Alastrina Psyche

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Alastrina Psyche
User:Floral Madness
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Defender
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Alastrina Beatrix Pandora
Known Aliases: "Allie"
Species: Human
Age: 17
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 138 lbs.
Eye Color: Glowing Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Cobiness/American
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: Assumed to be Seattle, WA
Base of Operations: Alpha Squad
Marital Status: apparently confidential at the moment
Known Relatives: Caraline Pandora (Mother, deceased), Gregory Pandora (Father, deceased) Azure Cicely Pandora (Identical Twin Sister)
Affiliations: Alpha Squad
"Run on, for a long long time, run on, ducking and dodging"



Likes music, mostly Enya, Dido, Rock, Cocteau Twins and Os Mutantes. You can clearly tell that having her Ipod with her all the time. Even in combat. She often turns up and down the volume to listen to what's happening, or to block off the inappropriate conversations.

She likes to run, and is very fast. According to Colonel Grim he can't see her stay in one spot for 5 seconds, that is, if she took a nap.

Naps are common to her, since her level of energy can drop at times, after a nap she is regenerated. She tries to be peaceful, but if it is not the right time for peace, she will take on anger. Alastrina still acts like a teen, her maturity has changed a little bit after the raid. She will give people nicknames, although she will correct herself after calling them that name. Alastrina cleans the base when she is bored and has nothing to do. She likes to replenish the food supply of the Alpha Squad's base when it is low.

Sometimes Alastrina might act like a normal teen such as swearing, sarcasm, and rebelling against the little things (like when Mars Five tells her to sit in the chair not the table).

A Normal High School Athlete to a Hero

It was that very day that Alastrina had won the winning race in track for Talos High, that she became what she is now today, a Healing, Psychic, Super-Hero. Distracted from congratulating her at lunch, Alastrina and her friends went into the School garden, away from interruptions. Little did they know that Circle of Thorns were planning an attack on the school. The unfortunate happened when Alastrina her friends became the first victims. As the sirens roared, and the Doors nearby locked. They went into an arcane turmoil. Slowly they became more hungry, thirsty, and deeper into pain. Luckily Longbow have been on to CoT (Circle of Thorns) for years, this attack was seldom known to the LB (Longbow) operatives, LB and volunteering heroes helped extinguish the raid. Status: 1 dead, 1 missing, 4 alive, 1 Supernatural.

Allie's words of the Talos High Attack


Fortunately, the mysterious Iroquois and Cobra Fist was a helping hand of Alastrina, by taking her into Alpha Squad. Alastrina is also one of the people who has helped to bring Doctor North back. She lives in the cold, icey underground base for she has no where else to go. She takes daily Sprints through Steel Canyon to cool down her speed. Eats the Fruit Loops for breakfast that she buys when she is out and about, and for the occasion, will buy peeps to celebrate! Otherwise it's the food that Arrow buys, or Allie bought herself. Although, fighting Circle of Thorns can be hard at times...

The Pandoras

Alastrina's mom was a rocker, meaning that from who was once known as Caraline Peterson, to Caraline Pandora (just to pull in the crowd). Inspired by the last name, Gregory Palmers, took the Pandora name instead.

Home Life

But ofcourse nothing was perfect. Caraline was normally not home performing in a bar, or half way round the world. Which lead to Gregory playing the "stay-at-home" dad, taking care of Alastrina and Azure. Alastrina nor Azure NEVER knew their grandparents because their parents had many bad experinces with them.

Oct 4, 2002

Ofcourse, the WORST event. It was that nice cloudy, misty day when Caraline and Gregory get killed. They took thier favorite child, Azure, on a world tour. Gregory had to be there to make sure that Caraline didn't get too pressured or drunk, 2 factors Caraline would have commited suicide for. Why Azure came no one knows. The U.N. started to get nervous that the Pandoras started the tour in Cap au Diable, Rouge Isle. The U.N. bribed the Pandoras bodyguard to kill Caraline and Gregory.They did not know Azure would come. The people who knew about what he was doing said to just leave her on the streets.But ofcourse did Serge the bodyguard listen? NO! Instead he brought his favorite toy, the Genetic Modifier 6723. Apparently he didn't want Azure to just die on the streets.

The death lead to the hired nanny to take care of Alastrina. Which Alastrina hated, especially that the retired british maid makes her got to bed at 6:00 pm E.S.T.

Jammin' out in a more comfortable outfit.
Alastrina in a more protective costume.

The Pandora Twins

Yes, in fact Alastrina and Azure Pandora were both born on Aug 16, 1992. This means when the separation in 2003 was devastating for the twins. They were best friends. Making it harder for both of them. Especially when Alastrina learns of Azure trapped in Rouge Ilse. They were best friends, when Azure left on the Helicopter to Rouge Ilse, they saw each other cry. Their drunk mother completely forgot they were twins, she even forgot their names at times. They always saw their father everyday, and their mother almost once in 6 months. Their school never excepted them in a friendly way since Caraline offended to school really badly. They only had each other to tell each other things not anyone else can know, the only person that one and another can trust without saying anything to their dad, seldom their mom. They could talk to one another and seemed like they wanted to listen, or had the same problem.

