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Player: @Raker
Vanguard Case File #S.001
Extraterrestrial, Silicon Class
Name: Unknown
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 30
Basic Details
Alias: Aphelia (ap-he-li-a)
Species: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: Variable, prefers 5'6"
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: Basalt
Birthplace: Spire, Eagle Nebula, Milky Way
Custom Details
Composition: Silicate composite and heavy-metal, primarily silver, alloys
Physiology: Silver-alloy nervous and circulatory systems, silicate-composite tissues
Known Abilities and Traits:
- Semi-Morphic
- Semi-Telepathic
- Nearly Impenetrable Dermal Composition
- Silver-Alloy Biological Systems: Allows for integration with known technologies
Documented Integrated Technologies:
- Vocal Encoder (mute otherwise, excepting surface telepathy)
- Satellite Uplink
- Wireless Transceiver

In November of 2008, a surprise meteor shower lit up the sky over North America. An amateur astronomer and meteorite hunter stumbled upon a large crater in the tundra of northern Ontario. In the bowl, he found a large, black, glassy meteorite. He was intrigued and ventured closer to inspect the find. When he noticed what appeared to be breathing, he panicked and called DATA who notified Vanguard.

A Shield strike team was dispatched to quarantine the area and recover the lifeform. The lifeform appeared to be either non-sentient or comatose. They secured it and transported it back to the labs at Vanguard HQ where it was determined that they were dealing with a lifeform previously unknown.

Spectroscopic analyses were run on dermal scrapings. It was composed of silicates and various heavy metal compounds and appeared badly damaged by its planetary entry. Local atmospheric tests confirmed respiration, N2 and H2O appeared to be metabolized into NH3 and O2.

In time, the lifeform began to shed its glassed dermal layers, uncovering a skin of a silver-alloy composite. When exposed to heavy metal and stone sources, the healing process sped up dramatically. Within weeks, the blackened, glassy mass took on the appearance of a living silver stone.

Researchers were attempting to conceive a way to penetrate the dermis to probe for bodily compounds when the lifeform awoke. It coiled and shot toward a wall and hung against it. It appearing to be trying to determine its surrounding and circumstances. Researchers reported an uneasy feeling that it was watching and studying them.

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