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Knock you out.
Android 5.9
Andy 1.jpg
Codex Operative
Player: @phocks
Origin: Technology/Science
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 35
Identifying Data
Real Name: Andrew Leonard Fivionine
Aliases: Andy, "Five point nine"
Species: Cyborg
DOB or Age: 25, DOB: 07/22/1986
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 255lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Additional Data
Birthplace: Praetoria (exact location undisclosed)
Citizenship: Praetorian (allowed to operate within the city under the same clause that all escaped "Powers Division" operatives are)
Residence: Steel Canyon, Paragon City, RI
Relationship: Single
Relatives: Parents (held prisoner/presumed deceased), Primal Earth double (confirmed KIA during the 1st Rikti War)
Known Powers
Nanite/serum powered super-human strength - capable of lifting 100 tons under perfect conditions. Estimated 35 tons otherwise. Minor regeneration factor.
Training / Abilities
Minor skill in scavenging allowing him to reuse old parts in similar destination sources. Impeccable talent at ski ball.
Semi-advanced armor plating capable of withstanding typical punishment encountered in a super-heroic environment. Sunglasses. Fists.
Character inspirations: Johnny Cage, Joey, Scout, Andy the bomb, Mr. Rodgers (no, not really)
Codexcross 01-1.png
"Virtue et Armis"

Android 5.9 is a recreation of my first ever character who went by the same name. He originally started as a full-on robot, embracing the intentional misnomer of his name, until I slowly and awkwardly developed him through roleplay into the character he is now. Since then, I've split the pair into two separate characters who are loosely connected with each-other (the other being Android 5.8). 5.8 is the original of the duo, and embarrassingly my only level 50 character after on-and-off play since the launch of the game.


It all started in Praetoria...

Andrew Fivionine never particularly liked his hometown. He'd have liked to think he was from anywhere else, that the lingering sense of homesickness wasn't just some misplaced sense of ire and disgust for the dictatorship the entirety of his world fell into. Granted, he never was quite capable of articulating those thoughts. Instead, he sought different means of expressive outlets. An exceptionally aggressive child all his life, he took to public protests of the system of Praetors, long before the whispers and public opposition of the Resistance was a true factor in everyday life. Even before his radical transformation, Andy was nothing short of enormous, and presented a perfect figurehead to remove and shatter morale among the would-be Resistance. Forcibly escorted from his apartment by night, Andy was turned over to Neuron with hopes to be something more than a run-of-the-mill guinea pig - allegedly the perfect specimen for experimentation.

Evidently the pinnacle of self determination he lasted far longer than anyone, Neuron included, could have possibly anticipated. The alterations started small: a small machine was inserted to work alongside his heart, pushing nano-machines through his bloodstream that could repair minor injuries in seconds, and even far more grievous wounds in a matter of hours. More cyborg-ish parts were created, augmenting his person further: mechanical braces placed around the muscles of his feet, legs, and arms; additional nano-machines designed to distribute the serum that was being developed for him; even additions to his eyes were made, enhancing his vision's perception to cat-like aptitude in the dimmest of environments. The serum topped it off: an agonizing process designed to wipe what little humanity was left of him at that point. He was encased in a Clockwork prototype chassis, the serum readying his body for the neural links and association with a prototype hivemind of robots. The process, however, never saw completion. A coincidental Resistance raid on the lab where he was held saved him from full indoctrination into the network of experimental creatures that were being developed alongside him.

First, do no harm...

As time went on, Andy became one of the Resistance's most valuable enforcers. It wasn't long before Primal Earth became involved in Praetorian affairs, and named supers aiding the Resistance were far from the realm of "unheard of." Fellow sympathizer, escapee, and close friend Cassie Denton was one of the first to leave, and first to return. Catching wind of the android's plight, she contacted a private investigator to procure an antidote of sorts - something that would free Andy of his metallic imprisonment. The result was Serina Williams, someone of mechanical and medical talents. The two devised a plan to use Paragon's medical reincarnation devices for their own benefit, submitting some of Andy's old medical records to be the point of restoration. One Resistance-backed raid against a hospital holding said records later, the plan was set in motion, and Andy had been restored to his human state. Tasked with convincing the Primals to assist the Resistance's efforts, he departed the tyrannical world he once knew, and stepped into a city of heroes.

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