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The Awesome
"It's time for my 'rain' of terror!"
· Mutant Sentinel ·
Player: @Titan
Super Group
Real Name
Kara Catherine Cooper
Aquanaut - Aqua - Karabear - Kara
Winnipeg, MB
Paragon City, Rhode Isle
Swim Instructor
Marital Status
Married to Tabitha Cooper
· Known Relatives ·
Shannon Cooper (Mother) - Jacob Cooper (Father) - Connor Cooper (Brother)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
173 lbs.
Body Type
Powers & Abilities
Epic Pool
Ice Mastery
Power Pools
Flight - Leadership - Speed
· Known Powers ·
Hydrokinesis - Hydrokinetic Flight - Thermal Manipulation - Cryokinesis - Ice Weapon creation - Ice Shield creation - Atmóskinesis - Steam attacks - Healing Factor.
· Equipment ·
Aqua-suit - Aqua-Armor - Smartphone
· Other Abilities ·
Skilled Swimmer - Adequate hand-to-hand fighter - Adept Reader

The Awesome Aquanaut is a hero through and through! You can find her on Everlasting on the Homecoming servers currently, a human mutant just looking to make the world a better place while trying to balance out her home life with her heroic life. Tireless in her pursuit of justice that can sometimes have adverse consequences in every other aspect.

Born Kara Cooper in urban Canada, this young mutant has struggled for years to live up to the hero legacy left by those that came before with the powers her genetic lottery provided for her. A young Hydrokinetic, she will fight crime with a big smile and a larger than life attitude! So give her a call and don't be afraid, The Aquanaut Won't let you down.



"When I grow up, I'm going to kick plenty of butt! HIYA!" - Young Kara.

Born north of the border Aqua led a fairly normal life, going to school, attending classes, making friends. It wasn't until she turned sixteen that her powers had begun to manifest in.. admittedly silly ways. Water would move and avoid her or follow her around. She wasn't sure why or how this happened, all she knew was that she was the direct result of it. It was months of cat and mouse with her and water, learning how to control this wayward ability until it became a non-issue! But the question at the back of her mind, what else could she do?

That's when she turned to comic books, her collection. It wasn't a distant memory she still had plenty of books, games and even a few films that she enjoyed that glorified heroism. It didn't take her long to figure out what she wanted to do with her newfound gift, she wanted to become a superhero. With a little work and time she threw a costume together out of her old one-piece swimsuit, some swim goggles and a pair of shoes; she began to call herself 'The Aquanaut.' Little did the young girl know that hero work was a lot harder than the comics she read made it out to be.

At first she thought she could stop crime, but she had no idea how to find crime in a city like hers to no avail, then she thought she could help stray animals only to get chased off by a pet owner for her efforts. She was stumped, she tried doing a few good deeds like cleaning vehicles or shoveling snow for a little while but it wasn't the excitement nor the sort of good she wanted to do, it was frustrating and moreover a little demoralizing for the young Aquanaut and for a while it was like this, it gave her time to refine and work on her abilities but it wasn't the same as stopping a real crime, She'd soon find out however how dangerous it could actually get.

The fateful day she walked into her favorite corner store for a snack food run she noticed something was off and by off there was a man at the front of the store holding the little old lady up at gunpoint. At first she was excited, it was her big break! But that quickly turned to fear, this person had a loaded gun and it was aimed at a friend.. that fear turned to anger and she sprung into action. That was her first mistake, instead of using her powers to disarm the felon she leapt at them and for her efforts she was shot. Young, foolish, impulsive. She didn't save anyone that day; she was shot and the crook still got away with the money.

It was a dark day for her, scolded by her parents for being reckless and confined to home she had hit a low-point. The Aquanaut and any of her heroic endeavors had been put on hold, she was ashamed. Not because she'd been punished but because in her mind she failed and that had simply put a stop to her dream. It would be years continuing to lead her life as normally as she could, facing the prejudice of being a mutant as best she could and making friend when she was able, though they were far and few. She found comfort in books, keeping to herself to avoid harassment when she thought it could start back up. When she wasn't nose deep in books she worked on controlling her powers, practicing to keep herself on top of them just so she could avoid accidents.

By the time she even considered picking the moniker of Aquanaut back up again was years later by that point, she'd just started her post-secondary when she wandered into that corner store again. It was a place she would visit less and less as the years went on because of what happened prior but she still popped in from time to time. It was unfortunately that day when the events of the robbery played out again, it wasn't the same man and the old lady's daughter had taken over in the years since but the situation felt the same. She trembled, she was afraid, scared. The memory played back in her mind as if it were overlaying the two scenarios together. It was then the familiar anger bubbled inside, she was afraid but this man could harm someone and she wasn't about to let that happen.

