Anansi Spider

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Proof of Redemption
Anansi Spider
Player: @trilbyhero
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Arachnos Crab Spider
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Lea Plath
Known Aliases: Anansi Spider
Species: Human
Age: 28
Height: 6'1
Weight: '
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Citizen of Paragon City
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Grandville
Base of Operations: Grandville
Marital Status: None
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Invincability and Super Strength
Known Abilities
Unbeatable Will, Athletics
Crab Spider Backpack, 4 stolen Arcanos robots, the Breaker Suit (a suit with carbon nanofibers to disperse energy in it)

Early Life

Anansi Spider was born in the Rogue Islands, in the slums of Grandville. Her parents were kidnapped scientists working for Arachnos and Anansi found herself left alone for long periods of time. She grew tough on the streets, learning to fight when she had to, and run when she couldn't fight. Eventually, she joined up with a bunch of other like minded people and join a gang called the Slum Rats. They would steal what they could to survive, fight off other gangs that threatened their neighbourhood and tried to avoid getting picked up by Arachnos.

Arachnos kept an eye on the gangs for future recruitment possiblites, and when the time came the Slum Rats disbanded, as they joined Arachnos to become Huntsmen.

Life with Arachnos

Anansi quickly proved herself as a Huntsman, taking the name Anansi Spider, and become the leader of a small group on Huntsmen in Sharkshead, focusing on stopping any rebellions or protests from the workers there and fighting off the odd slag golem. She began to become angry and bitter at Arachnos, unable to look herself in the mirror anymore. She wanted to become an arbiter, someone better, with more control. Maybe then she could improve life for the people of the Rogue Islands.

However, someone wasn't so pleased with her progress and instead of getting a chance to rise up the ranks of Huntsmen, she was pushed into becoming a crab spider. They also signed her up for some experimental treatment known as the Pinnacle Project to improve healing, strength and bone density, creating a crab spider who could better take on a hero. When the surgery was done and she had aclimitised to her new arms, Lea was stronger, faster and more resiliant before, but angry at Arachnos. She vowed to herself that she would have her revenge.

She served as part of a team that helped take down several heroes and led several sucessful bank heists for Arachnos. This slowly lead to her being given more and more freedom until eventually she was able to strike out on her own a bit, becoming a rogue. Lord Recluse was happy to let her have ambitions, so long as she knew who her master was. However, when she publically attacked an arbiter about to kill a hero, Lord Recluse had to act sending a squad to bring her in.

In the fight that followed, Anansi Spider managed to singlehandedly take down the squad and escape, stealing a flyer and taking it to Paragon City. Lord Recluse declared her an enemy of Arachnos and placed a price on her head.

Arrival in Paragon

When she first arrived, she was placed under arrest for her numerous crimes. She was then taken in by the Vindicators, helping them and Longbow destroy Arachnos bases inside the city and stopping their plans.

After a while, she left the Vindicators and struck out on her own. She caught the attention of the TPN when she helped stop Lord Blackstaff, a rogue mage who used his magic to kill famous figures and replace them with magical doppelgangers under his control.

After that, she hit lucky with a stream of high profile criminals all stopped by her and became something of a media darling. The Proof of Redepmtion, they called her, the friendly neighbour Arachnos. She took advantage of this publicity to help upgrade her suit and crab spider arms, as well as bring more attention to the plight of the peoples in the Rogue Islands.


Anansi Spider was finally granted a Security Level of 50 and with great ceremony. She held a press confrence with the help of the TPN to discuss her life and what she planned to do. However, the confrence was attacked by Arachnos and Silver Mantis, hoping to kill Anansi publically to make a statement. However, Anansi managed to fight them of with the help of the rogue Pain and Panic, leading to a battle on the roof of City Hall and ending with Silver Mantis being forced to flee.

After that, she was one of the heroes who helped stop Antimatter and Neuron from unleashing their armies on Paragon and helped rescue Statesman from Tyrant, earning herself membership to the Freedom Phalanx reserve.

During the start of the Praetorian war, she was captured by Dominatrix and force fed Fixadine. This massivly increased her strength, allowing her to escape, but she was still addicted to Fixadine, both for the rush but also for the power it gave her.

She continued her addiction, until she began to draw on the power of the Well of Furies, which gradually replaced it until she became a full incarnate. Finding her skin almost invincable, combined with super strenght, she helped on a number of raids to Praetoria helping bring down the BAF, Lambada, Mother of Mercy hospital and the Keyes reactor. She was also part of the teams that stopped Diabloique, tried to save DeVore and spread the truth about Cole.

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