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Alexis waiting for something to happen.
Alexis Morgan
Player: @Discord-chan))
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 10
Personal Data
Real Name: Morgan
Known Aliases: Magical Girl Pretty Lexi
Species: Human
Age: Unknown; aging frozen at early twenties
Height: 6'0"
Weight: Classified information!
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American (Extradimensional)
Occupation: Interdimensional Vigilante
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Variable
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Talia "Lady Confusion" Morgan (sister/dimensional counterpart), Taria "Lady Discord" Morgane (sister/dimensional counterpart), Aigami (Pseudo-niece), Mirami (pseudo-adopted sister)
Known Powers
Katana, Super Reflexes
Known Abilities

Some magical girls have legends that span centuries, their powers passed on from generation to generation. Others are sought out and empowered by various forces to deal with new dangers.

Alexis Morgan is not one of those magical girls.

Using a heavily modified version of a transformation wand her sister bought in a store somewhere, Alexis rights wrongs and triumphs over evil! that really the way things were supposed to have happened?


An OOC note before we continue...

A lot of the information in here is not common knowledge, or are things that Alexis would actively try to hide for various reasons. (Like, say, having access to compact high-grade dimension transfer equipment...) I've decided to include it anyway, because it makes things more interesting and because some of it might be of significance storywise even if kept secret.

And of course, there's several things that can't be accurately depicted within the game due to engine limitations. But isn't that true for just about everyone?


Within Paragon City

Outside Paragon City




Like her original transformation wand, the sword "Redecorator" was a gift from her sister, Lady Confusion. Though she's had it for many years, she never really developed her skill with it prior to joining the Paragon City mission. One tends to learn quickly in combat, but though her strikes are fast enough, they aren't always as strong as she'd like. Since brute force is not an available option, Alexis focuses on hitting as quickly and consistently as possible, and relies on her defenses to let her outlast opponents.

Super Reflexes

Alexis' primary defenses use a technomagical energy manipulation process known as "Field Dynamics". This system induces temporary alterations in the local laws of physics to cause weapons and projectiles to miss, ameliorate the effects of poisons and chemicals, and in general reduce or eliminate the effects of attacks.

Inside of the primary defensive layer is a simple energy shield. While relatively weak as such things go, it is generally sufficient to protect her from any attacks that make it through the primary defenses. If the shield is in danger of breaching, the system will trigger the hospital beacon to recall her before she can be injured.

Additional Powers


Power Pool


Alexis has access to a storage space called Someplace Else which holds her sword and tranformation wand when not in use, her pre-transformation clothing when in transformed state, and other small items. Someplace Else is always italicized and capitalized.

Weaknesses and Limitations



Like many other things around Alexis Morgan, the sword Redecorator has a peculiar history.

Some heroes wield swords forged by master craftsmen who have spent years honing their craft, or even years making that particular blade.

Redecorator was made in an afternoon on a space station in a universe where such were common, by a man returning a favor.

Instead of steel, orichalcum, or some other more traditional material, it's blade and hilt are formed of the same metal that station would use to repair spaceship armor. It's magical abilities result not from the efforts of powerful wizards, but from an interesting but not terribly significant accident.

For all that, it is a weapon both effective and beautiful. It's plain shape tends to be overlooked in favor of the look of the material itself - a pale, almost pastel blue metal with rainbow scintillations running along it's edge and blade. And the combined traits of the metal and the magic within it make it, though not indestructible, capable of holding up to pretty much anything that wouldn't also vaporize it's wielder.

Other than it's resistance to damage, the magical energy within Redecorator rarely has any significant combat use, though it is quite effective at opening stubborn doors. (Effective in much the same way that a satchel charge would be, mind you...)

Transformation Wand

Unlike Alexis's sword, her transformation wand is rarely seen, simply because once she's transformed, she generally has no further need to use it.

The heart of the wand is a device called the Energy Converter, which takes Alexis's own magical energy and the energy from other sources made available to it and changes them into forms more suitable for combat use. The energy is then directed by various other circuitry to form clothes, defensive fields, and other effects as necessary.

The wand has three forms.

Most of the time when Alexis is not either transforming or working on the wand, it stays in Someplace Else for safekeeping.

Character History

In most worlds that have been visited by members of Morgan & Antares, superheroes as such do not exist. The forces that create them are found often enough, but for whatever reason they are not part of the natural order of things.

One day, an agent found a world in which superheroes were part of the natural order, but where their activity was almost entirely supressed due to a series of really stupid incidents. A plan was devised to go to this world and act as superheroes, being a force that could be neither ignored nor eliminated.

The problem with this is that typically, Morgan & Antares agents don't operate like superheroes. Someone who sees one of their operations in progress or conclusion is more likely to think of a SWAT team or a mob hit. So, someone needed to learn how to pretend to be a superhero. And as it happened, there was this world with a place called Paragon City, which had all sorts of superheroes to learn from, but was also chaotic enough that slipups would likely be overlooked.

Confusion and Discord were the first two members of Morgan & Antares to come to Paragon City. Neither of them ended up particularly enjoying themselves, and so they returned to their usual activities, but they learned enough in the time they were there to significantly aid those who would come later.

For some years, Morgan had made little use of her Prety Lexi transformations other than for cosplay or sexual purposes. But when she decided to join the Paragon City mission, that system turned out to be the most suitable way for her to operate safely there. For technical reasons which have not been adequately explained, Morgan acquired a duplicate of her original transformation device from the manufacturer, and after fixing some of it's original bugs added a new form specifically for use in Paragon City. The new device retains all of the features of the original, but for the same inadequately explained reasons, forms other than the new one are sealed and cannot be used in Paragon.


OOC Trivia

OOC Notes

Alexis Morgan is the latest iteration of the avatar character I've been using in different RP contexts for some years. Thus, despite my general lack of interest in RPing while actually playing City of Heroes, she has a lot of background development behind her.

Several pieces of short fiction featuring Alexis can be found here.

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