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[[Image:All American Dude.jpg|300px|]]
All American Dude in his full on hero outfit, this is what he mostly wears when he doesn't feel up to wearing the armor.
All American Dude
Player: Nunji22
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 46
Personal Data
Real Name: Jason (Jace) Alexander
Known Aliases: Jason "Wrecking Ball" Alexander
Species: Homo-Sapien-Superior
Age: 28
Height: 6'4"
Weight: Approximately 190lbs
Eye Color: Left blue, right Red
Hair Color: Confidential
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: All American Guy (Brother) All American Gal (Sister in-law)
Known Powers
Energy Melee/ Willpower
Known Abilities
Energy Melee ability's can when powered up form actual visable atoms around his hands/ Willpower is simply his sheer will to survive.
No additional information available.

The Beginning

Jace originally was born in Croatoa to two loving parents, however at about the age of five Jace had the oppertunity to see his idol Statesmen, however the great hero in the mass of the crowd ignored young Jace and this simple act in itself disheartened Jace to no end. His parents re-located to Dark Astoria only to find that shortly after moving in the Circle of Thorns and Banished Pathanon evils moved in as well. There was a large fight between the Freedom Phalinx and the large beasts of the Banished Pathanon however, in the confusion a monster was tossed into his building instantly killing his parents before his eyes, Jace was only 6 years old.

Fighting in that same battle was the new up and coming hero All American Guy, and looking to prove himself he went in to finish off the beast only to find young Jace curled up on the corner crying. All American Guy quickly scooped Jace up and left the battle deciding it wasnt worth putting an innocents life at risk.

After getting the boy safe Jace became attached to Guy and thus Guy adopted the orphan and raised him as his own brother.

The Beginning of Power

It was just circumstance that Jace began to develop his energy melee ability's in his early pre-teens, the young man was gifted but still took many pointers from his older brother, learning to become a powerful tank in his own right. However there was one flaw, where Guy was invulnerable to all damage, racing bullets, speeding locomotives, and even knives, Jace was not. Despite this however, Jace would learn to control his own pure strength of will and bend the pain to his own uses.

Eventually All American Guy and All American Dude teamed up as a super team, eventually adding All American Gal into the fold as well. The three were nearly un-stoppable and amazingly inseparable. With the two Invulnerable tank and scrappers leading the charge Dude would hang back just long enough to leap over and slam down into combat.

Current Date

It was only a couple of years ago that Jace realized that he was attracted to other men, and decided it was time for him to come out to his brother and sister in-law, and the two of them embraced him with open arms. Though Jace does enjoy the company of women he tends to enjoy the company of men a bit more. It was shortly after this he met someone, and the two of them thought they would be together forever, however, his lover's cockiness got him killed when he was out on patrol by himself and Jace was crushed.

His first mission after this event was an undercover mission to Praetoria, where Jace infiltrated the Resistance to gather what intel he could on Emperor Cole and the Loyalist movement. He spent 5 long years fighting for the Resistance becoming one of their most valuable assets, and it was during this time that Jace slowly began to forget about the death of his love.

Now having returned to Primal Earth and turned over what information he had on both the Resistance and Loyalist movements Jace now seems very distanced, with too much time to think of past events he might come off as a bit distant or even a bit harsh when it comes to meeting other people. He tries not to push people away but sometimes, the desired effect is never reached, but he is still hoping that maybe one day he'll find someone to settle down with again, someone else to love.

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