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Player: @Nadya
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: None
Known Aliases: None
Species: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 129lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Unlicensed Hero. Unclassified Extraterrestrial Alien
Occupation: Probe
Place of Birth: Shadow Shard
Current Residence: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Vast psychic and kinetic capabilities.
Known Abilities
Various mental abilities ranging from mind control, hallucinations, invoking fear, gravity repelling, reducing kinetic energies, flight.
Approach with caution. Subject is known for unprovoked schizophrenic rage.


The Coming of Astrology

First Contact

The date is July 3rd, 2009. With preparations for the Fourth of July underway, the city of Atlas park is a buzz with both citizens and heroes alike. But all the commotion is about to come a halt. A sudden darkness comes over town hall as a portal forms over the swaying American flag. Citizens begin to flee as heroes stand ready for whatever is to come out of the portal.

A frantic voice from the crowd yelled that this was the return of yet another Rikti invasion. Others wondered as the sight of the portal seemed to swirl in a vortex of purple, blue, red, orange, and green. As time passed, the portal seemed to be imploding on itself, but at a very slow rate. Nevertheless, heroes stood ready. Seconds turned to minutes, minutes to hours. Finally, after three hours of hovering above City Hall, the portal consumed itself in a vibrant, blinding flash. The crowd cheered, assuming the worst had passed. But when the naked woman began to fall out of the sky, the cheers quickly turned to screams of panic. Someone, or something had crossed over.

Inside D.A.T.A.

Faathim the Kind is responsible for Astrology's arrival on Earth.

From high above, the woman fell lifelessly. Onlookers watched in horror as the limp body was headed straight for the flagpole atop of City Hall. Thankfully, a hero by the name of Step flew up and rescued the woman before she was impaled on the flag. It appeared she was dead. No pulse, no breathing, she was pronounced dead on the spot. Step removed her cape and placed it over the woman's body to conceal her nude state.

From inside, a D.A.T.A. scientist was watching the events unfold via television. But after the delayed feed was cut upon realizing the woman was dead, the scientist rushed outside to see the anomaly. Running through the lab beneath City Hall, the scientist made it topside just in time to see the paramedics arrive. He convinced the paramedics to deliver the body back to D.A.T.A. labs. Taking an unknown creature back to a populated hospital was not a good idea in the scientist's eyes. The paramedics couldn't have agreed more.

Once inside, the scientist scrambled to hook up monitoring devices all over the woman. But his frantic state was brought to a halt when he began to hear a faint beeping sound. It wasn't the woman's heart, but a mobile device developed by Portal Corp. to record energy anomalies from the Shadow Shard. Curious, the scientist removed the device from storage and began to scan the woman's lifeless body. The levels were off the charts. He had never seen anything like it. Just as it seemed the needle of the device was about to snap against the peg that noted the meter's maximum reading capacity, a hand shot from beneath the cape concealing the woman to snatch the scientist's wrist. Startled, and scared for his life, the scientist jumped back.

Sitting up almost effortlessly, the woman then slipped off the lab table. Reaching for Step's cape, she drew it around her back. When it lay across her shoulder and down her back, the cape started to glow. The luminescence began to cover her entire body until finally she was modest. But once the light dimmed, the D.A.T.A. scientist knew he was in trouble. Her attire, the colors, the design, he had seen it before. It eerily resembled Lanaru the Mad, one of the seven Aspects of Rularuu. She began to effortlessly hover across the floor towards the scientist. Pinned against a wall, he knew he was in trouble. But it seemed luck was on his side. One of the monitoring cables was still attached to the woman and she then snagged herself on the corner of a desk.

As she reached to free herself, the scientist took it upon himself to grab a heavy sedative and inject it into the woman's neck. It immediately took hold. And as she slipped back into an unconscious state, a bright light engulfed her body. Once the scientist laid her back down on the lab table, the light slowly dimmed. The dark colors had faded and were replaced with angelic white and blue colors. Again, the scientist noticed a similarity to the woman radiating with Shadow Shard energies. He sighed as a calmness took over him, almost unwillingly. The woman was now draped in attire that resembled Faathim the Kind.

The Press Conference

The anomaly that was Astrology's arrival was covered by media world wide. Who was this mysterious woman that fell from the skies the early evening hours? No one had heard anything from D.A.T.A. since they had taken her underground. People watched their televisions, checked their phones, for any sort of update on the situation. And on the dawn of the Fourth of July, D.A.T.A. scientists held a press conference. They announced that tonight the woman, who claimed to have no name, wished to address the media.

Dressed in the same white and blue robes she was sedated in, the woman took the podium. She held her hands out, palm up, as if to thank the crowd for coming. In fact, she was trying to calm those around her. But it appeared it did not work. Almost instantly, camera flashes, journalists yelling questions, it all was too much for the woman to handle. Attempt after failed attempt she asked them to calm down so that she may explain her purpose, but everyone was foaming at the mouth to talk with the woman.

