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Union Supreme City Sentry
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: '
Identifying Data
Real Name: He's never told anyone his name
Known Aliases: Ani, Morph
Species: '
Age: Uncertain, seems to be early 20's
Height: 5'8" (Normal human form)
Weight: 135lbs (Normal human form)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Additional Data
Place of Birth: Unknown but accent shows signs of Louisiana
Citizenship: United States citizen
Current Residence: '
Occupation: Full time hero and protector. He can mostly be found in the Hollows protecting the wildlife from the Trolls and Circle of Thorns. But has also been seen around Steel Canyon on many occasions.

Legal status: citizen of the USofA

Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: '
Known Relatives and/or Associates
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
"Together we can make a better world"



Ani's personality slightly changes depending on the form he takes. While human, Ani is very relaxed and mostly quiet, speaking only to comment on something or to voice his opinion. It's been noted that he seems to talk to animals more than he does to other humans, when asked about this Animorph just replied, "Animals tend to see things that humans don't."

He seems to suffer from a slight case of Agoraphobia, fear of crowds and crowded places. The reason seems to be because of how long he spent by himself in the wilderness. He doesn't have a full fledge case, since he has shown that he can stand being in crowded areas and in cities, but often takes to the skies or the underwater the first chance he gets.

As was stated, his personality tends to change with the animal that he portrays. It seems the normal trait that an animal has also carries over to Ani, hence when he is in wolf form he tends to be more aggressive and protective of his 'pack', but while in the form of a chimp, Ani is very playfull, refers to himself in the third person, and tends to act like a child.


Animorph has the ability to morph his body into a mixture of man and beast, featuring any animal that he has seen. While taking on that form he gains the aspects of that animal and uses it in defense against his opponents.

While in human form he can speak to animals and has a type of "animal sense" (The ability to tell when someone enters a room or area, able to sense ones intentions, able to sense someone's emotions).

Additional Powers


Expert video game player

Weaknesses and Limitations

Will only fight while in a beast form, but once he runs out of energy or is knocked out, he changes back to human form. While in beast forms, he keeps his same overall personality, but different animals bring out different emotions in him. For example, while in a wolf or other hostile animal form, he tends to be more aggressive; but while a monkey, he is very playful and acts like a child.


Wears a suit designed by Liberty Rose and Serge from the Icon in Steel Canyon. The suit is light blue with a white animal jaws design across the chest and around the back. It stretches and shrinks with his size as he changes forms.

It doesn't have any boots or gloves, leaving his bare hands and bare feet open so to leave room for claws to form. The suit is highly resistant to rips, heat, and cold, but has to go back to Serge or Rose from time to time to get it repaired.

He never takes the suit off except to wash it in a stream or river. Animorph has never been seen in "street clothes", often saying that he has left that part of him in his past.

Character History

Not much is really known about Animorph. It's rumored that when his mutant abilities surfaced, it scared his parents to the point that they rejected him. He left and fled to the Hollows where he lived with the animals there, protecting them from the Trolls' cruelty.

He was later found by the archer known as NightTracker who was tracking down a superdyne shipment that the Trolls had made. Tracker slowly helped the boy into society until he introduced him to the mutant school known as Evolution X. Ani stayed there for sometime, but never felt like he fit in and his animal instinct pulled him to leave the school and go back to the hollows.

He was later found by members of the Teen Phalanx and assisted the group from time to time until again fleeing back to the Hollows. Ani eventually sought out NightTracker to help him stop a battle between the Trolls and Outcasts before it ripped the Hollows apart. After the mission was over, Tracker invited his friend to join him in the ranks of The Justiciars. For a time Ani had found his pack and was happy with the group.

Right before The Justiciars fell on hard times, Animorph left to defend the Hollows from the Circle of Thorns; when he returned, he found that his "pack mates" had left the team and NightTracker was now in Tokyo Japan, so Animorph returned to the Hollows.

Feeling that his animal side was winning over his human side, Animorph decided that he needed a new "pack" to run with. Recently Animorph ran into the original Gods Speed and his wife Liberty Rose in Steel Canyon; they told him about the Union Supreme. Knowing that these friends were the only ones that really made him feel like he belonged, he accepted their offer to join their ranks once again.

Now Animorph works with his family to build up The Union Supreme while still fighting to keep The Hollows and Steel Canyon safe from any that threaten it. Animorph has finally found his pack.


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