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· Science Brute ·
Super Group
Currently just a civilian under supervision by Hero Corps and the government at large
Real Name
Andrew Wesley Scott
Steel Canyon
Previously a professor of genetic engineering and physiology
Legal Status
Unregistered by Hero Corps; civilian
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Jacob Scott [father, deceased], Kayla Scott [mother, waitress, still lives in Steel]
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
5'8"/up to 7'5"
155/up to 650lbs
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Due to the Lost gene, Andrew's body type can literally change its shape. Bones break and realign, muscle mass and overall density increase drastically giving him super human strength and durability. He lacks control, however.

· Equipment ·
Doesn't normally carry a weapon, as he normally doesn't need one. Keeps a pair of durable glasses in one pocket. He also utilizes a small taser and a power analyzer he designed himself.

· Other Abilities ·
A good brain, a great heart, and the ability to throw cars over his head.



Andrew Scott grew up the only child of one of the never jobless construction workers of Steel Canyon, and a waitress at the local diner. To say he was a smart kid would be to put it lightly. He conducted his first successful experiment at the age of twelve on one of his pet rats (it only temporarily changed the color of it's fur, okay, PETA?), and showed promise in a number of academic and scientific fields.

He was never the kid to throw the parties, or get invited to them, but his friends enjoyed his sense of humor. In the classic case of a crush on the girl next door, Andrew fell in love with Julia "Jules" Maitland, a classmate at Steel Canyon University - who also happened to live next door. Or, at least, right across the hall. It took him four years to finally ask her out on a date, and another six to pop the question. In a non surprising turn of events (I mean, she did date him for six years) she said yes, and they were set to be married. However, they held off on the actual ceremony when one of Andrew's professors came to him with an intriguing idea...


Andrew became convinced that if all the chemicals in the body could be kept at the right levels, it would lead to longer, healthier, happier, and less violent lives. His focus was on several specific hormones, including adrenaline and norepinephrine - a hormone and neurotransmitter that is linked directly to the flight-or-flight response. All he needed was a catalyst, something to bring it all together with a bang.

He settled on some genetic material from the Lost, a mutagen that seemed to affect people not only physically, but mentally. His success was measurable, at least in computer simulation and animal testing. The serum, using the mutagen as a sort of glue, would hook itself into the nervous system and keep everything in check. It's possibilities were endless - a way to jump start the brain, and cure learning and mental disabilities. A way to level high blood pressure. The idea... was sound.


The idea became a reality. He carried a small vial of the serum in his pocket as he and his fiancée walked through Steel Canyon, on their way to present it to the scientific board. It was evening, but the streets were lit. Nothing should have happened, it was not a probability. But life, he found out, was more than percentages and math.

They were stopped by a group of Outcast copycats, a bunch of kids doing something stupid. Andrew tried to talk them down, and it would have worked - save for one nervous young man and a trigger. Andrew was shot, and in a daze of red and confusion, he injected himself with the serum knowing it had trace amounts of adrenaline in it that he hoped would clear his head enough that he could save Julia.

The serum worked. In all the wrong ways. It separated the strongest present hormones and chemicals, which were, unfortunately, all the wrong ones. Charged by the extra adrenaline and norepinephrine, the Lost mutagen took a turn. He was filled with near mindless rage and pain as his bones broke and realigned, as his muscles expanded and tightened. He doesn't remember what he did to the thugs. He woke up just as the ambulances and PPD arrived to take what was left of them away. Along with Julia.


Andrew suffers from extreme guilt, believing, despite the medical evidence, that he murdered his fiancée. He works tirelessly to find a cure, popping up at labs around the country. He has almost constant nightmares about the first transformation, and almost seems to think that he and the... mutated him are separate people. When transformed he is huge, muscly, and doesn't appear very bright. His appearance is not much different from the Lost's Anathema's.

Accessing secure Hero Corps server... Password requir- Override accepted MetaHumanID_ _ID3216 Accepted]

ID 3216 - Civilian, under surveillance

[Incident]: Killed six gang members after first being attacked. PPD ruled it self-defense, no charges were made against him.

[Incident]: After a laboratory accident in which a fire broke out, he experienced a transformation. After security personnel engaged him he proceeded to destroy what was left of the lab, but reportedly carried out an unconscious security guard out of the burning building, saving him.

[Approached by Hero Corps and asked to join. He refused and has since gone into seclusion]

[Firewall reboot authorize- Command:_ 7303 Received___

File 48B - Anatheman - deleted]
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