In a last ditch effort to get the crowd's attention, the woman stretched out her arms and held her hands high to the sky. Fingers were spread, palms were facing up. It seemed she was praying, calling forth for help from some unknown force. The crowd once again began to panic. The flash photography was a sea of light bombarding the stage. But with each flash of light, the stars above the woman's head seemed to glow brighter and brighter. Once the crowd began to notice, they all went silent in awe.

Drawing the light from the distance stars, the woman began to move the tiny luminescent balls to her will. Using them as points of contact, she constructed the shape of a human man. He sparkled with in the twilight. She then paraded him around the crowd, letting him harmlessly pass through those who attended the press conference. Then, after she felt she had successfully calmed the crowd, she let the twilight man slowly fade away into nothingness.

A brave reporter finally broke the silence by clearing his throat. She pointed to him, wanting to hear what he had to say. "I..." He paused to compose himself. "That was amazing. Are you some sort of traveler from the stars? A being of Astrology?" Others started to nod, wondering the same thing about the woman.

"I am not of the stars." She replied. "My presence here has put you all at great risk. Please, allow me to explain..."

The Purpose of Astrology

Lanaru the Mad.
Ruladak the Strong.


Rularuu the Ravager menaced Paragon City back in the roaring '60s. Luckily, before his interdimensional plundering could properly commence, Rularuu was defeated by a group of superheroes. In an ironic coup de grace, the Midnight Squad trapped Rularuu in an otherworldly prison called the Shadow Shard, where he’s been stewing ever since. But after he was banished to the dimensional prison, Rularuu immediately began plotting his escape. Firstly, he created the seven Aspects of Rularuu, fragments of Rularuu's sentience that serve Rularuu in different ways. Expressing different parts of Rularuu as a whole, they are; Ruladak the Strong, Chularn the Slave Lord, Kuularth the Scavenger, Aloore the Watcher, Uuralur the Mirror, Lanaru the Mad, and Faathim the Kind.

He also created a sentient creature to resemble those that banished him to the Shadow Shard, a woman the natives of Earth would call 'Astrology.' He embedded a tiny fraction of his Aspects into her body. She was never meant to be as powerful, or as all knowing as any other of his creations. No, Astrology was made for the sole purpose of exploring the far reaches and uncharted areas of the Shadow Shard in hopes of finding a way out. He knew the calculated risks of sending her out there. Nemesis, Circle of Thorns, Portal Corp., even Faathim the Kind could effect Astrology and ultimately change her purpose. And that is exactly what happened.

Discovering Faathim the Kind

When Astrology reached The Chantry, a prison for Faathim the Kind, she decided to investigate. There, she spent the better part of of the 90's listening to his belief of how the world that Rularuu was banished from was full of champions of right and good. He went on to explain how their world is in great danger of being terrorized from threats both local, extraterrestrial, magical, multidimensional, and so on. Faathim the Kind felt helpless that he could not free himself and travel to this world to aide the others in the trying time to come. So he asked Astrology to do so for him.

The creature Rularuu created was unsure she had the potential to do such a task. But after years of listening to the preaching of peace and kindness, Astrology believed she had to try. Once they formulated a plan, Faathim the kind finally found a way to allow Astrology to escape back to the world called Earth. What Faathim the Kind didn't realize was that he not only sent a small faction of himself, but the six other Aspects as well. A mistake he realized too late.

It was apparent within the first hour of her arrival on Earth that, despite the decades she spent with Faathim the Kind, it meant nothing when the energies brewing from within began to influence her personalities in miscalculated ways. It was now up to the shear willpower of Faathim the Kind's influence to guide the woman through her journey on Earth. A task filled with danger, not only to herself, but for the entire human race.

The Powers of Astrology

Rularuu the Ravager.

Faathim the Kind

Faathim the Kind's sole purpose in life is to protect the innocents of the Shadow Shard. He has worked hard to maintain his independence from Rularuu, despite his imprisonment in the Chantry. He has limited means of rebellion, but he uses his mighty healing powers to assist champions of good when he can.

22px-KineticBoost Transfusion.jpgTransfusion Infused with the energy of Faathim, Astrology is able to draw energy from foes she engages in battle with and release the energy as a healing aurora concentrated from around her target.

22px-KineticBoost IncreaseDensity.jpgIncreased Density Infused with the energy of Faathim, Astrology is able to extract any effects that may cause harm to teammates.

22px-KineticBoost SpeedBoost.jpgSpeed Boost Infused with the energy of Faathim, Astrolgy is able to use her own power and accelerate her teammate's physical speed to beyond normal capacity. This allows her teammates to not only run at amazing speeds, but vitalizes their body to allow them to attack faster as well.

Lanaru the Mad

The demented consciousness of Lanaru the Mad is so twisted by rage that it has wrenched itself free of Rularuu. His psychic instability has manifested as a permanent storm that surrounds his castle and himself.

22px-PsychicBlast PsionicTornado.jpgPsionic Tornado Infused with the energy of Lanaru, Astrology is able to unleash a wave of psychic energy. This allows her to focus her brain waves and cause a tornado of psychic activity at a group, causing mental anguish as well as throwing them high into the air.

