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Apollo Rovenski
Player: Inquizitor
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Apollo Rovenski
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human: Cyborg
Age: 43
Height: 6"2"
Weight: 412 (Due to Cybernatic implants)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Place of Birth: Russia
Base of Operations: Port Oaks
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother
Known Powers
Enhanced Mental capacity (Due to a magical artifact and further enhanced through cybernetics.), Enhanced strength in Right arm. Reinforced bones and skin, Nanites, A Large variety of other Cyberware
Known Abilities
Degrees in Robotics, Physics, and Biology. An Ability to learn at a rapid rate of speed.
A RovenskiTech Devestation Pulsar, Additional resources listed below.
Themesong: None Specified.

Apollo was origionally a Shadowrun Character I made on a MUSH called Shadowrun:Germany. He was a member of The Russian Mafia and was a Rigger. A Rigger in the Shadowrun universe is someone who can interface cybernetically with vehicles and drones. I later moved him to a MUSH Caled Shadowrun Detroit where he underwent a change. This second Apollo later became the CoX character known as Sergei Patrickovich. The origional Apollo became and NPC later in Shadowrun: Germany when I became the Matrix GM. (This was brief.)

The NPC version was alot stronger than my origional PC versoin and I was working on a way to give him huminoid robots as drones. Of course I was wanting to stay within the guidelines of the rules and had a great deal of difficulty. That MUSH eventually died and Apollo went Inert. ALong comes CoV. Suddenly I could remake Apollo and do him right. No essence restriction. Whatever I wanted. Thus Apollo was Born. Origionally Apollo was an Orc in the Shadowrun setting and that is why he looks the way he does. Later, with the help of Miss Jasmine, I refined this story into the character he is today. He is still an ex-member of the Russian Mafia. He is cybered WAY up. And he has his drone minions. Whats more he is also the leader of The Final Order.

For all these reasons and more Apollo Rovenski is my main Villainside and quite possibly my favorite character on either side. I've spent more time on him from before I even heard of CoX than any other character with the possible exception of Inquizitor.

--Inquizitor 12:28, 6 April 2007 (MST)



Apollo Rovenski is a fair man but is also a business man. He takes care of his own and can distance himself quite easily from the plight of those outside of his group of friends. He holds the old Vory code as something sacred even though he is no longer a part of that orginization. Apollo 'loves' after a fashion the people who follow him in The Final Order and takes their wants and needs very seriously.

Apollo can also be a very cruel man. He lets nothing stand in his way and will use every means at his disposal to get what he wants and he has ALOT of means. Apollo always has a plan. He can't help but have a plan due to the nature of his mind. Several of the actions he takes in his normal day to day activities is even a plan of misdirection. For example. Apollo speaks with a heavy Russian accent but is perfectly capable os speaking English, and many other langueages, like a native. He can even mimic a regional dialect if he wanted to. He uses the accent however to put people off their guard and appear alot dumber than he truely is.

Apollo often appears distant or distracted. Looks, in this case, are very deveiving. Due to an Encephelon he has installed in his mind he is capable of holding upwards of 100 simultanious lines of thought. Anyone reading his mind, which is fairly easy given he has no way to prevent it, will be listening to a crowder room of 100 people talking all at once in the same voice. All of which potentially speaking a different language. Apollo can orginize his thoughts into a single voice if he needs to which give the effect much like listening to the Borg.

The more Cybernetic implants Apollo installs the less human he feels. His core principles are never displaced but he is often unfeeling in how he acts. The Machine in him can come to the surface and perfectly cold logic is often heard and felt from Apollo.

Finally. Apollo does not concider himself a Villain. He believes all he is doing is running a business. Supply and Demand. He is free to do what he wishes because he has the strength to do it. He firmly believes that it is the heroes that are the oppressors.


The only inate power Apollo possesses that does not stem from a technological source is his genius. This is derived from contact with an old magical artifact while he was still an infant. The artifact gifted him with enhanced intelligence but also cursed him with a more demonic look.

Cybernetic Implants

Apollo possesses a large variety of Cybernatic implants. The following are the Known cybernetic implants of Apollo Rovenski

Robotic right arm

Apollo will try to hide this for formal occasions but it is not something he is ashamed of. His cybernetic arm contains storage canisters that hold all of his nanites used for most of the things he does on the field. These nanites construct his traps and upgrade his robots. This arm is also extremely strong and he has superhuman strength when useing that arm.

