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Name: Arbiter Marshall

Deep Cover Operative

Arbiter Marshall
Agent of S.C.O.R.P.I.O.
Player: @RPAngel1
Division: Spec-Ops
Rank: Operative
Origin/AT: Arachnos Soldier
Security Level: 50
Agent Personal Data
Real Name: Valerie Marshall
Known Aliases: Val
Species: Human?
Age: 32 (Born 1978)
Height/Weight: 5'6" / 122lbs
Eye/Hair Color: Blue / Black
Citizenship: Dual (U.S./Isles)
Current Residence: Grandville
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Deceased
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
Highest Arachnos Training
See "Equipment"
Deep Cover Operative


Valerie Marshall was recruited for Operation: Grey Razor by a man codenamed "Jackal" nearly 10 years ago. Her mission was to join and infiltrate the ranks of Arachnos. She accepted the mission and propelled through the Arachnos ranks. After the dissapearance of Jackal, she was left behind with no contact. She has continued her work within Arachnos, eventually earning the distinction of becoming the first female Arbiter. Still, she has always been waiting for an opportunity to get back home.

((Note: I do realize that there are Female Arbiter Widows in Grandville. Lets face it, they're just for show. Every Arbiter we run into out in the world is male. Every Arbiter contact, quartermaster, and trainer is male, and never do we see a Widow Arbiter. So to me, Widow Arbiters were created just to appease the Widow ranks, but do not hold the same authority. The only duty they perform is to stand in Grandville and herd the refugees.))


Valerie Marshall is now in her early 30's. She has long black hair (pinned up when in uniform) and blue eyes. Her duties require her to stay in top physical shape, so she maintaines a lean but strong build. While she does carry a few scars from combat, none are over obvious or even visible while she's in uniform.


Her mission and responsibilities have never been far from her mind. Despite spending almost 10 years within Arachnos, she still maintains a strong loyalty to her country and people. However, she is also proud of her position within Arachnos and the work she had to put in to get there. She had to commit acts of violence that she would normally never consider, and made sacrifices that most will never understand.

While her own country left her behind in the Isles, Arachnos has embraced her and her abilities. She remains highly regarded by both the Arbiters and Lord Recluse himself. Still, she truly wants nothing more then to return home, to people who know she isn't the traitor she was thought to be.

Powers and Abilities

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Arbiter Marshall uses a combination of Arachnos technology, including armor, surveillance equipment, and the dreaded Power Mace.


Power Mace - The Arbiter's Power Mace, is extremely devastating in the hands of a skilled user. Capable of deploying concentrated energy blasts at range, or simply crushing an opponent in close. The term "Power Mace" oversimplifies what could be one of the most destructive tools in the Arachnos arsenal.

Cloaking Device - The Arbiter's cloaking technology is not inherently offensive. However, due to Marshall's prior training as a Bane Spider, she combines stealth and force for devastating and often fatal strikes.

Arachnos Bots - Even the most skilled fighter can use some backup, or maybe just cannon fodder. To this end, the Arbiters can call large Arachnos bots using T.P.S. (Teleportation Deployment System). This allows the bots to be called to any location, and dismissed just as quickly.


Arbiter Armor - The armor of the Arbiter befits someone of thier rank. Constructed from the most advance fibers and alloys to give both maximum protection, flexibility and versatility. The armor plating can withstand nearly any caliber weapon, while the armor's weave can withstand knives, and extreme temperatures

Survelliance Equipment - While in combat, an Arbiter can scan an opponent. That data is cross-referenced against all data contained in the Arachnos databases, and quickly provides data on weaknesses and vulnerabilities. If there is a kink in every set of armor, Arbiter's are trained to find, and exploit it.


Valerie Marshall is classified as human, however she may in fact be a mutant. Though it has not been proven, it is believed that she posesses a mutation referred to as "Adaptive Learning".

Adaptive Learning is a mutation that allows a subjects mental and physical capability to change depending on the current task. Those who have it seem to be "a natural" at any task they undertake. For example, if someone were to shoot Archery thier eyesight might improve to zero in on a target. Sense of touch on the string may improve. The mind would cycle though trajectory, velocity, wind speed making the person an exceptional archer, even if they have never done it before. These changes are temporary only lasting the duration of the activity.

