Arbor Hawk

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Arbor Hawk
Player: MsQuick
Origin: Science
Archetype: Tank
Threat Level: 42
Personal Data
Real Name: Shandra Bellows
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 23
Height: 5' 9
Weight: 125lb
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: Chesnut brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Substitute Teacher
Place of Birth: Portland, Oregon
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Parents: Peter and Betty
Known Powers
Super Strength, flight, invunerability, quick healing
Known Abilities
Alian metal mace

OOC Information

Arbor Hawk is a character played by @Ms Quick. A obvious homage to DC comics Hawkgirl. Arbor differs from Hawkgirl in the following ways: No hawk mask, Costume colors are different, Costume top is different, Boot color scheme is different, Wing color is different, Arbor wears a chest harness, belt different. Also background is similar in a few areas but different.


Shandra Bellows is also known as the superhero Arbor Hawk

In the spring of 2004 Shandra was in her senior year at Oregon state. Living at home in Portland afforded Shandra many benefits in her role as a biology teacher's assistant.She often lead groups of students into the woodlands around the Portland area for projects and reports. On a beautiful friday afternoon Shandra and her good friend Terry were in some woodland near Mt Hood. Shandra was going to mark off a area for a class survey that Sunday. The Survey would be of 20 square yards of northwest rainforst. Shandra wanted to find a area of the right size that included great diversty, including a stream. Having found the perfect site, a good ways away from the road Shandra asked Terry if he could return to the car to get the marking tape she had forgot. Terry was happy to help.

As Terry left , Shandra took a few minutes to relax in this little paradise she had found. As she relaxed something bothered her. Finally it dawned on her that there were no animal noises, no birds or other animal noises. She then heard a Hawk cry. The cry came from the other side of a large fallen tree on a hillside. She could not see on the other side of the massive tree. She headed over in hopes of seeing a nest. As she approached the fallen tree, a Cooper's hawk flew no more than five feet above Shandra's head. She could see the brown and white banding on the bird's underside. When she first saw it it had it's head turned back and was looking where it had come from. The Hawk then turned it's head and looked at Shandra with it's bright red eyes. The hawk let out another cry; as if to warn the human to run! Shandra paused and took in the wonderful sight; but then continued on to climb over the fallen tree. Once over the mossed covered trunk Shandra found herself again in a deathly still forest. She had no time to react to the bright light that sudenly surrounded her.

Shandra was abducted by aliens. Their ship had landed just yards away from where Shandra climbed over the tree trunk. She was taken into the ship and examined. The aliens had found a perfect specimen. They had come to earth to help in the fight against the Rikti. Not wanting to be directly involved and incuring the wrath of the rikti on their home; they sought to find a human whom could handle their scientific gifts. These unknown aliens had made a genetic responsive metal.

The aliens were Garathanians. A advanced alien race from Alpha Centari. They brought a small amount of Genetic metal with them to make a few weapons with. This Metal would be made to work only with the touch of the person who genetically matched the weapon. The metal would enhance the users strength, speed, and toughness. It would also grant flight. one other aspect was that it enhanced certain warrior emotions, thus the right user had to be found, least they create a monster. ( More to come )



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