Albino Tempest

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Little Blind Goddess
Albino Tempest
Player: @Energeiz
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 17
Personal Data
Real Name: Prietta Leah Meyers
Known Aliases: Artemis
Species: Divine Human
Age: 10
Height: 4'6"
Weight: 115lbs
Eye Color: Pink
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Avatar
Place of Birth: New York City, New York
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: David Meyers (Father), Lois Meyers (Mother), Chris Meyers (Older Brother)
Known Powers
Weather Control Magic, Magical Affinity, Animal Speak, Magical Resonance, Divine Grace.
Known Abilities
Blind Navigation, Archery, Tracking, Aura Reading.
Composite Longbow, Break-Away Walking Stick
No additional information available.

Inspired mainly by Greek Mythology, Albino Tempest was created by @Energeiz to get away from his other moody characters. Where Jessie Tell is always angry and foul mouthed there's a need for innocence, and where Royal is a character with one of the most Metagamish powers available there is need for something a little more low key. So Albino Tempest came out of it and though she's a very arrogant and deep character she presents a certain duality in which she can be either Artemis or Prietta or even a mixture of both opening up three different points of view to Roleplay from.



The Zenvious Foundation


While there are three different forms of Albino Tempest, there are only really two different personality sets.


Artemis exudes commonly good ideals, she believes in protecting others, mainly innocent children, as well as the values of purity. However she comes across as high and mighty, being a goddess she is used to being served and has only recently come to terms with the fact that mortals do not see her as something to worship anymore. As such Artemis is an anachronism, and her style of thinking is often outdated in todays society. She is highly protective of children, most of all Prietta, and is not afraid to say what she thinks. Her only major concern is with becoming a major deity once again.


Prietta, a ten year old child is known for her curiosity, especially with the realm of magic. Without realising it she gets uncomfortably close to anyone who exudes any magical resonance. As well she is also protective of nature as taught by Artemis, she loves animals and loves being out where there are trees to roam around with and places to run and jump and generally be a tomboy. As well, under Artemis's influance she doesn't believe in love, she understands others falling in love and marrying, but she believes that she should remain pure and without love.


Tempests powers come from two sources, one being the magic that was taught to her by the Peebles Arcane Acadamy folded into a personal diminsion in Cratoa, the other being Artemis's own divine powers over everything in nature.

Weather Control

At age five, Artemis deemed Prietta ready to start learning how to use magic along with other skills and had her sent of to Peebles Arcane Acadamy, a small school set within a personal diminsion somewhere around Croatoa. While most mages from the acadamy learn general witch craft which is a versatile form of magic that can cross any element, some students opt to attune themselves with a certain element. These elementals as it were speacilise in learning common magic along with strong magic in one elemental field. Prietta was one such student, deciding that she needed to harness powerful magics rather than versatile magics, she chose to affiliate herself with wind so that she could use it to see what she was doing.

Magical Affinity

Being schooled in Magic, Prietta can simply understand the components of any spell she sees. As well she can talk with other Magic users on the same level, and even mimic their spells at times though it does not often work since she's still a student and not very patient when it comes to magic.

Magical Resonance

Simply put this is Prietta's ability to 'see' using magic. Born partially blind she had to learn how to cope, especially since she was learning to hunt and use a bow in tandem with her ability to use magic. So it came as a natural adaptation to use the magic she exuded as a sort of echo against other magical objects. Much like a bat, she recieves feedback from the other magical sources which maps out an image in her mind. This is a very rudamentary sense, and doesn't work well in areas where magic is subdued.

Animal Speak

As self explanitory as it sounds, with Artemis's aid, Prietta can understand any animal that she comes across. This has to do with the goddesses domain of nature as well as the hunt, giving her avatar all the abilities she previously had. It should be noted that in all forms its not so much actually speaking with the animals, as animals don't understand the idea of speech, but telepathically communicating with the animals on the same level that they communicate.

Divine Grace

The very powers that make the Gods of Olympus the Gods of Olympus, in that in all things Prietta is graceful, she does not age, does not get sick, exudes beauty. As well despite being blind she is naturally more athletic then most her age.


From a very young age, Prietta's parents put her through many courses to thank the Goddess Artemis for saving their child from death. As well Artemis herself influenced Prietta to become an expert in hunting and tracking so that she may one day embody Artemis fully in the physical realm.


Artemis is often seen as the goddess of the Hunt, and thats just how Prietta learned to fire a bow. It should be noted that theres a differance between hunting archery and archery as a soldier. In that when a hunter shoots, he usually has to be quicker, stealthier, and more mobile than a soldier. However a soldier is often more powerful and and deadly accurate with his bow, as such Prietta is often never seen as one of the greatest Archers in the city, but she is the undisputed greatest archer on the hunt, or will be when she grows up, at this point in time she's still gaining her skills.


While hunting its good to know where your prey is, Prietta learned to track from an early age and still uses it in every day life. It could be said that a sub category to tracking is moving stealthily though she only knows how to move stealthily int he wilderness. However her sense of knowing where things are comes through even in the city, where she can track just about anyone down with multiple senses. What makes her an excellent tracker is the fact that she doesn't need to use her eyes in order to find things, her nose and ears and fingers have become so sensitive that her eyes are the weakest component of tracking when she can see.

Blind Navigation

Born partially blind due to her albinism, Prietta had to learn how to navigate with a walking stick. She doesn't particularly like using the walking stick, however, at some times like when she's in a building or a sterile enviroment without any magical sources to keep her senses sharp, she has to use the stick to navigate.

Character History

Coming Sooon.

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