Indigo Bandit

After the killing of Caraline and Gregory, Azure went through A LOT of pain and torture, mutation. Pain physically, mentally, and emotionally. She had lost hope, trapped in a dump-like land, no food, no fresh water, no family near-by, no place to stay. She one day, found to revolvers, right in the middle of the road of Cap Au Diable. She was able to change to targeting light, to 2 different shades of blue, both blues that she liked. Taking a test shot was easy, she was able to hit a can in the high sky at least 15 times straight, no missing. Azure also noticed the power to heal. She is known as Indigo Bandit to Rouge Ilse.

Current Status

On the Run

Ever since Alastrina left the Longbow base not willing to go the easy way, she had been on the run. This is because Longbow now knows that, one, Alastrina's Parents are dead, two, Alastrina's Guardian has abandoned her since age 14, three, she has extreme powers which must be controlled properly, four, she is still considered a minor even though she is 17 and won't let the fact she only has another year to go before she is a legal adult.

Rising Rumors

Since the world finally noticed that Caraline Pandora has been out of the public for so long, they are staring to wonder where she is or what became of her... Since no one in Paragon City has seen in her in so long, but they have seen the twins so many times, the paparazzi is scouting for the twins viciously.

Having heard this from a recent Paragon Times article, the Twins are not willing to face the many flashing cameras and nosy reporters. Therefore they have been given access to the icy tundra surface of Cobiness, a new place to run around in. Of course they can't hide forever, so once in a while they are in Paragon City checking on the apartment, grabbing groceries, performing stunts in front of the police, running, shopping, or saving the day once again.


August 14, 2009 was the day Alastrina only had exactly 1 year before she and her sister are independent and free from all the chaos with the police.

This day was a turning point.

There was more to life than saving the day, there were decisions to be made, careers to start, commitments to be promised, places to live and go, experiences to be felt, people to meet, adventures to begin, things to become part of the past, and a family to love.

"Allie, you have to grow up." A voice said, which seemed like it was coming from right behind her, but wasn't. "You're not that teenager who was hyper and happy all the time anymore. You're seventeen, only one year difference from last year, but this year you have to change gears and focus about your life a little bit more than the lives you save, Alpha Squad and your allies. You have a future too, you have destiny, you have a life to live other than fighting crime. Everything will fall into place, but you need to make an effort so everything you ever wanted comes to you." The voice paused, letting Allie take that in. "Don't run any longer from what life really is, because you got one more thing coming."


Called Out

"Finally," Alastrina said, reading today's paper, "Someone actually noticed we've been out of the spotlight." She said to her sister, tossing the paper over to her like a Frisbee.

Azure caught the paper, reading the title, already her bright-blue glowing were wide open. "They want us to make an appearance, Allie."

"What? I didn't read that part!" She rushed over the the couch across from her where Azure rested her tired on.

"That's right Allie, it's even in bold, right here, from the smart one who wrote the article."

"Ouch... Ouch... Azure, what are we gonna do?"

"What are we gonna do, Allie?" They sighed filled with stress, until it clicked.

"Call Peter and Pierre! They can help out!" They said in unison.

"Pierre and Peter can do the Drums and Violin, we can do the Guitars and Piano!" The said to each other at the same moment once again. "Sweet!"


"At random, though what day?"

"Oh! What about on Saturday, randomly come out of the crowd with or instruments and start playing sad songs, or songs that can make people chin up a little bit!"

"Perfect! At the beginning we can tell them we have returned, and that we're okay and all that, than start playing!"

"Ya!" They high-fived, then giggled a little bit.

Paragon Times 10/15/09

Paragon Times 10/17/09

Powers and Abilities

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Alastrina's powers had always been within her, yet they did not appear until the Talos High Attack. Alastrina and her sister probably wouldn't have lived a better life if their parents didn't take an injection where it will cover up their powers and not pass it down to future generations if no extremely high adrenalin level occurred.

Being so, Alastrina now has to power to heal others and read others entire minds if there are 'open minded', where they are willing to hear others ideas, thoughts, experiences, reasons, etc.

Both Healing and Psychic powers have unusual colors, healing is most often blue, and psychic blasts are normally seen as mainly yellow with a little of blue. If Alastrina is heated up of high tempered, she may execute what is known as 'Psychic Wail' and crush your mind and destroy your thoughts.

Healing is pretty simple, if she is ever to get hurt her self such as skin tear, she could easily regenerate the flesh within minutes. She may bring pain away from wounds and heal it completely or bandage it up with the supplies in her belt, revive you from knock out, and possibly save your behind from death...

Super Speed is to the extreme. She is pretty damn fast, maybe even too damn quick to see. How fast she actually goes has not been recorded yet, but she some how has the skill of skipping across water like a skipping stone. Although her rate may vary depending on how much caffeine she had 2 seconds ago. Though Alastrina does have a rule between she and Azure where they can only have caffeine on Fridays unless it is an emergency. (She could run 133.42 mph, but since Paragon is so uptight, she can only run 92.50 mph according to City law.)

Teleporting has been mastered to where she can use it for going across long areas where there is no solid ground, where a series of multiple teleports are done to cross to the other side.


  1. (Prime Theme song being determined)
  2. She has the battle cry of "How can I keep from singing?" which is a song Enya published in Shepard Moons.

When Tyrants Tremble in their fear,

and hear their death knell ringing.

When friends rejoice, both far and near.

How can I keep from singing?

In prison cell and dungeon vile,

our thoughts of them are winging.

when friends by shame are undefiled.

How can I keep from singing?

-- How can I keep from singing? by Enya
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