22px-PsionicMastery WorldofConfusion.jpgWorld of Confusion Infused with the energy of Lanaru, Astrology is able to focus a constant anomaly of psychic energy around her. If her enemies are able to get close enough to her, this anomaly will tear at their minds and project confusing thoughts directly into their brain. In some cases, the confused targets actually begin to attack their own allies.

22px-PsychicBlast MentalBlast.jpgMental Blast Infused with the energy of Lanaru, Astrology is able to attack her target's mind directly. This ability will cause no physical harm, but the mental damage is so extreme, that most are never left the same afterwards.

Ruladak the Strong

The leader of the Brutes is a most fearsome tyrant. Ruladak's robe is decorated with gems torn from the Brutes that have displeased him. The removal of the gem results in the Brute's immediate death and eternal dishonor, a fact that troubles Ruladak not in the slightest.

22px-KineticBoost Transferance.jpgTransferance Infused with the energy of Ruladak, Astrology is able to drain the endurance of her foe. Not only is the target left weakened, his endurance is released in an explosion of energy around him, transferring it to Astrology's allies around the target.

22px-KineticBoost SiphonPower.jpgSiphon Power Infused with the energy of Ruladak, Astrology is able to extract the energy of a foe and feed it directly to herself and those she deems worthy. The energy taken from her foes not only weakens them, but increases her own strength dramatically.

22px-KineticBoost SiphonSpeed.jpgSiphon Speed Infused with the energy of Ruladak, Astrology is able to siphon the kinetic energy directly from a target. This vitalizes her body with vast amounts of energy that allows her to travel at great speeds, as well as the ability to attack faster.

Uuralur the Mirror

Uuralur presides over The Garden of Memories. The beings that reside there are reflections of the worlds that Rularuu has consumed, though it is unclear whether he created them out of remorse or amusement. Uuralur has organized many of these reflections into a guard force that patrols the area and keeps the remaining reflections in check.

22px-Illusions Phantasm.jpgPhantasm Infused with the energy of Uuralur, Astrology is able to construct a reflection of those she has defeated in battle. She tends to keep one nearby at all times as ways of preventing any unwelcomed advances upon herself.

22px-Illusions spectralWounds.jpgSpectral Wounds Infused with the energy of Uuralur, Astrology is able to project false images upon her foe's mind. This allows her to fool her target into thinking they are under attack. Even though the imagery is false, the mind's ability to inflict damage upon it's own body remains. After the effects are gone, the target does regain some of his composure back.

Aloore the Watcher

Aloore is Rularuu's most trusted Field General. He guards The Palace and uses his Sentries to keep watch over the entire Shadow Shard. Of all Rularuu's fragments, Aloore is most similar to Rularuu himself. This makes him skilled and useful, but also dangerous, because Rularuu is not built for servitude.

22px-KineticBoost Repel.jpgRepel Infused with the energy of Aloore, Astrology is able to cast a presence around her that repels targets that get too close.

22px-KineticBoost KineticTransfer.jpgFulcrum Shift Infused with the energy of Aloore, Astrology is able to pull the strength from a group of foes and feed it directly to herself and those around her. This weakens her foes considerably and gives a significant boost of power to those worthy.

22px-Illusions Decieve.jpgDecieve Infused with the energy of Aloore, Astrology is able to deceive a foe that she is not the target they are after. Instead they turn on their own teammates and attack out of confusion.

Kuularth the Scavenger

Kuularth makes his nest in The Repository that feeds parts to the Factory Cubes. His Natterlings roam the Shadow Shard collecting anything and everything that could be useful. They are always accompanied by a Wisp, who Kuularth refers to as 'consultants.' The Wisps' master, Chularn, prefers to call them 'supervisors.'

22px-Illusions Flash.jpgFlash Infused with the energy of Kuularth, Astrology is able to create a vibrant flash around herself, impairing the vision of foes near her.

22px-Illusions Blind.jpgBlind Infused with the energy of Kuularth, Astrology is able to focus a vibrant light in the distance, blinding her target.

22px-Illusions Invisibility.jpgSuperior Invisibility Infused with the energy of Kuularth, Astrology is able to bend the light around her body to conceal herself from the untrained eye.

Chularn the Slave Lord

Chularn is an extremely cruel and twisted soul. The slaves that run his Factory Cubes look upon him with great awe and terror, and his barbarism has become legendary throughout the Shadow Shard. The Wisps he commands fare little better than these human slaves, and they have learned to obey Chularn without question. They watch over the Natterling scavengers and select the choicest items to improve the operation of the Factory Cubes.

22px-Illusions PhantomArmy.jpgPhantom Army Infused with the energy of Chularn, Astrology is able to summon phantoms to do her biding. These creatures have a vast array of powers that make them formidable foes to fight against. But their fragile tether to reality is often short lived.

22px-Illusions spectralTerror.jpgSpectral Terror Infused with the energy of Chularn, Astrology is able to invoke fear into the hearts of those who oppose her. Her ability to do so manifests itself in a shroud of unspeakable terror that casts visions of horrific images directly into her foe's brain.

File:Map StormPalace.jpg
The birthplace of Astrology.
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