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Allison Skye
Player: @Rose Noel Thorne
Origin: Magic (Tech)
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 40
Personal Data
Real Name: Allison Veronica Richardson
Known Aliases: Allison Skye, Ally
Species: Human
Age: 17
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian/Asian
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: N/A
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Engaged to Beauregard Kelly
Known Relatives: Father: Nicholas Richardson, Mother: Silondra Blackthourn, Sister: Rebecca Hope Skye
Known Powers
Known Abilities



Ally seems like a normal teenager. She spends a lot of her time playing around, her Ipod earphones in her ears. Normal band-decalled T-shirts, blue jeans, sneakers or combat boots with spikes welded to the steel toes are her normal apparel. She's quick to flash a grin, or playfully snap a comeback or quick retort to her heroic comrades. She does have her stupid moments, like jumping in over her head to try to even the odds against an overwhelmed teammate. But usually her timing tends to pay off, commenting that riding the redline of her suit was one hell of a rush.


Growing Up

Allison Skye always thought she was one of those normal kids. CEO dad, mom going to work at the hospital, school, martial arts practice. Only slightly rebellious, but the kind of kid you could sit down and explain what went wrong, and usually not get a repeat performance. But she had to give up the treehouse she adored when they moved to Atlas Park, getting a nice apartment right behind the hospital. Which was good, since Mom just gave birth. A baby sister, Rebecca Hope, born a month after Ally's sixth birthday.

Hatred and Violence

Ally and her dad were getting into the car, getting ready to drive home when shots started to ring out. A group of mercs had targeted the patrol of Longbow behind the pair. Their aim was off, Ally letting out a scream as her dad moved quickly to act as her human shield then started to sag in her arms. She was only ten. She didn't know how to stop the bleeding. She could barely keep him from dropping hard onto the blacktop.

Her head started to lift as she heard footsteps coming towards her. Combat boots. She knew without looking, didn't know how but she knew. The mercs were coming, in light grey and blue fatigues, one holding an SMG pointed away towards the ground. The leader looked at her, sidearm drawn and pointed away. The muzzle was lightly smoking, recently fired.

Her eyes narrowed as she looked up at him, a face she burned into her mind. A face she told herself she'd seek revenge on if it took her all her life. I hate you, her mind said but her lips couldn't move. The tears were starting to make her shake but she wouldn't look away. And something in her eyes made the merc start slightly before turning and leading his men away.

The paramedics weren't fast enough and they had to downsize the apartment. And it seemed like all her playful spunk and fire went to the littler Skye while Ally threw herself into her martial arts. Her obsession with getting stronger finally wore on her mother enough to get her into the junior heroes program, and a license. If she couldn't stop the girl, she'd at least make sure Ally would come home safely.

Guiding Light

Ally grew on the field and in the classroom, honing her edge. But her heart was dying under the unyielding grip of her lust for revenge. All she could see was the face of her nightmares in the street scum she brought in. She had a trio of spikes wielded onto her steel-toed boots to make her kicks that much more lethal. A trinket she found in her father's trunk from his former heroing days (who knew!) coated her in a shield that even bullets had a hard time piercing.

It was around this time that she stumbled into a young archer named SincereAgape. He was older than she was, to be sure, but he had a lazy Cajun charm that made her forget about her boiling rage. And her playful zest brought out his smile and laughter, even if his cockiness did have her leaping in to fight with him back to back. His company brought her into a group called the Millennium Paladins, a group fighting off the coming End of Days. This gave her a new focus, but a haunting familiar echo to something she'd forgotten.

Round Two

One day, when the D chalet was open and she was having fun chasing her baby sister Becky down the slopes, she caught sight of something familiar. A grey and blue set of fatigues, short dusty blond hair and a familiar stance. She skid to a stop and set Becky off to play with more Paladins before stalking up after him. The merc turned to look at her, and she felt her hands tighten into fists as recognition flickered over his face. Thoms.