This mutation is run on a subconcious level and cannot be controlled. Most would be unaware that they even do it. However, this adaptive learning mutation allows them to mentally and physically excell at virtually any task. This mutation explains why Valerie has far surpassed expectations of every endeavor she has undertaken.


Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.


Valerie Marshall was always a tough girl. Growing up in a house with 4 brothers will do that to a girl. Still she was highly intelligent and very motivated. She felt she was destined for something greater than thier small town. She scored in the top 2 percentile on her SAT's, and recieved offers from nearly every college. Instead, Valerie choose military service joining the Marines.

Though there was a slight adjustment period, Valerie soon settled in. She scored top scores on every written, performance, and field test she took. After her training, her unit was deployed to Iraq to support ground forces there. During one particularly nasty exchange, one of thier men had been hit. He had made it to makeshift cover, but it was just a matter of time before he was hit again, or simply bled out. The rest of the unit was pinned down by gunfire and unable to advance.

Unable to sit idle any longer, Valerie decided to do something stupid. She grabbed a radio and sprinted towards thier wounded man. As she ran she rapidly did the math in her head, calling in snapshots of artillary and airstrikes on enemy locations. Bullets zinged by her, and she could see them hitting the ground around her as she ran. She finally felt something hit her as she spun to the ground. Adrenaline pumping, she got back to her feet and made it to the wounded troop, still calling in strikes.

The artillary started to hit, it was closer than she'd like but necessary. She grabbed her guy by the flak vest and started dragging him back to thier people. Her ears were ringing from the explosions, but she could still hear the low humming sound of incoming A-10's. She tried to pick up the pace, but she was starting to feel dizzy. Finally, two more from her unit met them halfway. The two marines dragged the wounded man while Val just focused on running to cover. As they slid behind thier barricade, the A-10's dropped thier payload and ended the fight.

The wounded Marine was treated and expected to make a full recovery. Valerie was also treated for a gunshot wound to the arm, after which she returned to duty. She was later awarded the Purple Heart for her courage and poise under fire.

This is the only known image of Valerie Marshall after joining Operation: Grey Razor. It was believed to be taken shortly before her entry into Arachnos


After only 2 years in the Marines, Valerie was recruited into a special C.I.A. backed program. Her training was focused on advanced combat, interrogation, and espoinage. As always Valerie made a quick impression, out performing her peers. She completed 4 years worth of training in only 2 years. However, she wouldn't get a chance to use any of her newfound skills. At least, not for the C.I.A.

Operation: Grey Razor

After completion of her training with the C.I.A. they sent Valerie off to a secret meeting. She was nervous and excited to finally have a chance to prove herself. There was a video camera that covered the room, which was strange for a secret meeting. She met with a man codename "Jackal", who was a part of Grey Razor. He had an assignment that he believed she was perfect for. He wanted Valerie to join Arachnos and infiltrate thier ranks in order to send valuable intelligence back to the government.

This "deep cover" assignment was different from most. Jackal told her that the problem with most "cover" operatives is that at some point, the cover always seems to fail. For that reason, Valerie would not join under any false cover, but under her own identity. Valerie Marshall, decorated marine veteran, recruited by the C.I.A., and later defected to the Isles to join Arachnos. Since she was not using a cover, they wouldn't have to worry about her cover being blown. Jackal told her that her mission would be strictly need to know, and that only a few people would know of her ties to Grey Razor. This put her at greater risk, but also lowered the chance of her being discovered. She would also be granted amnesty from any crime she had to commit in order to complete her mission.

She considered the danger of the assignment, and almost declined. However, she also knew how dangerous Arachnos was. If she didn't do this, more people could die, or someone would be sent in her place. So she accepted the mission. Jackal told her that the video of thier meeting would be the only physical evidence that she was working for the government, and promised he would keep it safe. To the rest of the world, she was a defector.


Wolf Spiders (Years 1-3)

After joining Arachnos, Valerie met with initial friction. This was due to her immediately challenging Arachnos's system. They wanted to place Valerie in Widow training, which was the normal procedure for women who did not have natural psychic potential. However, Valerie wanted to undergo Wolf Spider training, and declared that she could outlast and outperform any man in her training unit. One of the Arbiter's overheard the argument. Amused by her passion and confidence, and given her past training, he granted her request.

