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Model #9832342
Player: @Spiritual Shell
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 7
Personal Data
Real Name: "Aurelia"
Known Aliases: "Aurelia",Service bot, Android
Species: Android
Age: appears 16
Height: 5'2
Weight: N/A
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: Service bot
Place of Birth: Andoroido INC. Factory
Base of Operations: Paragon city
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: N/A
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Anything programmed to do
??? ALOT ???



We at Andoroido INC. would like to congratulate you on receiving your model #9832342 service bot. For simplicity this service bot has been programmed with the “nickname” Aurelia. This nickname can be chaned to whatever you wish, but choose carefully, it can only be changed a total of three times before it is perminant. We encourage you to read through this guide compeletly before activating your service bot. We hope this guide will help you understand how your service bot operates and functions. If you have any questions or concerns please consult your service bot, it has been preprogrammed with our F.A.Q. Other preprograms that you requested to be on your service bot are: Cooking, cleaning, nursing(healing), international translation, and protection. We at Andoroido INC. thank you for your business and hope you have a wonderful day!

Chapter 1.1: Turning on your Service bot

To turn on your model #9832342 service bot simply press the button at the base of your bots neck. Once activated your bot will scan you, DO NOT PANIC, this is a perfectly normal action done for security purposes. If you are the purchaser of your service bot then your name and body scan will already be in its database. If you are not the purchaser the service bot will go in to automatic safe shut down mode until activated by its owner. Be warned any attempt to reactive the service bot I nthe case that you are not the owner will resolute in protective messures which may involve but is not limited to: Radiation, electricution, broken bones, bruises, cuts, and in serious cases death. We at Andoroido INC. are not responsible for any bodily harm, emotional trauma, or death that a service bot may cause in the case that you are not the owner. One the scan is complete and you have been confirmed as the owner you will have the option to program in enemies and friendlies.(Refer to chaper 1.2 for programming in enemies and friendlies)

Chapter 1.2: Enemies and Friendlies

Congratulations on getting your service bot active! Now it is time to program in your friends and enemies so your service bot knows who it is to help and who it is to harm. This is a easy process that should name no more then a few minutes (depending on list size). If you are apart of a group with a computer terminal roster we recommend hooking your service bot up to the terminal and downloading this file in to the friendlies folder which can be done in the following steps: 1. Download group roster file in to service bots data base. 2. Vocally say “Move downloaded file to friendlies folder”. Its that easy! If your group is coalitioned with other groups that have access to your base we –urge- you to add the coalitioned groups to the friendlies folder as well. Any members that leave your group or the coalitioned groups will automatically be moved to the neutral folder. Placing people or groups in the enemies folder is just as simple, just instead of saying “Move downloaded file to friendlies folder” tell it to move to the enemies folder. People or groups in the friendlies folder will be treated as top priority (compared to people in the neutral folder) in protection and service (under the owner of course). People in the enemies folder will be treated as hostile and attacked on sight. (For further information on friendlies and enemies see Chapter 3.3. For further programming intructions see chaper 2.1-2.4)

Chapter 2.1: Programming emotions

All service bots start of void of all emotions. This emotionless state can be changed however. Simply remove the neral scanners from your service bots head (the things covering the ears) and stick them to your head. Focus ONLY on the emotion you wish to teach your service bot! If more then one emotion at a time is uploaded it could fry the system. We advise not uploading more then one emotion a week to avoid system failure, if you do not obey this warning and your service bot crashes, we Andoroido INC. will NOT refund your money or send a replacement. If you wish to wipe a emotion you will need to access your dots data core.

Chapter 2.2: Programming Languages

((WIP!....VV giving me a migrane -.-))

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