after his fallen brother as a sign of respect. The blade continued to serve him well, even after the events that led him to Primal Earth, until it was taken from him in a swift and merciless attack by his Praetorian: Savenath.

Ironwings Spirit: Following the second and final death of Dathomer, Agaris decided to keep his mace, as well as any parts of Uru armor that Dathomer still wore. After several weeks of planning, and after receiving a mould from Artimus, Agaris' ventured into the Striga Isle Volcano, where he, over the course of several hours, melted and re-smelted the Uru items into something workable, before eventually creating his staff, which he named Ironwings Spirit, in honor of his father. This weapon is one that continues to serve him even now.



Early childhood


Dathomer's 'training'

Broken spirit


Combat ready

High General

Fall from grace

Primal Earth

Unsettled scores

A father's spirit


Known friends and allies


Ironwing:The true name of Agaris' father has been lost, and instead replaced with the nickname 'Ironwing', due to his immense strength. A proud Dragon, Ironwing was often characterized by his dark-golden markings on his body and wings. At the time of Agaris' birth, Ironwing was perhaps the strongest fighter the Asgardian Dragons had, the other being Dathomer. As a result, these two great warriors were almost constantly tangled in a rivalry to determine which of the two is truly the greatest warrior.

Dathomer: A savage Red Dragon, Dathomer is best described as a berserker. Over his centuries of struggle, both with enemy forces and with his rival, Ironwing; Dathomer has honed his entire body into a weapon, in the hope that he will gain any advantage he can. The tops of his wings have been sawed at, so that the bony wing-ridges are cruelly serrated, allowing him to incorporate his wings offensively in any combat encounter. Dathomer has dealt much pain and suffering to many, including Agaris himself. Remorseless, built like a tank, and with an insatiable thirst for blood and violence, Dathomer is a monster.

Elmieth: The daughter and only child of Dathomer, and Agaris' eventual mate. In her early life, Elmieth was taught by her father to hate Agaris and his own father, while Dathomer groomed her into a perfect rival and potential executor of Agaris, to finally settle the fued between himself and Ironwing. Equipped with two short swords and an elegant figure, Elmieth is a graceful combatant on the field of battle, able to use her wings to create acrobatic aerial manoeuvres that are as awe-inspiring as they are devastating.

Baromar: Agaris older brother and only other sibling, Baromar was seen by a young Agaris as everything he wanted to be when he came of age. Tall, broad, fast, and strong, Baromar was both a fearsome opponent and a trusted ally. Keeping with the simple and somewhat humble traditions of a basic warrior, Baromar fights with only a single blade, and very basic armor. Although he has been known to be somewhat jealous of those who are of a higher position than the beloved first son of Ironwing, Baromar has little problems with being commanded by his younger brother, Agaris, whom he respects and loves dearly.

Primal Earth

Others' opinions of Agaris

"He is an.. interesting being, he is one that easily gets under my scales when he is able and bring about a feeling of utter shame within myself. But despite all of this, I find he is a very loyal and trusting ally when he wishes to be. Someone to speak to and someone who you know will watch your tail during combat. For such alone I will fight alongside him or be one to defend him when another speaks ill of him for no simple reason other then they require something to kick." -Artimus CrimsonClaw

"Eh, he's not bad. Real horn-dog though. Still, he means well, even if it doesn't always come out of his muzzle right. And he kicks some serious ass, for sure. Don't stand between him and whatever he's after, unless you're type to enjoy 16' of dragon shoving your through a wall. Heh..." - Karon Alexander

"Agaris is a proud warrior and a loyal friend who throws himself entirely into his beliefs and actions. While this is an admirable trait, it can also find him bitterly at odds with those closest to him at unexpected times. Despite that, he's an outstanding person to have by your side. My only fear is that I suspect he's much further from home than he ever imagined." - Grahm Ashland

"I hold no grudges against the Asgardian dragon, and I recognize he can be an important asset to what I am looking for my kind. He is powerful and strong, and I respet him like any other Elder I have met or would ever meet. However, I do not... feel completely confortable around him. I understand he meant no harm at that time, and he still does not mean it, but the scars are still there and almost too fresh... It is, nevertheless, admirable how he still seeks redemption. I cannot help but see myself in him. His conviction, however, as his knowledge, is vast and unfathomable. I feel I can learn from him, but I am... hesitant to ask for that knowledge and change because of it..." - Allastor Darkflame

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