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you wouldn't like me when i'm angry!
Real Name: Akamaz (had it legally changed when he turned 18)
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 24
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Real Name: Akamaz

Known Aliases: Maz, DJ Maz

Identity: Public.

Occupation: Musician

Citizenship: Rogue Islands

Place of Birth: Canberra Australia

Base of Operations: Pocket D

Known Relatives: None Known

Affiliations: Tone Death, Angry Chicks

Former Affiliations: None Known

Physical Attributes

Height: 6'11"

Weight: 280 lbs

Eyes: Grey

Hair: White


Loud, brash and Impulsive


Super Strength

Self-explanatory. His strength has grown in leaps and bounds since his attack.


Like the werewolves of legend, his body has developed a resistance to harm save from the Moon metal silver.

Super Speed

He is capable of extreme velocity on the ground.

Super Leaping

He is able to leap long distances due to the increased strength in his legs.

Character History

He was a 98-pound roadie for the band known as the "Angry Chicks" up until the time the band broke up.

One week after the breakup, he was attacked in the alley outside of Crowne Memorial. It was only the fact that the hospital was so close that saved his life; the doctor's examination revealed massive blunt trauma to the chest and lacerations of the thigh and shoulder. It appeared almost like someone had first beaten him to the ground, then sicced a dog on him. Due to the immense swelling from the beating, a new experimental "flex cast" was implemented. This allowed the swelling to subside while keeping the limbs in place for the multiple fractures to heal.

The doctors were confused when the swelling did not go down; concerned, they removed the flex casts, only to see that there was no swelling, but rather new muscle growth.

A few days after he got out of the hospital, he saw an old lady being attacked by some gang members, and something inside snapped. He was filled with anger at seeing this defenseless lady being attacked by hoods. The next thing he knew, he was standing there, the hoods knocked to the ground around him and the old lady had ran off. For a period of time afterwards, whenever he saw the defenseless being attacked, he would get angry and black out.

It was about that time that he realized that something was wrong, and he needed to seek some professional help. His shrink recommended some anger management courses, and possibly some marital arts (to learn to think clearly when he fought, and for the meditation that could help him stay calm). This did not completely solve the issue, though it did seem that he no longer got as angry, and didn't black out as often as long as he kept having excuses to "vent". He got a job as a bouncer for Club 51, and applied for a Citizen Protection license with Paragon City Hall.

Two days after his application was received, he decided that his "security" shirt wasn't cutting it as far as cool factor went, and after a strange dream, he woke up with an urge to draw something. While previously not being artistically inclined, he grabbed up one of the bar napkins and started scribbling furiously; in the end he had a strange tribal pattern arrayed in the shape that would be a human body. He knew then what he needed to do.

Two days later and over $3000 poorer he came out the front door of Tattoo's Incorperated, with his distinctive full body tribal tattoo. He still fights in Paragon City, but the dreams have started getting worse, and he's started waking up in strange places, like on top of the Atlas statue.

About a month later he was seen speaking with Hellion from the international rock group "Tone Death"; evidently he remembered Akamaz from when Tone Death drummer Sabbath was seeing the lead singer of the Angry Chicks, Jenny Ashton (a.k.a. One Hit Wonder). This conversation got him a trial with the band as their new rhythm guitarist.

During a Tone Death concert later that year, he suddenly went into a berserk rage, causing the injury of several of the spectators and the destruction of several thousand dollars of stadium equipment

As a result of this act of wanton destruction, the hero "Akamaz" has been sentenced to 6 years in the Ziggurat for Assault.

At sentencing he was heard to remark "if those punks I beat down were Hellions or Skulls I'd 'ave gotten a bleedin' medal. Instead because they were members of the Crypts, I get 6 years in jail.. well @#$% that %^$& mate. @#$$^ the whole $#%%ing system!"

Approximately 2 weeks after sentencing he was released during one of the breakouts Arachnos staged, and is currently still at large.

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