Angel Fury

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Angel Fury
Player: @Avengelyne
Origin: Natural/Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 34
Personal Data
Real Name: Angelyne Lee Yi-Ying
Known Aliases: Angel Fury, Yy
Species: Human (female)
Age: 22
Height: 5'6
Weight: 121lbs
Eye Color: Lavender
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Chinese
Occupation: Student, Dancer, Martial arts Instructor
Place of Birth: Hong Kong
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Parents Deceased, brother unknown
Known Powers
Divine casting (up to level 3 spells)
Known Abilities
2nd Dan Taekwando, Wing Tsun training
Anklet of Striking, Vigilante costume, small Jade amulet
Theme Song: Garasu no Hana


Yi-ying's oriental heritage attributes to her olive coloured skin and dark brown hair, however unlike other Asians Yi-Ying possesses deep lavender coloured eyes. She could be considered pretty but closer to cute than beautiful with her wide innocent eyes, small button nose and mischievously pouty lips. Angel stands at 5'6,in heels her height reaches 5'7-5'8. Weighing in at 120 pounds she would be considered lithe, her built slender though closer to atheletic than thin.


Angelyne Lee Yi-ying's personality is abit of an enigma to those around her. She can come across as over-confident, even arrogant at times but more perceptive and observant of people would note she's actually a very insecure person and most of her bluster is but a facade, a desperate attempt to disguise her fear and doubt. When in what she perceives as a hostile environment she easily scares and tries her best, perhaps too hard to cover that up with displays of confidence and bravado. She is not as brave as she would like people to believe she is, though she tries to disprove this with every given opportunity.

Angel is a caring, timid and somewhat shy person. She loves company and making new friends but her reserve and bashfulness remains stumbling block. As a result she's often seen at Pocket D by herself, though not out of any snobbishness but rather the fear of being rejected by those she might approach. Angel cares deeply for those around her, often going out of her way to help them (part of the reason why she volunteered herself as a caped-vigilante). When around those she's comfortable with, Angel is usually cheerful and outspoken (sometimes to the point of being a little bossy). She also enjoys acting "cutsey" with the people she's comfortable being around, going to lengths to liven things up with her friends up though this sometimes ends up annoying them.

A bit of a narcissist Yi-ying can sometimes obsess about people's perception of her, and often craves the adulation and approval of the people around her.

As a Super-Heroine

Yi-ying, under the alias Angel Fury has alot to prove to the city, her adversaries and most importantly herself as a rookie super-heroine. She's been at it for barely a few months and so far it has its ups and downs. She enjoys the attention and praise she gets from crowds and easily motivated by words of An encouragement, thus PR isn't too much of an issue as she's always willing to stop and share a few words or sign an autograph. Angel sometimes lets her craving for attention get the better out of her, loosing herself in the grandeur and celebrity of being a super-heroine. A testimony to this could be her choice of rather revealing and skimpy costumes though she would swear that "pants gets in the way when pulling off more complicated kicks".

Angel has yet to be seriously tried as a super-heroine, most of her victories are over low life thugs and muggers in somewhat controlled enviroments. Though, she has managed to foil the Vahzilok a number of times even facing off against an Eidlolon. As a super-heroine, Angel possesses some skill at combat which she augments with her proficiency in martial arts and sometimes with blessings (enchantments); however her prowress and threat level is mediocre at best and many feels she still has a long way to go before facing off with super-powered villains.

Powers & Abilities

Martial Arts Angel is a 2nd Dan Blackbelt at Taekwando a martial art she began learning at 12. She has also trained in art of Wing Tsun, however her training stopped when she left Hong Kong for America and her prowess at the art is limited. Due to Angel's preference in kicking at a medium range rather than striking with her hands and elbows she relies on her Taekwando technique more, though she is still able to incorporate some Wing Tsun fundamentals when kicking is not an option.

Limited Divine Casting Angel is the god daughter of the goddess Guan-Yin who has been the matron goddess for the Lee household for generations. Through prayers and offerings, Angel may make a bid for the deities blessings. With sufficient preparation Angel is able to cast up to level 3 cleric spells a limited amount of times, however these spells would not effect people who do not worship the Goddess. If prepared for battle Angel would have the following buffs on her:

She also has the ability to cast Flight and Aid ((OOC: Dull Pain)) once per day.

Empathy Angel has a profound connection to her friends and allies, thus if one of them is on the verge of defeat/death Angel can summon strength and courage that she would not otherwise possess. The strength of this burst of resolve can be strong enough to inspire similar strength in allies around her. ((OOC: This ability is RP'd by the power Vengence))

Chi-Strike Her years of training with martial arts combined with a meditation technique similar to Tai-Chi which her Wing Tsun master had taught her some time ago has granted Angel limited mastery over her Inner-Energy, Chi. Angel is able to muster up her Chi to perform a stunning attack against a single foe. The attack itself is not as harmful as one would imagine but the blast of Chi would leave it's target stunned and disoriented for a short period of time. While Angel does not have any real "limitation" to how many times she can perform such a strike, it does take a certain presence and calmness of mind and also constantly using her inner-energy can have a draining effect on her. (More proficient Martial Artists with superior control of their Chi, such as Angel's Sifu are known to be able to project their Chi-Strike to blast and disorient foes at a short distance).


Anti-Magic Field and Dispel Magic Most of Angel's powers derive from blessings and spells granted by her patron goddess. If these enchantments are suppressed by an Anti-Magic field or dispelled Angel would loose her gift of flight. Her endurance and strength level would drop to that of an average or slightly atheletic 120 pound girl; this would put Angel at a severe disadvantage when fighting anything more than another human being in her weight range though through her proficiency at martial arts she might still defeat foes slightly larger than herself. ((OOC: When fighting in Anti-Magic fields, Angel's Toggled powers such as Temp Invulnerability, Unyielding and Invincibility are turned off. She also looses half of her "Threat level", or counts as a Scrapper half her original level))

Mortality Being a mortal girl, Angel can be killed if she sustains enough damage or is exposed to diseases and poisons. She is also subject to all the major weaknesses other mortals possess; she needs to eat, drink, breathe and she ages at a regular pace. Her mortality also brings about the vulnerability of Fear, if her life is threatened or with sufficient provocation Angel is prone to panic. This would cause a variety of consequence depending on her level of terror, ranging from the inability to concentrate resulting in spell failure to attempting to flee.

Inexperience Though Angel is a capable fighter and pursues a degree that studies the criminal Psyche, as an actual heroine she is relatively inexperienced. This coupled with the innocence of her youth makes her a little gullible. Though she studies hard and takes preparation classes that train newbie heroes deal with situations her inexperience has proven to be her greatest weakness so far, almost costing her her chastity and even her life on one occasion. Angel is a quick learner however and in time to come she would overcome this weakness should she survive long enough that is.

STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION, would be done in abit ^_^v

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