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Angeion surveys Atlas Park, concealed within the city's natural surroundings
Player: @Major Paragon
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 8
Personal Data
Real Name: Sela Meyer
Known Aliases: N/A
Species: Homo sapiens superior; also referred to as a photo sapien
Age: 22
Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Green leaves (mutation)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Security consultant
Place of Birth: Cherry Hill, NJ
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Albert and Rachel Meyer (parents)
Known Powers
Plant control and photoempathy, among other plant-based abilities
Known Abilities



Sela Meyer graduated in 2009 from the Duchesne Foundation and the Duchesne Institute for the Advanced Development and Education of Mutants, or DIADEM. As the hero Angeion she works for the Duchesne Foundation as a security consultant with Foundation X, a Duchesne funded private security company that hires mutants as consultants to protect the Duchesne Foundation's interests.


Sela never had any hopes or dreams of becoming a superhero, and was on her way to becoming an actress and model. From a young age Sela was entering beauty pageants and found some success, enough to land her some attention in television commercials and some minor roles in movies. Sela's life took quite a traumatic turn for her when her latent mutant abilities began to manifest during puberty.

At first the changes were minor and cosmetic; Sela's skin began to take on a greenish hue that makeup and long-sleeves could cover. By the time Sela was 14 her changes were obvious; her skin was noticably darker in color and her body was covered in fine grass-like hairs, and as the hair on her head fell out it was replaced by sprouts and leaves that grew in its place. Needless to say, Sela Meyer's career was over, and she fell into a deep depression regardless of the support her family and members of her synogogue gave to her. Fearing that Sela would attempt suicide, her parents contacted the Duchesne Institute in 2005 for assistance in providing counseling to their daughter.

That year, Sela was enrolled in a program for mutants called the Duchesne Institute for the Advanced Development and Education of Mutants, also referred to as DIADEM. As a student with DIADEM Sela learned to accept the changes that occured within her, and to everyone's surprise she learned to enjoy them to their fullest extent. Sela spent more time exploring her potential in the natural surroundings of Atlas Park than she did in any of the DIADEM classrooms, relying more upon the plants and environment around her to serve as her instructor than the counselors and professors at DIADEM. This has helped Sela the most with accepting her transformation into a being that scientists are calling a photo sapien, someone who can mimic or absorb the propeties of plant life and establish symbiotic relationships with them.

In 2009 Sela graduated completely from DIADEM and she earned, as expected, an advanced degree in the botanical sciences. Understanding that sometimes a mutant's changes can become quite traumatic for young mutants, Sela volunteered to work with Foundation X as a field agent who can help young and frightened mutants to cope with their powers. Sela now goes by the name of Angeion, a Greek word meaning receptacle or vessel, a reference to her ability to absorb and mimic the properties of the plant life she contains within her.


Plant Control

Angeion's primary abilities involve the absorption and control over plant life. Simply by touching a form of plant life Angeion can transfer the plant's properties to herself, granting her a variety of useful abilities as her body establishes a symbiotic relationship between herself and the plant. For example, by absorbing algae or other water-born plant life Angeion can effectively breathe underwater. By drawing vines into her body Angeion can use them to scale walls or to entangle or strangle opponents.


As a being who partially depends upon the sun for her survival, Angeion's body has adapted so she can harness the sun's radiation and use it in some rather fascinating ways. Angeion uses the sun's energy to empower some of the seeds and spores she contains within her with powerful healing and medicinal properties. Angeion can use these seeds, spores, and pollens to assist others who have suffered from near-traumatic injuries up to and including brain death, but she cannot actually resurrect anyone or restore life to someone who has physically died. Angeion's photoempathic ability simulates the more traditional healing abilities other heroes in Paragon City and makes her a valuable ally and pillar of support for her teammates.

Minor Abilities


Angeion is able to absorb sunlight and nutrients such as water and fertilizers directly through her skin, allowing her to forego the consumption of solid foods for extended periods of time. Since she is still a being composed of some muscular tissue, Angeion cannot completely avoid consumption of solid matter such as meats and vegetables. Angeion enjoys sugars but cannot tolerate or stomach alcohol. In fact, sugar has the same effect on her as alcohol does in humans, while alcohol makes her violently ill. Angeion can also extend roots through her feet and limbs into the earth, or symbiotically join with the root systems of living plants to obtain additional nutrients from the soil and plants she attaches herself to.

Ecological Sensitivity

Angeion is able to detect subtle and otherwise undetectable changes in the environment due to the presence of toxins or radiation that may be in the area. Plant life is usually the first to be affected by these changes, even if they are harmless to insects, animals, or humans. Angeion's attachment to plant life allows her to sense when things may be wrong in the natural environment. In a more practial sense, Angeion can use this ability to effectively track down aberrations and abnormalities by following trails of pollution, radioactive isotopes, or toxins that are left behind but remain undetected by anyone who lacks either the technology or a superhuman ability to detect them.


Angeion can alter the molecular structure of her body and camoflauge herself within her natural surroundings. This ability allows Angeion to remain nearly undetectable in environments filled with plant life. It does not appear that Angeion can use this ability in unnatural or man-made environments.

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