All Star Girl

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All-Star Girl
Player: @CeeGee




Threat Level:


Personal Data
Real Name:

Carla June Wright



Date of Birth:

1993 (age 30)




142 lbs

Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Biographical Data



Student, superhero

Place of Birth:

Paragon City

Base of Operations:

Galaxy City

Marital Status:


Known Relatives:

Jacob "Jake" Wright aka All-Star Sentry (father)

Additional Data
Known Powers:


Known Abilities:
  • Exceptional physical prowess
  • Olympic level athlete
  • Skilled Martial Artist
  • Strong-willed
Known Equipment:
  • Utility Belt w/ smoke bombs, grappling gun and other devices
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Author's Note: All Star Girl's inspiration came from the character of Rikki Barnes; the second Bucky from Marvel's Heroes Reborn series, as well as Free Spirit; a character who also has ties to Captain America.


Character Background

Carla Wright was born a physical prodigy; growing taller and stronger than other girls her age. Although she was wasn't superhuman, she possessed exceptional skill and could easily able to excel at whatever physical endeavors she engaged in. She engaged in gymnastics, basketball and field hockey, as well as studying karate; earning a black belt by the time she was 13.

Carla's amazing physical prowess was due largely in part to her father; Jake Wright. Also born a physical prodigy, he used his exceptional skill as the original All-Star Sentry. After the Rikti war, Jake Wright retire from being a hero and accepted a position in Longbow as an instructor; eventually becoming a senior official in the organization.

Carla knew about her father's career as a hero and on more then one occasion asked her father to let her train to become a hero too. Her father at first denied her request; wanting her to instead use her skills as a normal teenager and live a normal life. However, one day while at the mall with a few of her friends, Carla was attacked by a group of Nemesis soldiers who'd come to "teach the youth the evils of capitalism". Knowing she could stop them, she donned a disguise and got the drop on the four armed men; defeating three of them before a fourth was taken out by a hero who arrived in time to help her.

Carla never told her father about the incident at the mall; but after watching the security footage, he was able to put the pieces together. Jake was livid over his daughter going against his wishes; but at the same time he couldn't deny the fact that she had the potential to be a great hero in her own right. He decided to allow Carla to train to become a hero, on the condition that he oversee her training himself. She happily accepted her father's offer and began a rigorous training regiment at a Longbow training facility where she was trained in various forms of unarmed combat; as well as in mental training to enable her to resist psychic attacks and brainwashing techniques.

When it came time for her to choose a heroic identity, Carla opted to choose the name All Star Girl; both to honor her father's own legacy, and to forge her own as a hero in her own right. With a specially made costume given to her by her father, Carla Wright began her new career as a hero.

Today, All Star Girl continues to train with Longbow and fight crime in the city; while also continuing her schooling. Although it's a daunting task, Carla knows she's up for the challenge and has no plans to back down.


Carla Wright exudes confidence and self-assurance. Her personality is strong enough to inspire her allies and demoralize her enemies in the face of combat. She strives to bring out the best in herself and others and can be tough and encouraging to her friends and teammates. She's gregarious and easily able to make new friends.

Strength Level

All Star Girl possesses the normal strength of a woman of her age, height and build who engages in extensive regular exercise. Thus while not superhuman, she is exceptionally strong


All Star Girl has no powers, although her physical abilities border on superhuman.


All Star Girl is an Olympic-level athlete and gymnast

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