Unlike last time Kara's hand would shoot out and the bottles of water in the far corner of the store would explode startling the man with the gun and it didn't take long before that very water would blast into the man sending him into a far wall. The collateral damage amounted to a few shelves but that didn't matter as long as she had the man on the ground. Separated from his firearm she took a defensive position between him and it until the cops arrived to subdue the man. It was triumph, overcoming a fear she had engrained in her for years.

She wasn't hailed a hero but she certainly felt that way, when she got home she told the whole story to her parents and rather than being scolded she was congratulated and even hugged. It was that feeling, that accomplishment that she wanted to feel more of. Fast forward a few weeks later and she discovered an Academy designed to train new and upcoming heroes. She immediately told her parents and they agreed to help her get to Paragon City, so within an hour she sent out her application and she was well on her way toward becoming a hero proper. Eventually she would graduate to become a hero in her own right. She spent her time thereafter protecting the streets of Paragon from the criminal elements that plagued it.



"Ice to meet you!" - Aquanaut during patrol.

  • Hydrokinesis: She's able to draw moisture out of the air or call on bodies of water to fuel her powers, able to blast her foes with high pressure water jets or creating mini-whirlpools to disorient and knock her enemies off balance, normally at room temperature when she commands it she can create scalding hot water or the biting chill of near freezing water should the need ever arise.
  • Hydrokinetic Flight: With her control over water she surrounds herself under her costume with a thin layer of water which gives her enough to manipulate and achieve lift off! She has been known to reach a maximum flight speed of up to 65 Mph.
  • Cryokinesis: With her thermal control comes the ability to create ice and as it is just frozen water her powers give her control. Able to create walls and bridges with enough water and often used to freeze villains on the spot for the police to find. One of her more useful utilities that she rarely uses as a weapon but when the need arises she can make some pretty effective blunt instruments using her cryokinetic abilities. It's also very handy as a makeshift cast and temporarily close an open wound.
  • Ice constructs: She can create shields, hammers, swords, whatever she can imagine out of ice to use in combat.
  • Atm√≥skinesis: With her thermal control she is able to manipulate steam, using it often like a smokescreen when she needs an element of surprise or is trying to blindside an opponent.
  • Healing Factor: Kara was gifted with one more unique trait due to her mutation, a healing factor that comes in very handy. While not the fastest she can fully recover from a broken leg in a couple weeks as opposed to a few months, it also renders her immune to most poisons though she could never reattach a severed limb without a trip to the ER, unfortunately.


"Ugh, I'm pooped.. need energy." - Kara after working out all day.

  • Vulnerable: Kara is not immune to her own powers, if the water is scalding hot she'll still get burned and if she freezes the water around her body she risks hypothermia and frostbite. Her suit is designed to combat this unfortunate drawback but it can only do so much.
  • Fatigue: Manipulating water can take a lot out of someone, for Kara it's like flexing a muscle and the more she does it the better she gets at it, but she still suffers from fatigue and it can disrupt her abilities if she's too tired to maintain control.
  • Moisture/Water: She requires both to use her powers but if she finds herself inside a burning building, space, ect. Then she finds herself powerless and has to fall back on her hand-to-hand skills to carry her through combat though she rarely does as she prefers to fight at a distance.
  • Ranged Fighter: Kara as a ranged combatant doesn't have the best melee training, it puts her at a disadvantage when fighting someone with superior close combat training. Really her hand-to-hand was designed for at most to defend herself against most low level street villains, though often supplemented with her powers to give her attacks more oomf.


"Stupid Electric guys! GAH!" - Aquanaut after being shocked.

  • Electrokinesis/Electromancy: The bane of her existence, not only does it short out her powers electricity can also cause serious harm to Kara. It's her biggest weakness and one she has taken as many steps to combat as she possibly can.
  • Pyrokinesis/Pyromancy: An easy counter, fire can easily evaporate water which could just as easily render her powerless if the battle persists long enough, though it often works both ways.
  • Water Immunity: People from Atlantis or anyone who naturally breathes and/or fight in the water would be immune to most of Kara's hydrokinetic abilities. This includes plant people!


"Hello there, name's Aquanaut and I'll be your hero for the day." - Aquanaut during a rescue.

Kara isn't a totally selfless person but she does her best to help out as many people as she can, she's quiet and a bit of a bookworm which has often led to her avoiding people unintentionally. Her best friends are often the books she's reading when she isn't around her friends and family. Shy and a little closed off until you get to know her but an ever loyal friend.

