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"There are some shadows are so long,
that they arrive before the light."
Player: @ArdynnRavenheart
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 42
Personal Data
Real Name: Adriana Carmen Navarro
Known Aliases: Ravenheart, The Deathless
Species: Elf
Age: ?
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blue-Black
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Spanish descent, naturalized American citizen
Occupation: Professional Hero, Problem-Solver
Place of Birth: Barcelona, Spain
Current Residence: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Daughter: Patricia Grant, Granddaughters: Jandra Richards and Katie Richards
Known Powers
Shadow Manipulation
Known Abilities
Fear manipulation, mind shielding, stealth techniques.
None noteworthy.

Ardynn is a registered superhuman hero in Paragon City. She registered with M.A.G.I. when the United States instituted the program, mostly as a way to help mentor younger heroes. Though unfriendly and standoffish with most - at best holding people at a polite distance - Ardynn remains a quiet, but vigilant force for good in the city. Despite her impressive age and power, she has little reputation, and seems to prefer helping other heroes from behind the scenes, and on her own initiative.

Ardynn first made her appearance (albeit on a friend's account) in issue 8 of City of Heroes. This page is under heavy construction.



The majority of Ardynn's past is locked up tightly, either in the shadows of the elf's mind or in some government vault with files long forgotten. What is most commonly known about her begins in the early thirties, as superheroes were beginning to emerge as a major component in the world. This was also right as the Midnight Squad was first being entreated for aid by the Dream Doctor. For her own reasons, Ardynn joined with the efforts, throwing herself fully into the arcane battle. Her work with the Squad led her to other threats, as well, deepening as World War II erupted. After the War had ended, and the Cold War had settled in, Ardynn took it upon herself to join the UN in its efforts to deal with the rising tide of metahumans. In order to do this, she willingly registered herself with the United States' Federal Bureau of Super-powered Affairs, though her relationship with that body has always been notably... turbulent.

Sometime just after the victory in Japan, Ardynn had a brief but passionate romance with a fellow Midnight Squad member, adventuring arcanist by the name of Patrick Grant. The union was based on friendship, and gave the pair a single child: Patricia Marcela Grant. With the birth of a beloved child, Ardynn bowed out of the active hero's life, instead opting to mentor future generations. As her girl grew up and had children of her own, problems grew to a head once more. Ardynn became increasingly restless, occasionally helping out under the costumed alias of The Deathless, but did not return to full, active duty until the arrival of the Rikti.

The devastation caused by the aliens drew the Midnight Squad full-bore into the conflict, and all three generations of Ardynn, Patrick Grant, and their family joined the fight without hesitation, using their skills to the utmost. With the formation of the Vanguard, Ardynn made every effort she could to bridge the gap and coordinate matters between them and the Midnight Squad. Ardynn was savagely wounded during the fighting, throwing her into a strange pocket of the Netherworld until she could recover and return to the material plane. By then, though, the fatal push had arrived. Patricia and her daughters were left on the skeleton crew to support and defend, while Patrick Grant joined Alpha Squad in its suicidal charge. He was slain quickly, but the rest of his family survived, and Ardynn was left alone to help pick up the pieces as best as could be arranged. As a surviving older hero, Ardynn was asked to take charge of mentoring many younger metahumans, who had been orphaned during the War, and were now wards of the state. This she was more than happy to do - it gave her plenty to deal with aside from focusing on the loss. It gave her purpose.

Several years after the last of the budding young heroes had become her own person, Ardynn began to take up heroing on an active scale once more. having long lain dormant since her defeat and recovery during the Rikti War, her powers had receded, and have since taken a good deal of time to bring back up to snuff. Just the same, Ardynn is now back to serving the people of Paragon City and helping other heroes as best as she can.


Ardynn is a relatively anti-social hero, living proof that Good is not always Nice. Though perfectly polite for the most part, she can come off as taciturn, standoffish and aloof. Of course, she likes to foster these perceptions, in order to give herself more space, unfettered by the people around her. However, those who spend time around her will notice little traces of a good person behind the mask - compassion and humor being chief among these. Her enemies can find her implacable and clinical, sowing fear amongst their numbers and leaving fallen in the wake of her passing. Subordinates and students find her distanced but worthwhile, since she gives a person everything they need in order to learn or resolve a problem on their own, stepping in only when necessary. Friends and family tend to find her unfailingly loyal - though often frustrating and controlling.

Known Abilities



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