The head of the Wolf Spider training was not amused at the thought of a woman in his ranks. While Arachnos training methods are extremely tough to begin with, for Valerie, they were downright brutal. Every opportunity was used to make her training harder, to make her suffer more, whatever it took to get her kicked out, or killed.

However, Valerie would not quit, and every bit of extra pain only drove her harder. Halfway through the training, despite everything they had thrown at her, she continued to outperform the other trainees. She had made good on her word. Finally realizing that Valerie was more than just a pretty face, the Wolf Spider lead accepted her as one of his own. He was still harsh with her, but only because he now knew that she could take it. He even devoted extra time to training her skills, as she showed more promise than any recruit he had trained before. She finished her training with top ranks, and was assigned immediately to Grandville, a location that is usually reserved for experienced veterans.

The following years, Valerie continued to prove her worth with brutal efficiency. There was no job too dangerous or too dirty for her to get her hands in. When applicants were being considered for the elite ranks of the Bane Spiders, Valerie's commander personally made the recommendation that she be taken for training. Valerie Marshall was accepted for Bane Spider training after only 3 years with the Wolf Spiders. A rare accomplishment for anyone, but an unheard of accomplishment for a young woman.

Bane Spiders (Years 4-7)

Valerie would spend her next 4 years among the Bane Spider ranks. She already had a foundation of combat and espionage, and settled in quickly to her new surroundings. While Wolf Spider training had been focused on brute force and firepower, Bane Spider Scout training focused more on stealth and precision. She enjoyed her new training as it seemed more "civilized" in a strange way.

After her training, she continued to serve in Grandville. While most wouldn't know or admit, Lord Recluse had heard of this female prodigy and had been keeping tabs on her since she began serving as a Bane Spider. She was often recognized for her brutal efficiency, and dedication to Arachnos. Lord Recluse's attention proved warranted during a suprise attack by a group of heroes. Marshall was first on the scene, and managed to single handedly hold off the invading heroes until backup arrived. Though wounded badly in the battle, she insisted in returning to duty as soon as she was able.

During her 4th year as a Bane Spider, word came that they would be promoting one of thier own to Executioner. The Executioner was Lord Recluse's personal guard, and was a highly distinguished position. Of course, Valerie wanted the job and her superiors agreed that she was more than capable of performing those duties. After weeks of anticipation, word came down that someone else from her squad recieved the promotion. Valerie was crushed, believing that she had proven herself more than anyone else in her unit. Her instincts would prove correct.

Valerie was summoned to the Arbiter Corp HQ, where the Arbiters waited for her. She stood nervously, wondering if she was about to be killed. Her fears grew when Lord Recluse himself entered the room. Lord Recluse told her that she had been denied the position of Executioner, because she was instead being promoted to the elite ranks of Arbiter. He commended her on being the first woman to earn the right to join the Arbiters, and presented her with the helmet of the Arbiters, as a symbol of her new authority.

Arbiter Corps (Years 8-Present)

After joining the Arbiter ranks, Valerie's life changed dramatically. Her promotion shocked everyone, but they adjusted quickly due to fear of the consequences. Though her duties now provided many more challenges, in many ways her life became much easier. She no longer had to fight to survive within Arachnos, now she only needed to continue to show her worth.

Retrieving information was also easier, so easy in fact, that it could be easy to make a mistake. She never sent information that only an Arbiter would have access to, as that could lead them back to her. She sent information that while useful, was still generally mundane. She wasn't sure if Slayton was ever coming for her, and so risking her position wasn't a viable option for survival.

It wasn't until a S.C.O.R.P.I.O. incursion into the Rogue Isles that Marshall finally made her move. Making contact with the agent known as Cyber Knight, she revealed her identity and her mission. Now all she can do is wait and hope that she will finally be pulled out of Arachnos and allowed to come back home. Unfortunately, her high profile within Arachnos as a prodigal Arbiter meant that her desertion would be noticed quickly, and no doubt there would be repercusions from Arachnos."


(Strategic Command Objective for Research, Protection + Interdictive Operations)


Arbiter Marshall got herself placed as head of the Arachnos Research and Development branch. From there, she was able to monitor the technological advances of Arachnos. This allowed her to control Arachnos's technological might by ensuring that advances that could make them too powerful, never saw the light of day. Of course, there was nothing stopping her from using that technology for herself. Use of this technology has increased her abilities far beyond a normal human, making her a formidable opponent to even the most powerful metahumans.

