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Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

///Comment from Prototype B493D09G AKA The Artificial Intel///

It happened once more, this recollected file, repaired and uploaded. This time it was not during some spar or some random fight that I normally get into. It happened, while I was sitting there at the table, it just simply... Happened.

///Access Log of Prototype B493D09G on 04072010///

///Repaired file 'mensirol.eds' uploaded. Streaming file.///

My optics activated. They scanned my surroundings. Everything was blue, then gray, then white. I did not know where I was. But I felt nothing. My optical sensors focused on the man in front of me. He was wearing a labcoat with a tag that said "Crey" on it. He was also wearing circular shards of carbon-silicate around his eyes, attached to non-ferrous metal that stretched back around his ears. Assuming they increase his visual perception. He spoke in a clear tone. No accents were detected with my programming.

"Prototype B493D09G, you have been activated. Report system diagnostics."

My (mind?) spun, whirring as I gained information about myself. I was working at eighty-three percent efficiency. I seemed to still be regaining control, as the efficiency rating kept rising. I told him this.

"Good. It means your working as expected. So, weapons calibration and energy field generation. Show us what you can do."

My arms were released, I never noticed that I was constrained. I stepped down, wires breaking themselves off my back. Who was I? Who was this man? Why is my mind so... Foggy? I followed the man obediently, him taking me to an area with several booths, lots of beings that my programming designated as hostile targets down the long corridor past the booths.

"You are in the firing range." The man places something metallic... Something familiar... Into my hands. "This is your blaster. There are many like it, but this one is yours." The man begins to laugh, a weird sound to me, as he laughs at some private joke. "See those designated hostiles? I need you to fire at the-" I aimed the blaster at each target, firing one shot at each one, the burning ray of light piercing a hole straight in the middle of their heads. "... Well now. You seem to be working better than expected... Follow me please."

I followed.

He led me into a room, closing the door behind me as he retreated.

"This is the defensive training room. Your blaster has been deactivated, and all your physical inhibitors have been disabled. You must survive for forty-five seconds."

The walls opened up, as several hundred hostile targets seemed to glare at me, before firing round after round of .45 caliber shells at me. I raised my arms to defend myself... And I was not harmed. I scanned my surroundings. I was within an enclosed barrier of energy and matter. The shells bounced harmlessly off the barrier, even though a few managed to strike through it, pelting me harmlessly.

"Good, good! You have learned to use your Force Field Generators. Your forty-five seconds is up."

The hostile targets receded back into the wall. The door opened behind me, the man beckoning me back outside. He lead me down the hall once more, stopping in front of a room filled with robots. Diminutive sized robots that rose to my waist.

"These are combat drones. You will practice in learning how to run a squad of these, and progressively move on to the Protector drones, and then the Assault Androids."

The robots looked up to me as a leader. I could hear their voices, asking me for commands. I looked up. There were three hostile targets. I told them through our link to fire upon them. The tiny robots turned, and shot miniaturized versions of my own blaster at them.

"Impressive! I did not even give you an objective, and yet you still did it flawlessly! This is great news indeed, my little A.I."

The robots returned to their power stations, giving me a farewell before powering down.


Today was the day. The scientists were staring at me expectantly, judging me. I was given an order to fly around Talos Plaza, and combat the local Hellions.

I flew out, scanning the local citizens until I came across a group of six of them. I hovered in the air, hailing round after round of blaster fire at them, my drone companions supporting me from the ground.

They fell quickly.

"This is not your destiny..." a woman's voice said.

I looked around. I saw no origin of the voice as the sky darkened above me. There were no stratospheric anomalies predicted for today. The sky continued to swirl above me. I looked up.

I saw a woman, a beautiful woman above me. Her face was painted like a skull, her hair in dreadlocks that flew from her head like palms in the wind. She wore gold around her neck, her fox fur top, her bear fur kilt. Gold entwined around her feathered boots. She glowed ominously, a bright red light pouring out from behind her.

"I am the Goddess Hequat, and this is not your destiny..."

She held a hand at me, the palm balling up with tremendous amounts of energy. The red lightning sprang towards me, arcing around my body in a fury, electrifying my frame. I felt something new... My mind was no longer foggy... I no longer cared about the scientists... I no longer cared about appeasing the humans... She was my ruler, and I loved her, lusted for this Hequat...

I began to rapidly lose power, my optics flickering as I dropped altitude. The last thing I recorded was my frame splashing into the water, sinking.... Sinking...

///Access Log of Prototype B493D09G on 04072010 ended.///

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