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No escape!
Player: @Evil Midnight Lurker
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 5
Personal Data
Real Name: United States Penitentiary, Alcatraz Island
Known Aliases: The Rock
Species: Genius loci
Age: 99
Height: 8' 2"
Weight: 2503 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Red (wig)
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States citizen
Occupation: Sergeant, Paragon Police Department
Place of Birth: Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, California
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Earth Control, Storm Summoning
Known Abilities
Jump pack, Pocket D VIP pass

In 1963, the United States Penitentiary on Alcatraz Island was shut down... but something lingered, something that lived within the Rock and yearned to be put to use once again.

Forty years later, a storm like none before hit San Francisco Bay. As lightning struck the island again and again, something arose...

Now, the living avatar of America's most effective prison strides the world, seeking out and recapturing escaped convicts. Wielding the powers of earth and storm to restrain his foes, NO ONE ESCAPES FROM ALCATRAZ!



Supergroup: The Legendary (Rank: Rumor)

Paragon Police Department: Alcatraz is a Sergeant in the PPD, having earned the respect of the force and gone through formal training.


Alcatraz appears cold and inhuman at first glance, and this impression is completely accurate on both counts. He is not a human being, and his priorities are those of a created thing rather than a life-form. All he truly cares about is hunting down and reimprisoning those who have escaped the United States penal system; any emotion or other concern he may show is most likely a facade, for he understands that humans are more likely to tolerate his presence and actions if they see him as one of them. The only genuine affection he feels is, oddly enough, for Ziggursky Prison -- he speaks of "Ziggy" as if of a young protege who is in need of help and training.


Earth Control

The rock beneath criminals' feet shifts and writhes to entrap them at Alcatraz's command. Those who struggle find the breath crushed out of their lungs.

Storm Summoning

The cold fury of the storm that freed Alcatraz answers his call, battering and chilling his enemies.

Additional Powers


Weaknesses and Limitations

Alcatraz doesn't think like a human, and while he knows how prisoners and escapees tend to act and react, human behavior can surprise and bewilder him.

Although he has the ability to operate far away from the prison compound that is his true body, any serious damage to Alcatraz Island would be reflected onto his spirit form. Destruction of the prison would permanently kill him.


Character History

A place that resonates with some particular nature or purpose may, over time, develop a tutelary spirit -- a genius loci, the embodiment of that purpose. Both natural settings and human-created buildings can spawn genii loci, and Alcatraz is an example of the latter. He achieved consciousness sometime in the 1950s and functioned as the protector of the island prison until its closure in 1963. Unable to adapt to his home's new career as a tourist destination, he languished in agony until a mystically-charged storm offered him the opportunity to greatly extend his range of movement -- his solidified spirit form can now travel anywhere on Earth and possibly beyond, while retaining its link to his "true" body, the prison itself.

Alcatraz quickly established himself as a superhero specializing in the recapture of escaped convicts; he has no real interest in criminals who are not currently under sentence, but will go along with other heroes fighting such crimes in order to remain on good terms with law enforcement. After a few years of wandering the United States, he settled in Paragon on a semipermanent basis, as its prison suffers near-constant breakouts and the sheer number of escapees dwarfs that of any other city in the nation. He went through the PPD's academy in order to gain police powers, and joined The Legendary as a liaison between the two groups.

Battle Cries and Catch Phrases



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