Nanotech Muscle Enhancer (Tier 4 Alpha: Musculature)

This advancement introduced advanced nanites into the body. These nanites speed up the bodys natural processes, increasing healing and stamina. They also bond to the skeletal and musculature systems greatly increasing resiliency and strength. This enhancer was made to give Arachnos a new "super soldier" but was buried before it could be implemented. Not before it found it's way to Arbiter Marshall of course.

L.E.E.C.H. - Local Energy Emitting Compound Handguards

The L.E.E.C.H. system was one of the most innovative advancements Arachnos had made in recent years, and also one of the hardest to bury. The L.E.E.C.H. is able to reach out and draw energy from all available sources in the local area. Power lines, objects, even energy based Meta-Humans. After collecting the local energy, it fuses them together into a single compound energy source, capable of multiple applications.

The L.E.E.C.H. was secretly incorperated into Marshall's Arbiter armor. She also had a seperate set of guards made for her S.C.O.R.P.I.O. uniform as well.

L.E.E.C.H. Energy Blast (Tier 4: Ion Final Judgement)- Using the compound energy collected, the system focuses the energy inso an intense blast. The energy is able to arc to multiple targets. Undocumented trials on human subjects also shows that the blast is capable of temporarily disabling the Nervous System, causing paralysis for a shot time.

L.E.E.C.H. Energy Barrier (Tier 4: Barrier Destiny)- The compound energy from the L.E.E.C.H. system can be used defensively as well. The energy can be directed and formed into intense Barriers that are nearly inpenetrable. Though extremely effective, the harnessed energy cannot maintain the barriers for long. After a short time, the effectivness of the barriers decreases as the energy begins to dissipate.

L.E.E.C.H. Holographic Combat Decoy (Tier 4: Arachnos Lore)- One of the most innovative of the L.E.E.C.H. abilities is to use it's harnessed energy to create a Holographic Decoy. While this may not sound effective, the holographic decoy is made completely of the systems compound energy. The decoy can use this energy to fire energy blasts at enemy targets. However, every blasts decreases the Holographic life span by dispersing the energy that maintains it.


Wrist Comm Unit

The SCORPIO wrist communications unit is an interesting technology developed by Singer Defense Systems for SCORPIO Agents. It is in essence a highly advanced computer capable of tracking mission data, interfacing with satellite scans and collected intelligence, providing a communications interface.

- Unit acts as a basic datapad, able to store and retrieve data from robotic systems/androids/etc., the SCORPIO database, other computers (via a direct link or wireless transceiver), comm signals, and standard datacards.

- Wrist link allows Marshall to open base and teleportation portals and receive signals from her surveillance gear. This Comm Unit was incorperated into her L.E.E.C.H. gauntlet system.

Head-Up Display (HUD):

Marshall's HUD is set up to mirror the familiar Arachnos HUD that she has used for years. She maintains links to both S.C.O.R.P.I.O. and Arachnos data, which is routed through her wrist unit and displayed in her goggles.

- Like her Arbiter Helmet, her goggles are capable of displaying a 360 degree panoramic image. The system constantly scans for anomolies in heat, motion, and sound. Allowing her to often find hidden enemies, though skilled operators tend to avoid detection.

- The HUD will also display maps, survelliance data, or any other intelligence collected via the wrist Comm Unit.

- Visual capabilities of the unit are taxing on the power cell and need to be replaced after a month normal usage.

Note: Areas with strong electromagnetic interference render the unit's radar useless while the communications become unstable.

Anti-Gravity Harness:

- Standard issue SCORPIO device located within the lining of Agents' 'stealth' harness and belt.

- Can be used on 'low' for greater jumping in combat, 'medium' for a sort of 'super' jump, and 'high' for flight. Follows directional touch control commands located in the palm of Agents' gloves.

MediPort Beacon:

- Monitors vital signs in the wearer and prompts a teleport to the nearest hospital in case of an emergency. Can also be activated manually.

Customized SCORPIO uniform:

- 8-ply kevlar panels (able to withstand ballistic impact up to .45 caliber bullets)

- "Atlex 5" a fire-resistant material that withstand temperatures of up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.

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