As the Aquanaut, she's heroic, courageous and filled with confidence. She isn't afraid to run headfirst into danger to help someone even if it isn't always the smartest play of the game. A bit of a sass with a lot of puns in that head of hers that loves to knock a few villains down to size, though her strong moral code will always do its best to guide her away from killing; no matter how much someone might get to her. She is at her core a hero and will always strive toward living up to the example of those that came before, the inspirations for her entire Heroic Persona.

Being human both Kara and Aquanaut suffer from the same faults, she'll never ask for help even if she needs it, she can have a bit of a temper when upset and become indignant when challenged. Not always the most level headed but she'll always act with the best intentions in mind no matter the situation.


"Let's check my contacts list here.. where's my phone?" - Aquanaut after she lost her phone.

  • Tabitha Cooper : Kara's beloved wife, someone that's helped her through some dark times and has been by her side for a good while now, she's someone Kara trusts with every fiber of her being and someone she would never want to live without.
  • Oliver Jones : The younger sibling that she met at a hero academy, while they don't always see eye to eye on some silly subject or another she certainly respects him.
  • Charlie Dickson : Another friend, one Kara only understands in part. Someone she see's as a bit nervous at times but heroic and confident other times and certainly someone she's glad to call friend.
  • Sean Russo : He's rich! Friendly though she's never actually had a chance to get to know Sean.
  • Cypher : Cypher's an interesting person, friendly but secretive. She doesn't know Cypher too well but she does know she's like most of her friends. Though Kara still thinks they need to have that steak-off.
  • Corvega : She's like a mom but also a robot, a robo-mom and Kara loves her for it.
  • Tina Brookes : One of the first people Kara got to know super well back at the Academy she attended, at one point they dated and for a time it was great, but when Kara hit a rough patch it did more harm than good and though she regrets what she did she still considers Tina to be one of her friends.
  • Kailani Igorashi : Kai was the only person to date that could manipulate water like Kara could and to date the only time there was ever a proper water-war. It's one of her favorite memories and while they don't talk much she's happy to know Kai and considers her a good friend.
  • Carrie/Swamp Hag : One of Kara's best friends, even if she's a dead person that's more plant than person. Loves to drink and cusses up a storm but she's one of the few good people that she knows.
  • Missy/Quickshot Kid : Another good friend and one she wishes she could keep in better contact with, a southern lady with a kick ass set of fantasy inspired weapons.
  • Amendment/American: He's someone Kara looks up to, a real hero and someone she aspires to be like.
  • Arcane/Sarah Smith: Kara doesn't know what she did but Arcane doesn't seem to like her too much, luckily she's still an ally.
  • Spectra: One of Kara's hero contacts.
  • Tidal Wave : Kara's Praetorian who wants nothing more than to take Kara's place on Primal Earth. Kara's had to stop her on more than one occasion.
  • Carnage Crocodile : A monster of a human and a hardened Criminal, superior strength and durability makes him a real threat.
  • Sea Raider : An Atlantean super criminal that's come to the surface, Kara's had to contend with the Raider on more than one occasion near the beach where boats tend to get attacked by this unruly ruffian.
  • Thermo : She's never gotten along with Thermo, ever. Though she'd never fight him physically as he's supposed to be on the same side as her, she'd just go out of her way to try and annoy him.
  • Meltdown : A villain who Kara thought was a cool dude at first, but turned into a monster when she tried to get ahead in her hero career by taking him down despite earlier agreements. She loathes him with all her being and she'll be better prepared if they ever meet again.


  • A crime is in progress and you need another hero to lend a hand leaving Kara to answer the call.
  • You've seen the Aquanaut in the news and recognize her on the street/club.
  • You're a villain that the Aquanaut's dealt with before and are looking at getting some well deserved revenge for that evil scheme she thwarted.
  • You've seen Kara at the local bookstore and want to strike up random conversation with someone you recognize.


"That's my jam!" - Kara

Main Theme:When I swing by - Miracle of Sound

Patrol Theme: Surfaris - Wipe Out


  • Kara was inspired by heroes like Aquaman and Spiderman as well as a healthy love of swimming
  • Aquanaut was originally called "Baby Shark doo doo doo" when Homecoming launched, I had no idea what to name her originally.
  • Kara's original looked a lot closer to a one-piece swimsuit which her current uniform's pattern is inspired by.
  • Currently there's three version of Kara. A level 50 SJ/Shield Brute a 50+3 water/regen Sentinel and a level 1 KM/Regen Scrapper.
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