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Mac in his classic dress costume
Origin: Natural/Science
Archetype: Tank
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Maj. Malcolm Carter Reades
Known Aliases: Victory Reades; Mac; Major Victory, the American Marvel (used by the press in the 40's)
Species: Human
Age: Over 90 (appears around 35)
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 250ibs
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: US Citizen of mixed Welsh, Irish and English heritage
Occupation: Team co-founder and leader of the United Sentinels of America, formerly one of the founding members of the original Sentinels of Liberty
Place of Birth: Pennsylvania, USA
Base of Operations: small mining town in Pennsylvania
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Deceased
Known Powers
Super human strength, speed, endurance, eye beams, invulnerability, flight
Known Abilities
Genius level intelligence, highly skilled at hand-to-hand combat, strategies, tactics, acrobatics, weapons usage, vehicles, and various computer systems
Various costumes including ballistic armor for use against the Rikti
Former sidekick Kid Victory Ihas taken over his original moniker of Maj. Victory



American-Marvel as Major Victory was one of the original founders of The Sentinels of Liberty during World War II along with Lady America, his sidekick Kid Victory I, Doc Titan, and several other heroes. The team has since regrouped under the watchful eye of Lady America.

Mac is also a co-founder of the United Sentinels of America, originally with Lady America. He has made his best friend Captain Crosshairs an honorary member and eagerly awaits the day Cap and Ultradynamic announce their wedding date. He hand selected the current leadership council from among the USofA's gold members- Justice Shield, Sky Trueheart, Shaw Lwhon and Windwolf - to act as the voice of reason within the team. He is very proud of the work they are doing.


Mac is an intense individual and tends to look out as the strong silent type. But when he gives an order the team jumps into action. Its an image he has cultivated for decades due to his training in the armed forces during World War II. Also being trapped in an alternate dimension where the Nazis won the war has served to shape his attitude. Underneath he is actually a kind and generous person who will give 100% for his team and friends. He silently grieves for his lost time and not being able to help during the years he was missing. This slips now and then when he goes to the Tavern on the Edge for drinks with his old affiliate Jareth Rune, the Night Patriot


Through the Infinity Serum, Mac was granted many super human powers. The original Serum did drive him close to madness in which he broke after being tortured in the Nazi dimension. They used this to their advantage and sent him to Paragon City as a hidden weapon. In the end his original heroism overrode the brainwashing. Doc Titan eventually took the serum out of him in a hidden operation. However it having stayed in his system for so long its powers became a part of Mac.

Super human strength

Class 100


If he has to he can go without eating and sustain himself, does not need to rest for days on end.


Small arms, large howlitzers, knives, guns, etc. do not phase him. Possibility he may be able to withstand a nuclear strike and has indicated it has happened in the other dimension once.


Can reach escape velocities and fly in space. This has been demonstrated a few times when items needed repair on the USofA's space station.

Super senses

Heightened hearing, touch, smell, sight into various spectrums


On occasion has demonstrated extreme speed and jumping abilities but as he says "Leave the speed stuff to Gods-Speed, Mach X and the other speedsters"

Mental block

Mentalists hit a blank wall when trying to read his thoughts. He was trained in this to block the Nazis' Psi-Korps

Laser vision

Can somehow harness a form of energy and emit it as damage dealing lasers from his eyes


Hand to hand combat

Trained to use various forms of wrestling holds, judo, jujitsu, boxing and what could be the equivalent of Krav Maga. Of course Cap still teases him about headbutting one enemy into a wall with one hand literally tied behind his back.

Genius Intelligence

Mac has trained his mind to remember dates, tactics and strategies used by various armies through out time. This was part of his training before he injected the Infinity Serum. His memory is also photographic in nature.

Vehicle Operation

He can sit down and instantly figure out how to operate various vehicles-boats, planes, automobiles, motorcycles

Weapons Use

Trained in everything from small knives to rocket launchers.

Expert Marksman

He has many awards for shooting of hand guns and rifles

Weaknesses and Limitations

Vulnerable to magic and magic derivatives. This includes enemies casting spells to strange artifacts.


Costumes made out of ballistic materials and possibly alien materials. Armor that is resistant to Rikti energy weapons, developed by Vanguard.

Character History

Here is the American-Marvel's story in his own words.

Okay I've been asked to write this down to the best of my abilities.I'm not much of a writer so bear with me. Forgive my grouchiness, I'mold okay? Good.

