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Doctor heal thyself.
Agent Muhnley
Player: IanTheM1
Origin: Science
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: Threat Level 32
Personal Data
Real Name: Edgar Dexter Muhnley
Known Aliases: Administrator of Project ASYLUM
Species: Human
Age: 59
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Grey
Biographical Data
Nationality: Austrian
Occupation: Godby Agent
Place of Birth: Pilsbach, Austria
Base of Operations: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Augustus (Father, deceased), Theresa (Mother, deceased)
Known Powers
Mind Control, Energy Assault
Known Abilities
Cybernetic hands
No additional information available.

Agent Muhnley is a Threat Level 32 Mind Control / Energy Assault Dominator, of the Science origin. He is a former member of the Godby Organization, now declared deceased. Agent Muhnley was created and is played by IanTheM1.

Agent Muhnley, casually refered to as just "Muhnley" is a former agent of the notorious Godby Organization. His lasting accomplishment was his work on Project ASYLUM, though he also collaborated on many other projects in the organization, including Project SIN.



Edgar Dexter Muhnley was born into a humble family, with a modest way of living. His mother was a school teacher at the town school and his father owned and operated horse stables.

Edgar's life frequently alternated between pleasant and nightmarish. While his mother was as compassionate as any mother, and urged him to study, he came to resent her influence that spread between both home and schooling. Yet he was a dutiful child. Never once did he raise his voice or disobey her.

Edgar's father, on the other hand, was cruel. Despite his son's intelligence, Augustus thought him to be a wimp. Edgar had a light phobia of horses, and so shied away from the stables, but his father would not have any of it, and would attempt to force him to spend time there. Eventually, Augustus fell into schizophrenic state, and began staying away from his family, instead tending to his horses constantly.

His father's abandonment had a lasting impact on Edgar. Even moreso when his mother fell ill. His father never came to her bedside, and Edgar was with her when she died. She had implored that he get a higher education, and so that is what he did.

Edgar worked hard and dillgently at the University of Vienna, learning of psychology, amongst other sciences. Though at first he felt as though might have made a mistake, and was living a lie, he eventually became obsessed with his studies.

After graduating, he traveled Europe, attempting to find a niche somewhere. In a chance meeting at a cafe in Germany, he met Aaron Reynor, who had also been traveling the continent. Aaron was recruiting for a school, one run by his family, named Whitecrest Academy.

Muhnley became one of the staff there for a short time, before Whitecrest's financial backers, the Godby Organization, hired him directly. Edgar's notable achievements during his years with Godby included...

However, while he was prestigous within Godby, he was infamous as well. It was a loosely kept secret that his ASYLUM labs were more like dungeons, stocked with human lab rats ripe for experimentation. The goal of ASYLUM was to study the quickening superpower phenomenon, and Muhnley sought the answers to it through unethical practices instead of plain research.

Despite these claims, Muhnley remained a major power inside the Godby Organization up until his death.

Powers, Abilities, and Quirks

Mind Control

At first with the aid of a Mental Monocle, then later naturally (from shards of the monocle entering his brain), Agent Muhnley possesses the ability to forcibly alter or control the minds of those around him. Before the injury that implanted the shards of the monocle into his mind, he could not use any form of telekinesis.

Energy Assault

Agent Muhnley's cybernetic hands can focus energy into beams or be used in melee in the form of energy punches.


Muhnley's hands can charge up energy, at which point he can release it at will in the form of an overload, allowing him to do more damage, as well as enhancing his mental abilities greatly.


Prior to his encounter with Assembled Girl#Lie Down on the Couch, Edgar was not in an even state of mind, but due to a combination of trauma and the weathering of his psyche caused by Assembled Girl's unintentional attack, he broke down into near-complete insanity.


Agent Muhnley has been a supporting character in exactly one storyline before going missing in action.

Lie Down on the Couch

Muhnley, with the help of Project SIN, almost succeed in their mission to bring Assembled Girl back into the clutches of Godby. However, their plan goes awry when the Paragon Youth Corps intervenes, as well as when Assembled Girl manages to free herself somewhat violently.

In the process, Agent Muhnley slips into insanity and goes AWOL, and Project SIN is destroyed by the Gothic Defender.

The written elements of Lie Down on the Couch are currently unpublished.


Agent Muhnley was declared dead by the Godby Organization after an investigation by Samantha Byers turned up little information as to his whereabouts.

Upgrade: Dangerous Developments

As part of this interim storyline, the corpse of the late Agent Muhnley, with his cybernetic implants and most of his other belongings stolen by scavengers, was discovered on the doorstep of the Medical Professional. The good doctor took his body to the slab and examined it, unable to know what would occur next.

Due to the circumstances of his death as well as his unstable psychic powers, Muhnley was more in a deep coma than truly dead. Regardless, his mental energies latched onto the nanites employed by the Medical Professional, and Muhnley subconsciously awakened and absorbed them, before fleeing back out into the wilds of the Rogue Isles.

The nanites healed his injuries, reformed his cybernetic hands, and also began to greatly amplify his psychic abilities.

His whereabouts are now unknown.

Creator Notes and Trivia

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