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WARNING: Contains explicit sexual themes of a mythological and primitive nature

Hector in Faultline, flying with magical sandals
Hector Ambrose
Player: @aberrantpvp
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 17
Personal Data
Real Name: Hector Ambrose
Known Aliases: Arrow of Eros
Species: Olympian God
Age: 3,208 (Appears 20)
Height: 6'0
Weight: 177 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American Citizen by law, Trojan/Olympian by Birth
Occupation: College Student, Licensed Hero, God
Place of Birth: Troy
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Aphrodite (Mother), Apollo (Father)
Known Powers
Superhuman Physique, Dominion over Physical Desire, Healing, Immortality
Known Abilities
Charismatic, Eloquent, Skilled Archer
Magical Bow, Enchanted Sandals, Golden Laurels
No additional information available.



The Arrow of Eros was created for a number of goals. For one, he is a replacement for my old Mythological character, Balderson. Two, he is a support toon, something I want to learn. Third, he is sexy.


While, to a purely visual examination, Hector Ambrose would appear to be nothing more than a perfectly fit, attractive human male, he is, in fact, an Olympian God. His body is altogether stronger and more durable than a human one. If cut, he does not bleed blood, nor does he have fingerprints or DNA.


Standing at just over 6 feet in height, this man is a fine specimen of masculine beauty. His skin is a well maintained, uninterrupted tan, a sultry olive color. His hair is pitch black, and hangs loosely along his face, framing it. Teeth or purest ivory white are straight and lined within his mouth.

There is virtually no fat at all upon his body, he is lean and well-toned, but not obsessively muscular. His body is not hairless, but is relatively sparse, his chest decorated by few curls, and his back mostly bare. His armpits and groin sport rich, compact curls.

No scars, blemishes, tattoos, piercings, or other imperfections exist anywhere on his body. His hands are smooth, lacking in callouses or rough spots, and his nails are manicured clean, as are his toes.


Hector is born to pleasure sexually. As such, even amongst divine beings, his genitals are of mythic proportions. His penis, when flaccid, hangs almost halfway down his thigh. When engorged with ichor, his length is approximately 16 inches, and the girth is similar to a grown woman's arm. He is uncircumcised. His testicles are also quite large, maybe one and a half times the size of a normal mans.

Despite this unusually large set of equipment, Hector can mate with anyone willing. How this can be accomplished is a combination of divine blessings and unknown arcane rules of engagement. Additionally, his ability to heal is quite useful in this process.

Superhuman Physique

As an Olympian God, Hector has physical abilities beyond those or mortal men. However, as a God of fairly tame aspects, his physique pales in comparison to the likes of Ares, Hephaestus, or Zeus. He can, at max, lift about 10 tons of weight over his head, and run about 40 miles pew hour. His grace, dexterity, and stamina are all likewise improved. Indeed, his stamina is nothing short of mythical.

Dominion over Physical Desire

Primarily, Hector Ambrose is the God of Lust. As such, he has an innate understanding of sexual desires. He can decipher someone's fantasies and yearnings just by observing them. With a touch, he can know intimately how to make someone experience sexual pleasure.

Additionally, Hector can sense the presence of strong lust in his vicinity, and, if applicable, to whom it is directed. This ability is limited to sentient creatures, it ignores the matings of beasts or animals in heat.

Through focus, he can cause lust to grow or diminish, though he cannot create it from nothing with magic. While he could rise a lustful thought in someone with mundane behavior and then enhance it, he cannot conjure desire.


A secondary purview of Hector's is healing. He can heal wounds, soothe pain, and even momentarily increase someone's health or well being. While he can perform amazing acts of medicinal benefit simply by focusing his divinity on a person or an area, the curing of more serious ailments, such as terminal cancers or HIV, require that he take special measures.


As an Olympian God, Hector cannot die. He can be wounded, but will heal. He can be caged, or trapped, tricked or even destroyed temporarily. However, he will always reform within a rising of the sun or the moon.

Magical Artifacts


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