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To Battle!
Player: @Masked Revenger
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 2
Personal Data
Real Name: Brigit Janssen
Known Aliases: The American Shieldmaiden, AV, Val
Species: Human
Age: Confidential
Height: 6' 8"
Weight: 175 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Sword of Odin, adventurer
Place of Birth: Albany, New York, United States
Base of Operations: Valhalla, but currently she resides in Paragon City, United States
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Herja the valkyrie (Mother, deceased), George Janssen (Father, deceased)
Known Powers
Increased natural strength, flight
Known Abilities
Highly trained in sword and shield use
Magical sword, helmet and shield
No additional information available.

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Supergroup: None, yet.


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American-Valkyrie carries with her a trio of magical items that, combined with her blood, are the source of her powers.

Dragvandill, the sword

Dragvandill was the sword used by the Norse hero Egil. It grants American-Valkyrie enhanced strength.

Orveigarnautr, the shield

Orveig's Gift, this mighty shield protect's Valkyrie. As long as she holds the shield, she is practically industructable. Only weapons forged by Asgardian gods or giants can break through Orveigarnautr's defenses, and even then, the shield is unbreakable.

Full-trui, the helmet

Litterlly translated as Full Truth, but commonly called Old Faithful, this is the only remaining piece of the armor worn by the norse hero Sturlunga. Full-trui not only protect's Valkyrie's head in a litteral since, but it also makes her resistant to mental attacks as well. As an added benifet, the helmet grants her the ability to fly.

Character History

I am the American-Valkyrie. I am the granddaughter of Odin, daughter of Herja the valkyrie and George Janssen, an American Solder who fought in World War I. My mother gave up her immortality to marry my father, and moved to America at the end of the war. I was born a year later, in 1919, Brigit Janssen. In 1939, on my 20th birthday, Hitler invaded Poland and started World War II. That was the same year I discovered my birthright and gained my inheritance. My mother showed me her magic weapons, the helmet that granted great strength and the power of flight, the shield that made her invincible and the spear that brought Odin’s thunderous judgment on her enemies. According to my mother, Odin had chosen me to take these weapons, and to become a shieldmaiden of my country, to defend it from her enemies. And so, under my mother’s guidance, my training as a warrior began. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor two years later, I was ready. I presented myself to the world, fought both at home and abroad, in Europe and the Pacific. I defeated the enemies of America, defending her shores and bringing the fight to their homes. I became the American-Valkyrie, rallying the troops and helping to usher in victory. During the war, I fought against many enemies, including the one that would become my greatest foe, Fenrir the Wolf, who was trying to usher in the end of the world by using the Nazis. At the end of the war, I had my final battle with Fenrir, where I capture him in the tangled roots of the World Tree itself.

Afterwards, I was called by my grandfather to ascend to Valhalla, to take my rightful place amongst its noblest warriors, as my reward for a job well done. There I stayed, never aging, keeping a watchful eye upon the world below and marveling at the sights as it changed. I witnessed the rise of heroes, the landing on the moon, and the many inventions of the 20th century. Then the unthinkable happened. Fenrir escaped. He returned to the modern world, choosing Millennium City as his new hunting ground. Grandfather decided that it must be the American-Valkyrie that protected the modern world from this ancient threat, as I had fought and defeated him before. And so, over 60 years after my last appearance on Earth, I have returned to once again protect my nation from its enemies. I am the American-Valkyrie.

Character Trivia

Some comic influences for the American-Valkyrie include Captain America, Wonder Woman and Thor.

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