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Personal Information
Real Name: Bill O. Wright
Age: 105
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 225 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Information
Birth Date: July 4, 1914
Nationality: American
Occupation: Super Hero
Base Of Operations: Wonder Island
Group Affiliations: The Wonders

Amendment (born Bill O. Wright; July 4th, 1914) is an American super hero, government official and leader of The Wonders.


Secret Origin

On June 23rd, 1942, Bill Wright's life would change forever.

Part of an elite military group, Bill was sent with several men on what was likely to be a suicide mission. All of the men agreed that there was no better way to serve their country. Their mission? A German lab had been located that was developing what had only been explained as Super Storm Troopers. It was their job to make sure that these soldiers never saw the light of day.

The mission was a success, but many men lost their lives that day. The exact details of the event have been covered by all major news agencies, the history channel and the military channel time and time again. Found in the aftermath, wrapped in an American flag, Wright lay unconscious in the center of Washington, DC. Some claim that he landed there before covering his indecency and losing conscious. Others say that he crashed there with the flag already in his possession.

The Wonders

On March 25, 1984, Amendment, alongside his allies Atomic Beetle, Radio Racer, Super Wizard, Smallecule, and their pet goldfish, Aquarium, created the Wonders. This group would go on to be one of the most successful and inspiring super teams of all time. Though multiple iterations of this team have come and gone since then, Amendment remains in a leadership role as a constant reminder of the group's unwavering commitment to justice.

The Wonder Wars (2013 - 2018)

During a routine cosmic excursion, the Wonders were quickly splintered and set against one another in an event known as, "The Misunderstanding." While on their cosmic journeys, Captain Weevil, in a fit of colorblind hysterics, accidentally used Amendment's toothbrush. What happened next could only be described as a bad time!

Eventually, this rift in the Wonders created two factions. Those who sided with Captain Weevil, and those who were right. With no alternative to the chaos, Captain Weevil escaped to the planet Barbarion, where he came into power as the leader of the great Barbarion Horde. As Captain Weevil's powers grew, so too did Amendment's, as he headed a militant faction of space marines known as the Star-League.

As these opposing forces grew and I ran out of things to write, a climax was inevitable. Their final battle took place amidst a crashed Star-League vessel on an asteroid just outside of Earth's orbit. Through the power of friendship, the wars were finally ended and the beef was good.

Return to Action (2019 - Present)

With the Wonder Wars behind them, Amendment and Captain Weevil returned to Paragon City to rebuild their team. Having founded Wonder Island as both a museum of scientific and magical artifacts as well as the HQ for the newest iteration of the Wonders, Amendment can be found just about anywhere that crime is afoot!


Due to the Ironvault explosion and the chemical cocktail bonding with him at a cellular level, Amendment was gifted with many extraordinary powers.

These include:



The Infinibelt is a tool of unparalleled power. With compartments connected to the subspace known as the Wonderverse, Amendment is able to store a myriad of tools and gadgets within a sleek, fashionable belt.


The patented Wonder Communicator connects to a multitude of emergency channels while simultaneously acting as a passport to the secure facilities of Wonder Island, as well as the Wonders' top secret blacksite facility located off the coast of REDACTED.

Rogues Gallery

Emperor Evil

A terrible despot in his home dimension, Emperor Evil once ruled with an iron fist over the peasants under his control. When Amendment was accidentally teleported into his Palace of Malice, he quickly overthrew the emperor and installed a democratic system which lasted exactly three years before the elected officials ran the newly formed civilization into the ground. Having regained control once more, Emperor Evil has sworn to eradicate the American menace known as Amendment.

Crime Baby

Some men are just born to be bad. Such was the case with Crime Baby. The infant son of Michael and Amalia Feloni, Crime Baby was quick to usurp control over their little slice of the Family shortly after their untimely deaths. With the aid of his notoriously dangerous bodyguard, The Nanny, Crime Baby will stop at nothing to swaddle his competition to death.


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