Wrist computer in the left arm

No viewscreen just a keypad. all inputs are registered in his head and transfered to the relevent module.

Hydraulic amplification (Legs)

These allow Apollo to jump incredible distances and coushin his fall from extreme heights.


Apollo has produces a synthetic layer of thermal protection and implanted it all over his body between dermal layers. This gives him an extrodinary ability to withstand the cold and toughens his skin against ballistic attacks. This is the only reason he can touch Shiva Bell with whom he has relations (In fact thats why he designed it)

Ttianium bone reinforcment

All of his bones have been reinforced with Titanium which makes then extremely diffucult to break.


The only other obvious piece of Cybernetics is his Reticle. This system displays targeting information tied to his pulse rifle increasing his accuracy. The Reticle can also display images and text based on whatever Apollo has in memory or is receiving through an internal or external device.

Head memory

Apollo has an exceptional capacity to store information. While not part of his organic mind Apollo can still access the stored information very quickly. Depending on the nature of the information he may need to use another module (Reticle for example) to review the data.

Radio receiver/scanner

Origionally implanted to keep tabs on Gimmiks robots it has since been upgraded to receive a far greater range of frequencies. In addition it has been tied to a scanner device that allows Apollo to scan open frequencies, such as Police frequencies.

Induction Datajack

Near the base of his neck on the right side hides an datajack. Using the nanobots stored in his right arm he can synthsize any adaptor he wishes which allows him to directly connect to any dataport he comes across.

Jolt system

This system sends an electric shock down his spine that will instantly wake him up. Must be tied to a second system such as a alarm, door sensor, or it can even be regulated to go off whenever he hears a specific wor or even noise as soft as a whisper.

Toxin Extractor

This system extracts any poison or toxin he might ingest. This includes alcohol giving him the ability to drink as much as he wants without ever getting drunk.


This system allows Apollo to literally think about a multitude of things at the same time. To a telepath it will sound like you are in a crowded room where everyone is talking in the exact same voice about completely different topics. Think Borg ecept every voice is saying something differnt. In practice Apollos mind is always working. He always has backup plans and backup plans to his backup plans just to keep from getting bored. With concentration he can orginize his thoughts into one track for telepathic communication, something he had to learn to do to speak with Gray Abductor.

Apollo is himself not telepathic nor does this or any other cybernetic device give him the ability of telepathy. This oginization is only for the conveiniance of others trying to ready his mind. Projecting thoughts telepathically can be done depending on the nature of the sender. An especially powerful Telepath could potentially hobble Apollo through this device if the being is capable of projecting his thoughts into as much as 25% of his individual thought processess. Indeed this type of attack is one of the few things Apollo is vulnerable to.

Dedicated receiver/transmitter

This system allows Apollo to communicate with his robots at the speed of thought as well as receive status reports and sensory data. It is currently limited to only 6 simultanious units max.

Rovenski 2.0

Apollo's 1st attempt at utilising KF-KL technology for himself ended with mixed results. It fails but he ended up wiht something just as good. The 2.0 loadout allows him to amplify his bodies own electrical energy and direct it towards his own protection and into devistating attacks.

To use this loadout his nanobots must spends 60 seconds, during which Apollo must not be disturbed, to reconfigure the cybernetic pathways in his body. Power must be shunted away from his robotic control abilities and the nanobots must constantly work to keep the system in check. As a result Apollo cannot create traps or control robots as he normally could.

The technology invented through this program has been removed from Apollo himself and installed in a Custom Built robot programed with limited sentience and unwavering loyalty to Apollo. Details can be found here

Rovenski 3.0

This is Apollo's second attmept at intigreating KF-KL technology and much more successful. The system is tweaked to provide substantially greater damage than the origional design but the transfer of power weakens the integrety of the system which leaves it suseptible to damage in a long engagement.

As with 2.0 Apollo must rest for 60 seconds and may not use his traps or robots while in this loadout.

Currrently still in Prototype stage due to severe system conflicts with existing systems.