Her teeth curled back from her lips in a silent feral snarl as she continued to stalk after him, but she felt her arms jerked behind her the moment her feet touched stone. Two of the Paladins had noticed her going after the man, holding her back even with the D's protective screening. She let out a cry of rage at the merc's smug look, and snarled out what she hadn't had the chance to tell him when she first met him.

"I hate you! I'll kill you, Logan Thoms! I'll fucking kill you!"

He just smiled at her as a pair of mercs with him slipped up closer to her, and a leg lashed out, sending one cartwheeling into the empty space at the edge of the chalet's floating rock. The other took the hint and backed up with a nervous look at his boss. Thoms just eyed the struggling girl before signaling his men to leave.

Later that day, Ally's mom never came home. Ally found out from the hospital that she'd been gunned down by Hellions on the way home from the grocery store. The elder Skye sent Becky to stay with some Paladin friends for the night, not wanting the girl to hear about the loss of their other parent. Ally headed over to get some stuff from the apartment when she noticed things off kilter. Footprints she didn't know... papers spread across the table...

She reacted before seeing the door move, hopping up to land on the counter before two mercs appeared in the open door. The first one was startled by her sudden action, letting a burp of gunfire rake along the ceiling near her. She slid from the counter as the other barks for him to stop, then the first ends up slammed to the ground by the young woman's body connecting hard with his. Strong legs wrap around his neck, ready to snap his neck. But a thought of a friend's voice in her mind made her hesitate just enough for her shield to drop, and the medic's tranq to connect with the side of her neck.

Chains of Crey

As Ally started coming around, she kept still. She felt the restraints on her wrists, ankles, midriff and just above the knees so she didn't try moving. One eye slowly cracked open to glance around the room, taking in the table with her father's belt resting on it and her boots and hero leathers... and the Crey agent in the suit looking at her with a smiling medic standing next to him. Her eyes opened and she turned to look fully at him, straightening as much as she could in the restraints.

"Ah, you're awake," the medic said. He had the kind of bedside voice that was ever so soothing, the one that just begged to be trusted. Her hands curled at her sides, digging her nails in hard for something to focus on, absently taking note of the needle in her arm. "Don't worry. You're just fine. We just have a few simple questions for you, all right? I'm sure you're a very intelligent girl, or so your grades say."

"Do you stalk all the metas in high school, or am I just special?" she quipped, eyes still narrowed.

The medic chuckled gently as the agent stood to move around the cot. "Now, when I ask for your name, you will say Agent 59431. That doesn't sound too hard, does it?"

She could feel it, the drugs that were in the IV sinking into her arm. It would be so simple to let her mind float away and babble whatever stupidity they wanted her to say... Her hands curled up tighter.

"Now... name?"

Her head tilted a bit at the medic, then her lips slowly curled in a grin. "Allison Veronica Skye," she told him clearly and distinctly, and the agent backhanded her in the mouth hard enough to bounce her head on the cot.

"Name?" came the calm, sweet voice again.

She rolled her jaw and tilted her head back as her vision swam slightly, then she lifted it to look the medic in the eye. "... I am a Millenium Paladin," she said, then jerked hard in the restraints as a fist connected with her stomach, driving the air from her lungs.

The medic was polite enough to wait for her to catch her breath, but he was losing his patient demeanor. "Name?"

Her head rolled back to look up at the ceiling, dragging the faces of those she knew and loved through the fog of pain and drugs. The Paladins, Becky, Devin... As she was floundering, trying to grab onto any anchor in the haze, a voice long forgotten murmured, "It doesn't matter what anyone out there thinks of you. All that matters is that you give it your all, and you remain true to who you are." Her eyes opened, then her hands curled into fists, facing her captors again. "... I am a hero."

... the next thing she knew, she was in a Crey warehouse, naked and being pulled from a transfer crate. The Paladins were there in force, with Devin in a Huntsman's armor nearby. She was so grateful to be rescued, she didn't care. She just let everyone take her home.

Uninvited Guest

Revelations and Reunions




Drop the Bombshell by Powerman 5000

Walking Disaster by Sum 41

Becoming the Bull by Atreyu

Tidbits and Secrets

Birthday: May 27, year unknown, assumed to be 1991

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: BBQ beef ribs

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