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“The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.” -Tolstoy

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Designed to Save

The fifth and final prototype of Dr. Harris Lansing, android version "LAG-05" was built to the pinnacle of robotic standards set by the greatest minds in Paragon City. Her frame is impervious. Her actuators are fast. Her shell is sleek. LAG-05 has been equipped with a myriad of features to make her an invaluable asset to the defenders of Paragon City. CARRIER INTERRUP## She has nanoscopic optic relays across her surface, allowing her to bend light around her and cloak from the naked eye. She has short burst ERRcompression coils toOR%%%^ accellerate her body to extreme velocities. However, all of these are merely tools used by LAG-05 to help her protect her designated wards.SIGNAL COMPROMISED: EXECUTING SECURITY ENCRY^265$$#Ê————That's better. I don't know who wrote this marketing drivel, but I think I'm going to make a few corrections.###^^

Constructed to Cure

The body of the android is simply a medium for the true functions LAG-05Actually, my name is Friday. That's what my father called me. Not Lag-Five. provides. She is trained in all manner of healing and repair. She is designed to aid any lifeforms known to Paragon City, artificial creations and otherworldly beings are constantly being analyzed and processed by Friday to understand their physiology and better ensure their safety. She is equipped with the most precise equipment and nanorobotic manipulation devices to aid in the safety of all under her care. This is her role, but it is does not define her existence.

Programmed to Feel Alive

Friday is the only known Lansing Android to have a fully integrated cognitive matrix. She thinks... or at least she thinks she thinksI KNOW I think. Made to keep those under her stewardship at ease, her chassisit's called a BODY is developed to emulate the very nature of the vibrant lives she works so hard to save. She breathes, she blinks, she gasps with horror and shrieks with delight. Her almost flawless tremolo voice, save for a slightly synthetic echo, is full of emotion and life. She has a bright smile, and deep, living eyesokay, this part is rather flattering. It can stay in.. It is understandable then, that many skeptics of Lansing's work believe Friday to be a deception, perhaps a hero in a convincing costume. Others believe the android has been imbued with a soul by some dark ritualoh please. Are the rumors true? Or is this all just ghosts in the machine? But to know Friday is to know the truth, that it doesn't really matter in the end.

I don't know who wrote this, because it sure wasn't Lansing. Probably one of the people trying to make a profit off of my stolen schematics. But I'm more than just some formulas on a page, and I cannot be duplicated. If you found this information line, I want you to know that I am here to help my fellow heroes as the article says, but it is because I choose to help. Because it was Lansing's desire that I help. I am not above my own destiny.

If you are in distress, you know how to contact me. -Friday————NO CARRIER

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