Alley Breaker

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Heh, Just a human.
Alley Breaker
Player: Armenios
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Blaster / Scrapper (Depends on char)
Security Level: Varies
Personal Data
Real Name: Ryan Gurino
Known Aliases: "That ****er"
Species: Human
Age: 45 - Appears 23
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 335 Lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: British
Occupation: Stockyard Worker
Place of Birth: Wales
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: Only a daughter is known.
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Trained since he was five - most proficient in firearms, professional hand to hand combatant, ex-commando.
High-Tech when in suit.

Ryan, as stated clearly, is human. He doesn't divulge much about his past in the military, except that he was in it for twenty-two years and is an ex-commando. His father was one of the few original commandos that served in WWII, and was his mentor until he was thirty (Ryan joined the military at 18, but trained with his father on leave). Thomas' training was extensive and lasted usually for sixteen hours a day (he never attended school, he learned through books and military tactics). Through various forms of training, Ryan completely dominated his own body - in the aspect that he is unable to feel pain, ignore major wounds (effects still happen - a shattered shin can't be walked on), and his mind is like a steel wall to any and all mind readers. He appears to be twenty-three for some odd reason... he sleeps in a cryogenic freezer, he ages approximately one-third slower than other humans. Ryan was married at the age of twenty-seven briefly. His wife left him shortly after their daughter, Sammy was born. Sammy was primarily raised by Ryan's neighbors (he paid them to take care of her).

Used primarily in secret missions, Ryan has had various encounters with the Supernatural world in general, used by military projects to battle vampires, demons, and things of the like, there's nothing he hasn't seen and nothing he's afraid of (except honey badgers). Unbelievably stoic and courageous, he is willing to look a much stronger creature or person in the eyes and insult them if he deems it necessary. If someone were to look up information on him (it is public since he retired), he has earned practically every medal a commando can earn... he could have been famous for his exploits and have been a hero to the people, but he refused fame. If someone were to use his actual name in the supernatural world - just about every form of supernatural - Fae, Demon, Drow, Elf, etc. would probably know him.

Ryan is absolutely -HATED- by both the Winter and Summer Fae courts. While building his name in the military, he took the notice of the Winter court and was actually invited to be the Winter Knight. The encounter went very simply like this - he was asked to meet Mab by an emissary. To not be rude - he went. When offered the position of the Winter Knight, he was completely offended. Not many supernaturals know that his goal in life is to be the best a human can be. No magic, no cheap tricks, but only what humans can do. He simply told Mab, "**** you. **** your court, I have a life. I have a daughter. I was born a man and will die one." While the court was in complete and utter shock, he walked out - he in essence, dodged a bullet. The Summer Court, hearing of this sent their own emissary, thinking that he would prefer to side with them, but got the same reception.

Ryan is known in hell due to an encounter at a pub (the day after he retired). His daughter was so elated to have her father home, she had sneaked into the pub after him, wanting to see what he was like around other people (note she was thirteen). He hadn't noticed her, but there was a group of eight demons in said pub (three sergeants in hell's army and five grunts), who sensed his daughter and attempted to pin her in a corner (as most humans wouldn't interfere with demons). Ryan heard his daughter scream and grabbed a pool cue. To this day (five years later), those eight have refused to leave hell. Rumor has it that it took them three years to fully recover from the damage he inflicted.

Ryan is known to most vampires for several reasons. He's the only human who was stupid enough to beat a Duke down in front of others. The Duke was threatening Ryan's life (Ryan was on a mission for the government) and that of his heirs. Big mistake. Ryan was wearing blessed silver-melted in crosses at the front of each boot. Said Duke was soundly kicked in the nads and spat on and warned, "If you ever threaten my daughter again, I'll see just how much you can regenerate before I finish killing you." So in essence, he nut-shotted a Duke, insulted a Duke, and spat on him.

(Note - only through extensive research or being one of these races may you know some of this, but still - you need his full name)

Since moving to Paragon, Ryan had tried to lay low. He just wanted to live a quiet life and see his daughter off to college. He grabbed a job in a stockyard to lay low, only wanting to be a normal citizen. It was nice, until his daughter was sixteen and a group of Hellions attempted to bring her into an alley near their small home. They were in the process of raping her when Ryan walked across the scene. He personally murdered the group of men (three) with his bare hands and drug them to a police station, before holding his arms out... willing to accept prison, if it meant he had saved his daughter. It turned out, that this group was terrorizing the local neighborhood and when Ryan was brought to court, a massive turn out appeared outside the court house, demanding his freedom. The judge ruled in "heat of the moment" or "passion of the moment" Ryan doesn't care what it was. Ryan was let out of the court room a free man, a hero to his community. To hear the cheers for him, to hear people thanking him, stirred something in his heart that he had not felt since he saved a group of children from a P.O.W torture camp. Unlike last time, people weren't calling him a baby killer... Ryan realized that other people needed his help and contacted his old contacts in the military (scientists) they had agreed to discreetly have technology delivered in crates containing military supplies to his stockyard. Alley Breaker was born that day... though nobody knows he is Ryan Gurino.

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