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Origin: Magic
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Airy
Known Aliases: None
Species: Garden Gargoyle
Age: Nobody’s kept track
Height: 5’9” if you count the tops of her wings
Weight: 160 lb
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Praetorian
Occupation: Gardener
Place of Birth: A witch’s magical garden
Base of Operations: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: There have to be some somewhere...right?
Known Powers
Plant Control
Known Abilities
Planting, watering, pruning, weeding, smiling her sunny smiles
No additional information available.



Hailing from Praetorian Earth, Airy only knows what the Witch told her about her “insignificant beginnings.” The Witch--as Airy refers to her--was just that: a witch whom Airy served for as long as she could remember. Airy calls herself a “garden gargoyle” and was charged with tending to the Witch’s magical and very important (at least to Airy) garden.

Depending on her mood, the Witch would tell Airy various stories about her origins. Airy latched on to one story in particular: the Witch traded a small bottle of virgin’s blood--which is a very rare, expensive commodity, naturally--for the egg containing the unborn Airy. The Witch then let the egg soak up all the sunlight in her garden until Airy’s egg finally hatched.

Airy often wondered why she was grey like stone instead of verdant and colorful like her favorite plants and flowers--and of course pestered the Witch about it. Instead of being cool and hard like stone, Airy was “warm and soft, just the way the plants like their sunlight.” The Witch put an end to Airy’s questioning by telling her that when she was born, she was every color of the rainbow--but Airy hatched in the middle of a bed of white roses and was so intensely saddened by their lack of color that she gave the flowers all of her own, leaving Airy devoid of color herself.

Airy lived very happily in the nearly total seclusion of the Witch’s garden for quite some time--until the Devouring Earth attacked and destroyed everything. The Witch perished in the attacks, leaving Airy quite alone and confused. Airy flew for many days straight, searching for a safe haven, and eventually ended up with other refugees who would someday become residents of Emperor Cole’s Praetoria.

Sadly, Airy struggled to find a place for herself in the new Praetoria; she was a strange magical creature in a city where magic was almost completely replaced by science and technology. No one needed Airy to tend their gardens, either, as clockwork soon took over all menial jobs.

Through a series of unexpected events, Airy managed to find her way to Primal Earth, which was a more than welcome change. She heard that some of the gardens in Paragon City are quite beautiful--and lack clockwork caretakers.


Spending many years alone in a garden had a lot to do with shaping Airy’s personality. She’s quite cheerful and a bit naïve, but she has a bit of a practical streak as well after witnessing some of the horrors of the Hamidon Wars. She focuses on plants above all else and speaks about them with a great deal of enthusiasm--if anyone bothers speaking to her at all, that is.

She’s extremely insecure about her appearance. She believes that only her plant friends can accept her completely as she is and tends to watch people from afar, particularly in Pocket D. People like to knock her off the railings so frequently that she’s taken to crouching on the rafters above the blue bar. Still, she remains friendly towards anyone who does take the time to talk to her and offers to help them in whatever small ways she can.


Very recently, a hint of plant-based magic manifested itself in Airy. She still doesn’t understand how or why, but she’s accepted this great gift and has sworn to use her powers only for good. She’s still learning how to best make use of her abilities, but she seems to be on the right track.


Airy does indeed resemble stone gargoyles to a certain extent, but her body density is similar to a human’s and she’s quite obviously warm-blooded and soft-skinned. (This is very odd, considering she supposedly hatched from an egg, but Airy chooses not to question this...) However, her skin is a light grey and she’s also in possession of horns, wings, claws, and a tail, sealing her looks as those of a gargoyle.

She’s a bit on the small side and isn’t very physically imposing, which is something she’s happy about. She thinks she’s ugly and repellant enough as it is; she doesn’t need to be monstrously large on top of that. Despite her stony appearance, she’s quite light on her feet, which is the result of years of practice avoiding trampling delicate flowers with her enormous clawed feet.

Airy prefers clothing suitable for gardening. She dresses very practically and of course favors the color green, though she’s attempted to “beautify” herself in the past by dressing in soft pinks and reds. However, after being called “a circus demon with dragon wings,” she’s avoided what she now perceives as a grave fashion misstep.

The first words out of Airy’s mouth when she catches someone staring at her are often: “I’m not a demon, if that’s what you’re thinking!” Being mistaken for a demon so frequently is a very sore point for her.

Hopes and Dreams

Despite Airy’s obsession with plants, she does harbor some unrelated hopes and dreams. She longs to meet another “garden gargoyle” like herself and to find anyone who might possibly be related to her. She’s taken to asking stony or winged creatures if they happen to have a long-lost daughter, but she’s yet to meet with any success.

She secretly hopes to meet a boy gargoyle in particular, even if he doesn’t have a green thumb. She can always teach him basic gardening tips on her own. Then they can raise a magnificent garden together and live happily ever after surrounded by grateful, loving, and happy plants and flowers. Failing that, she’d settle for a positively hideous man who won’t judge her based on her appearance. She can then make him a wreath of flowers to improve his appearance--flowers make everything look better, after all.

Friends, Family, and Acquaintances

Airy has yet to make any real friends on Primal Earth, though she has encountered a few friendly people who’ve taken a bit of an interest in her. They’re mostly curious about her magical nature and origins, but that doesn’t seem to bother her as she’ll gladly share the various tales the Witch told her about her birth.

Airy is still on the lookout for any possible familial relations, as unlikely as finding them on Primal Earth may be. Still, as other Praetorians pop up there as well, the possibility seems at least slightly greater...

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