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Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

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Andora is a level 50 Empathy/Dark Blast defender, with a magic origin. She's a longtime member of the Liberty League and has been in Paragon since mid-2004. Her powers derive from a mastery of magical spells and a near-death experience that involved several very angry demons. She's not exactly human, having come to earth from another world...though she certainly looks human enough. Andora initially traveled to Paragon for safety reasons, but she's remained on the planet to recruit for an organization she calls the Tower of Light. She tends to mumble over what the organization does exactly when asked about it, but she'll usually mention the Tower's interest in protecting the arcane arts from corruption. Her healing abilities are extensive, but she's also well versed in a range of other spells to help her allies fight more efficiently.

Details, Details

  • Her full name is Andora Adlet. She doesn't really have a date of birth per se, but she usually says she's old enough to know better and young enough to still do it anyway.
  • She has an orange cat named Point Dexter, who has a tendency to escape from her apartment and then get stuck in trees. Thankfully, Andora can fly.
  • For the first month she lived in Paragon, she didn't speak to anyone while she learned English from watching Days of Our Lives.
  • Every outfit she wears has a least a little bit of red in it.
  • The character was inspired by an rpg call Palladium, hence her very magicky background. She is also the reason my global name is @Andy. Someone I used to play with ages and ages ago called her Andy for short...and it stuck! On me!

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