Apollo would be nothing without his nanites. These small robots are capable of construction and repair at an extremely rapid rate. They utilize the atoms around them and rearange them into a user-defined pattern. Apollo can perform 'on the field' upgrades to his robots to enhance them for specific situations. He can also use them to repair his robots and build traps and gadgets from seemingly thin air. They also construct a cathode which allows the teleportation system that summons his robots work. Finally, they maintain his own body and the cybernetic parts within.

At one time the nanites was able to reconfigure his cybernetic pathways allowing him to transform into Rovenski 2.0 and 3.0. The seperate loadouts have been remove dand the technology used for dedicated robotic bodyguards.



Apollo employs three classes of robots. To bring them into battle Apollo uses his Nanites to build a micro teleporter that connects with a larger teleportation system. These robots are then transported from a stock of Thousands of prebuilt robots stored in safehouses all over the world.

Rovenskitech Cossak

The Basic Drone is used primarily as a front line for the Dvigatel'. They are also far from simple cannon fodder. The laser cannon built into its arm is capable of dealing outblasts of energy and an astonishing rate of speed. These drones also posess enhanced sensors and are the most capable of manipulating larger objects.

Rovenskitech CHasovoj

Chasovoj is Russian for Sentry

These serve as Apollos primary bodyguard and posess the most sofisticated AI of all of Apollos Robots. These robots are capable of acting on a set of instructions without and interaction from Apollo. Special shield generators are attached to these robots allowing them to protect the entire units. They also a Rovenskitech SRL allowing them to preform fast field repairs to the other robots. They also posess armaments of their own to augment the punishment the Dvigatel' dishes out. Most of their armaments create sets of explosions and flashes of light that have the additional effect of disorienting Apollos enemy.

Apollo has a special set of these robots at his HQ. They are specially designed with medical subroutines and are capable of complex surgury. Apollo trusts only these robots when installing new cyberware.

Rovenskitech Dvigatel'

Dvigatel' is Russian for Enforcer.

This is the strong arm of Apollo. Faceing the Dvigatel' is a terrifying prosepct for most. Every ounce of its design is geared towards weaponry and tactical aptitude. Stronge Titanium plates covor its body making it highly resistant to most conventional means of damage. Only the most sturdy of heroes can stand toe to toe with a Dvigatel'


Apollo is used to being in charge and is a natural leader. He can inspire people who work for him past their usual limits. Foes that manage to take down someone under Apollo's command soon learn to regret it as Apollo can inspire his group into a deep seated rage over the loss.

Character History

Apollo flexes his mechanical hand. He examines the prosthesis covering it carefully as he sits in his bunk at the Zig. How long had it been since he cut his entire arm off to have it replaced. His friends thought he was crazy but he knew better. He has always known better. Not just his arm either. His eye, some organs, some new features built right in. Nanite compartments. ALthough the nanites where removed. Quite thorough these gaurds. I suppose they have to be to hold some of the people they get here. They know their job Ill grant them that.

The gaurd calls for lights out and he lies back in his bunk. As he lies there he thinks back on where he has been. He remembers his mother back in Russia and that stupid artifact that had both blessed and cursed him. He has alway been smart. He graduates High School when he was 10. He had masters in physics, chemistry, and Robotics when he was 14. The artifact was good to him in that way. His features however. . . He did not want to dwell on that. It has actually been more a help to him than a hinderance. Especially while he worked with the Vory v Kavone.

He spent several years working with the Vory (Russian mafia). Profitable years. Thats where he created his robot. He even spent a couple years in prison back in Russia. A Proper prison not these american day care centers. No this was nothing to him.

Where did it go wrong though? Our plans where all set. I had freed myself from the vory. We were going to make a new life for ourselves in The states. Those blasted heroes though. How did they even know of his counterfiting operation? Only 4 more years to go and I can repay them in kind. They won't be able to keep my robot armies contained forever.


Apollo jerks upright as an explosion rocks the Zig. He hears shouting outside his cell right before the cell door flies open. Apollo runs out to the railing to get a better look and sees Arachnos soldiers swarming the complex. Confused but eager to take advantage of this turn of events. Apollo decends to the main floor...



A Mother's Love (In Progress)

The Final Order
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