I was born on October 29, 1914. Your average son of a coal miner. I knew I was either going to the mines like my father, uncles and eventually younger siblings or I would be packed off to serve the country. I think you can guess which one I chose. I left as soon as Icould, fudged my age on the army documents. I was 16 and on my way toboot camp. There were not computers back then so background checkscould be spotty at best since you had to rely on good old human ingenuity and honesty. Serving the country was for those who werelonging to be the best or daydreamers hoping to get a free tour of the world. I'll let you guess which catagory I fell into.

Trained in strategy and tactics I moved up the ranks rather quick after starting on the bottom rung as an enlisted private. I made specialist six months afterwards. 2nd lieutenant two years later after testing then going into the officers' training. By 1935 was in training to take the tests to become a 1st lieutenant, I passed with flying colors and my COwas extremely impressed. He would say "Victory you always seem to overcome the odds." I would just grin and walk away with the complement. By 1938 I had made Captain then Major by mid-summer 1941.

I did acquire the reputation among my men as being a stick in the mud and inflexible to a fault. Heck I admit to it but if I had not been I would not have entered into special operations before the War. If you use the Freedom of Information Act you would find out about the missions into China. The details I was sent on with diplomats to England, Germany, France, Russia, China and Japan. I was always good at picking up the details and reporting what I found just through observation. If I had only known then what I did now maybe we would have been ready by 1941.

Little did I know the new officer physical training program I had beenput into in 1940 was to select candidates for the Liberty Project headed up by Doctor Phineas Titanski. Titanski was to become one of the first of the super soldiers in the Liberty Project. He would be re-codenamed Doc Titan. All I knew at the time was I was put on a new regimen of physical exercise and a diet ment to add bulk. I was also given materials to learn, memorize new battlefield strategies, leadership training, exercises to increase memory and supposedly my IQ. Still do not know about that last one. Still the generals that kept coming inand inspecting us were very pleased. I noticed several men were removed for supposedly not having what it took.

Eventually myself, Dr. Titanski, and Heather Cross, the only female being trained at the time were loaded on a train in late December 1941 to go see President Roosevelt at the White House. The date was moved up due to Pearl Harbor. We had a private car and were supposedly surrounded by hand picked security. Doctor Titanski finally came clean as to what we were doing on that particular train. He explained to us about the Infinity Serum and how it was going to revolutionize combat training along with the Liberty Project. He personally wanted to present Heather and myself to the President. Special costumes had been designed for us and how we were to debut as new hope in the coming days of darkness. Little did we realize it was going to be driven home to us in one brief instant.

One of the bodyguards came through the door and started barking orders at the doctor. He demanded the serum. When Titanski refused he screamed at him in German and clicked a detination switch. Nothing happened. Or so we thought. Thinking fast the doctor grabbed his brief case and a syringe, put in the needle and injected himself. He tossed the case tome and told me to do the same. Conditioned to follow orders I did as told. The Serum was like a white heat entering into me. Everything became clearer and I had never had as much energy. It began transforming cellular structure immediately and in such a way that Ihad to stop and catch my breath. Doc barked more orders at me which I followed. With blinding speed I was on our attacker and began grappling with him. His gun went off as the train gave a lurch. The lurch became a scream of metal on metal and a roar as the cars began to pitch. We tumbled over and over. With me eventually being stunned by hitting my head on one of the oak tables.

Heather's scream went through the compartment as another stray bullet hit her. She had not been able to inject herself in time. There was blood everywhere. She gave a cough and was gone. By that point the train had finished crashing. Down was now up, our bodyguards were dead.Doctor Titanski and I were being held at gunpoint as more Axis sabatours climbed in the smashed windows. The snapped insults and wordsat us in German. I understood every word but was not about to let on about that. The sabatour had the briefcase set off to the side of him and the doctor. He was demanding to know the correct mixing method.

Doc and I both noticed the figure hiding behind the seats. He signed tome about the stowaway and nodded in her direction. Encouraging her tosnatch the un-attended briefcase, which she did. This girl was Amanda Reese and she was running away from home. She listened to the Nazistalk and was outraged at what had happened. That girl had moxie I'll have to say. She injected the Serum and immediately started fighting.Doc and I both joined in again. We eventually had them subdued and weremet by a special detachment that was to have met us at the station in Washington DC. The sabatours were taken into custody.

We three went on to debut to the President and eventually the public as Major Victory, Lady America and Doc Titan.

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