Araceli Navarro

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"There is no such thing as an atheist in a firefight"
Araceli Navarro
Player: @As I Fade to Black
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 24
Personal Data
Real Name: Araceli Elizabeth Navarro
Known Aliases: Padre, Father
Species: Cygnian, Human
Age: 36 years
Height: 5 ft 4 in
Weight: 131 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Silver
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Chaplain and Medical Officer
Place of Birth: Cygnian homeworld
Current Residence: aboard the CMF Rho Majoris
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Medical training, some background in therapy
Medical kit, M16 rifle, body armor
Though armed, she rarely uses her weapons



Araceli Navarro is a Chaplain assigned to the CMF Rho Majoris. Despite being officially listed as a noncombatant she was required to go through the same rigorous training program as her fellow Marines, something which has earned her the respect of many within her unit. The sounds of her prayers often can be heard intermittently through the sounds of combat, offering comfort to the men she serves with.

She is also a trained field medic, and provides triage where she can. Within her unit, she has a reputation for never leaving her man, no matter how desperate or horrendous the situation. Araceli has been wounded several times while attending to the wounded, earning her several medals for bravery and distinguished service.

Before signing up for the armed services she was aspiring to become a teacher, a trait which often reflects in the way she interacts with the crew. When the Arcturian conflict broke out into a full-scale war, she made the decision to put her personal goals aside in order to aid the Cygnian Marines.

She has a close personal relationship with Nicoletti Davenport, who she feels she is responsible for.


Araceli has a gentle and patient disposition that some would call motherly. She often treats members of the crew as she would her own children, much to the chagrin of her Marines.

However when needed she is focused and stoic, attending to her appointed task while setting her emotions aside. It is this disparity that often confuses those around her, who rarely expect her to perform well under the pressures of combat.


Araceli often wears the white variant of the traditional Cygnian Marines uniform. Although essentially the same, she has opted to removed much of the armor in favor of mobility. Even so, she often complains about the uniform's bulk, and how it "gets in the way" of her performing her medical procedures.

The Navarros

Araceli is the only child of the late Major General Victor Navarro, who was himself a former Chaplain. Deciding to carry on in his tradition, she has since surpassed him in terms of medals and accolades. She has also declined numerous promotions, deeming them "unnecessary."


-Araceli Navarro is a level 24 Empathy/Assault Rifle Defender on the Virtue server

-Wears her rosary on her dog tags, beneath her vest

-When nervous she'll sometimes lapse into a Scottish accent

-Occasionally mumbles the words to the song "Sgt. Mackenzie"

-Her theme song is The Widowing Field, by Jars of Clay
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