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Peaches and cream!
Origin: Magic?
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 27
Personal Data
Real Name: Catherine Larchmont-Price
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height: 5'7"
Weight: "What a terrible question for a lady..."
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Georgia, US
Base of Operations: Undisclosed
Marital Status: Unmarried, romantically involved
Known Relatives: Undisclosed
Known Powers
Spell casting, energy projection and manipulation
Known Abilities
Amazing charisma, Spell casting, Divine Communion


FBSA HERO FILE - 01092002

This is the file for a hero under the codename of "Alche-miss". Compiled is the result of our interviews and assessments regarding her history, powers and abilities, as well as our assessment of threat level and potential direction for case work.


The hero known as Alche-miss arrived on scene some time ago. While coy about her past, she did reveal her name, age and enrollment at Paragon City University where she is currently majoring in Acting with a minor in Occult Studies. To that end, Alche-miss claims her mystical abilities are granted by a yet unconfirmed entity she refers to as “The Wise Goddess of the East”. MAGI has a current investigation as to the origin and nature of this goddess, but the vagaries so far haven't led to a conclusive result.

Alche-miss does claim to have some experience in heroics prior to her relocation to Paragon City, presumably in her home state of Georgia. She is unmarried but romantically involved with a Tech based hero known as Man-Bot, who arrived shortly after her and is also enrolled in Paragon City University. However his interview similarly offers little insight into his past or their shared history, beyond their knowing each other for about a year time. While this level of mystery is not unusual for heroes wishing to protect their personal identities, we will continue to gather what information we can during subsequent reviews.

Power Origins

While easily unqualified as a Natural or Technology based hero, our origin review intake led to some strange results. Alche-miss’ claim of possessing magic gifted to her by the so called “Wise Goddess of the East” was challenged by MAGI’s Azuria, who sensed no mystical investiture of power. To be thorough we tested Alche-miss for a mutant gene, which she did not possess. Though extensive scientific tests were done, showing very powerful energy readings, the source of which has yet to be determined. Complicating the matter, MAGI’s testing showed that Alche-miss is capable of not only casting her own spells competently, but also being able to reproduce those presented to her during the test.

Between this, despite no clear signs of innate or invested magic, with powerful mysterious energy readings, we are reluctantly classifying her as a Magic Origin Hero as we simply cannot explain any other reason for her ability to cast spells. Alche-miss insists she is being forthright and agreed to a truth spell to verify, so as with her mysterious past we will simply have to wait to see any other pieces fall into place in the future to reveal more.


The following are powers exhibited by Alche-miss in her FBSA intake, as well as those shown in subsequent reviews and field analysis. The breadth of Alche-miss’ abilities include energy projection and manipulation, telekinesis, mental manipulation, healing, and dimensional manipulation through her professed ability to cast spells, hexes and curses provided to her by her "Goddess":

Energy Projection

Alche-miss has been shown to be able to emit energy from her hands on her own in the form of a small bolt she refers to as an “Arcane Bolt” (Project Will), a more powerful “Arcane Blast” (Nemesis Staff) and in powerful waves in front if her (Cone of Force, Plasmatic Taser). She has also shown the ability to cause objects to combust (Hand Grenade).

Energy Manipulation

Alche-miss was shown to be able to immobilize and hold her enemies in a variety of manners, from melting concrete, freezing feet and seizing the leg muscles of opponents (Crush, Crushing Field). She has also frozen opponents solid and caused full body paralysis (Gravity Distortion). Also categorized under this umbrella is telekinesis, the limits of which have been shown to range from levitating and manipulating multiple small objects, to hurling large grown adults and even lifting and throwing a forklift (Lift, Propel). She can also project a defensive telekinetic field to deflect attacks and empower herself (Unleash Potential, Kinetic Dampener). A potential minor weakness, she has expressed difficulty lifting herself beyond carrying her body through a long jump (Mighty Leap), though she can focus hard enough to levitate for a brief time (Jump Pack).

Mental Manipulation

Alche-miss does possesses a number of psychic abilities, showing the power to sense emotions and surface thoughts with concentration. She can also generate a field around her to cause clumsiness (Time Juncture), something she can also do to a single target she focuses on, something she refers to as a "Vengeance Curse" (Time Crawl). She has also shown the power to instill courage and focus in nearby allies, enhancing their combat abilities (Call To Justice). More subtly, she can seemingly channel her natural charisma into a mesmeric stare that will placate a foe, causing them to ignore her (Beguile), as well as produce a mental blast capable of stunning multiple foes (Stun Grenade), though this requires focus and can backfire and leave her stunned as well.


Alche-miss can heal wounds through her spells, from single targets (Vitalize) as well as through a radial spell that increases the body's natural healing factor (Temporal Mending). Beyond that, she can rescue allies from the brink of death (Revive Ally) and even self regenerate (Renewal of Light), though she admits this requires a great deal of power to borrow from "The Goddess" and can only be done infrequently.

Dimensional Manipulation

Alche-miss claims this to be one of her earliest powers, having to close multiple temporal portals from other dimensions during an attack on her previous residence. She has since learned to open her own portals (Ouroboros), as well as creating a field that weakens the dimensional barrier in the area, causing a variety of effects to those inside (Distortion Field). Pushing this further, she can shift an area into a parallel dimension (Dimension Shift) or even shift only her self as a form of defense (Ethereal Shift). Finally, she can fold space to bring together a team



Alche-miss, objectively, is incredibly beautiful and possesses a natural charisma, making her a perfect undercover agent should someone need such an hero. It proved a problem when Agent Christopher, originally in charge of her intake, was removed for his inability to remain professional during her heavy flirting with him. I presume it was her attempt to turn the tables, testing us on our own faculties. Replacing him with a female agent remedied this issue.

Spell Casting

As described previously, much of the powers above are derived from a form of spell casting taught to Alche-miss by her goddess. This apparently requires mentally reciting certain incantations and performing hand gestures, similar to many other forms. Her reluctance to divulge the exact nature of this form of spell casting is not uncommon, as magic heroes are frequently surreptitious with such things. But in addition to the spells and curses mentioned above, she has show proficiency with a number of smaller spells, such as the MAGI Apprentice Charm and a spell to change her clothing, as provided during her MAGI testing. Other smaller spells include:

Divine Communion

Despite our inability to confirm the existence of "The Wise Goddess of the East", Alche-miss can apparently pray for her intercession for a number of effects. Her prayers have included immediate aid (Inner inspiration, Secondary Mutation), influence of her combat abilities (Red and Blue Wisp Pets), tapping into divine power to increase her own reserves (Recovery Serum) and communing with her to reveal the area around her (Reveal). This apparently requires a prayer of some sort, something she alluded was a more complex ritual that maintained her connection, but she wouldn't elaborate further.


Other than a variety of costumes, Alche-miss relies mostly on her own powers. She does have a number of minor mystical items found during her adventures, such as a Spider Gem that traps foes in sticky webbing and a thunder gem that causes a localized thunder clap.


While quite powerful and competent, Alche-miss is still physically fragile as well as young and inexperienced in many ways, admitting she doesn't fully understand her powers. She is quick to put her faith in "The Goddess", despite also claiming not to have much insight into her either. The energies Alche-miss produces aren't fully under her control. Despite her compentancy in battle and out, her powers are self-admittedly "unpredictable", sometimes producing no results after an attempt or verring wildly off target. Even worse, if pressed too far, her powers can backfire to the point of self eruption in a fiery blast that causes destruction all around her. She is quick to point out this is incredibly rare and easily managed by her not pushing her powers too far. It is however something we will naturally monitor quite closely.


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