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"No rest...not yet."
Baron Kriegzahn
Player: Nasir6r
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Viktor Kriegzahn
Known Aliases: Geistritter
Species: Vampire
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'10
Weight: 300lbs
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Unknown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Germanic (Holy Roman Empire)
Occupation: Knight
Place of Birth: Himmelsfeld
Base of Operations: Himmelsfeld
Marital Status: Widower
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
War mace, Dark Armour, Superjump
Known Abilities
Mild telepathy, surprising agility
Magical Armour
Theme Song: "Soul Society" by Kamelot



Viktor Kriegzahn, as far as any can tell, was a lord of a small fiefdom named Himmelsfeld in modern day East Germany some 800 years ago. He was also one of the many young lords to participate in the Third Crusade, and return with his life. At age 18, his father, Heinrich Kriegzahn, died, leaving young Viktor to take over the small but quite prosperous chunk of land his family had called home for many generations. Viktor was quite an imposing young man, very tall for his time, and possessing enormous strength, both physically and mentally. He was a well-respected knight and adhered to the code of chivalry rather staunchly- always showing quarter, offering chances to surrender, and giving those honourable foes who fought him in pitched combat, and were mortally wounded, a quick death. It is no wonder, then, why he was most beloved by the people who had taken up residence in his small fief.

It is also no wonder, then, that soon after his father died, he did not remain unmarried for long.

Jutta- beloved of Viktor

Viktor, young and dashing, yet jaded from the failed Crusade, married Jutta von Steiner, a beautiful young woman from a well-to-do family located in what would be modern day Hamburg. The people of Himmelsfeld rejoiced at such a happy union. Jutta was the young baron’s inspiration, and he loved her deeply- she possessed a brilliant mind and a piety like no other. She was able to reacquaint Viktor with his faith in both God and in people.

After 3 years of marriage, it was announced that Jutta was pregnant with the Viktor’s child. Once again, there was great celebration. It was premature celebrating, Viktor would come to know…

Jealousy and the Deal

A rival baron named Albrect von Fuchs who held lands to the north and east of Himmelsfeld had his eyes on Kriegzahn lands for a very, very, long time. Albrect was greedy for the prosperous land of Himmelsfeld, and soon, without blessing from either Holy Roman Emperor or Pope, assaulted Himmselsfeld. The attack was unexpected, but Viktor rallied was guards he could, and, donning his mail and taking up his warhammer, he met the army head on. Viktor fought bravely, but after Albrect Von Fuchs himself drove his sword through Viktor’s stomach, he could fight no longer. Crumbling to the ground, he looked up and saw Albrect’s smirking face…which then promptly looked to the castle.

God, no. Viktor thought. God, please, please…I must save her!

Viktor’s prayer was answered…albeit, not by God.

He found himself in a black void, bereft of clothing. A figure garbed in white, with black hair and large black feathered wings stood before him.

“an…Angel?” Viktor said.

The figure, obvious female, smiled and spoke “Of sorts- I heard your plea. You desperately want to save her, don’t you?”

“Yes! Please…”

Smiling wider, the figure replied “Then, I shall petition God Almighty to breathe life back into your breast, to garb you in armor unbreakable and strengthen your hammer that it strikes a force fifty times that of a battering ram! All you have to do…”

The figure beheld a parchment and a quill pen. “Sign.” The parchment beheld a strange style of writing, one that Viktor had never seen before, but desperation clouded his judgment. He signed his name.

And almost immediately, he found himself back in the living world, the copper taste of blood on his lips…which tasted…delicious, and power in his thews. He stood up, towering in brand new armor made from plate, a great helm fitted with horns of some beast he didn’t recognize and a warhammer five times the size of his old one, which seemed light as a feather in his hands.

He heard the surprised murmuring of men, and stood up to behold Albrect walking away. Viktor roared with a voice that he wasn’t sure was his own, and Albrect turned around, his face pale with fear. Albrect’s men ran at the site of a dead nobleman suddenly manifesting a wholly different kind of armor and returning from the dead. He attacked Albrect with renewed vigor, promptly crushing his helmet and skull with ease.

Viktor gazed at his fallen foe, and immediately his vision swam red. He opened his visor and…bit through the fallen lord’s hauberk and began drinking his blood! As soon as the haze subsided, Viktor, horrified with what he had done, rushed into the castle, to the highest tower, hoping and praying Jutta was alright.

This prayer was not answered: there, standing over the lifeless form of Jutta was the garbed figure, smiling, its skin turning deep red and horns appearing on its head.

“No!” Viktor screamed, and collapsed over the body of his dead beloved.

“Yes.” The figure said mockingly. “You should always read the fine script…or any of the script, actually.” She…It, chuckled “If I was the Holy Roman Emperor, I may have been asking for this castle and your lands…but I asked for your soul and a finder’s fee, and in returned, my little Lord of Fools…”

It knelt, smiling at him through his visor “I made you the living-dead…along with some rather impressive armaments from Hell’s forge.”

“…Why? WHY!? Why Jutta!?” screamed Viktor.

The figure smiled “Finder’s fee, as I said. I wanted her child…” the figure let out one final chortle and vanished.

Viktor was left all alone- Himmelsfeld destroyed, everyone dead…and he, cursed with what would be known as Vampirism…


Viktor would stay in his castle for centuries, while it and the once prosperous village fell to ruin. Centuries would pass, and he would stay in his castle.

He learned that his flesh would not burn so long as he had his armor on. He would feed on wildlife and rats when he starved. In time, he learned to block out the pangs of hunger. Still, he waited. Still, he prayed: for his soul, Jutta’s soul, and his child’s soul.

It wouldn’t be until 1937, that he was found.

World War 2 erupted across Europe, and Viktor was largely oblivious…until the SS tried to occupy Himmelsfeld castle.

They did not achieve their goal, as a towering figure in plate armor wielding a warhammer that shrugs off bullets it very unnerving for most people. Time and time again they attempted to surge into castle- only to run away screaming “Geistritter! Geistritter!”

The result was the Germans blowing up Himmelsfeld castle, leaving Viktor buried underneath loads of rubble.

Paragon City

Viktor would awaken in 1998 in a storage compartment in Paragon City’s M.A.G.I. division for new heroes. He startled the janitor, who promptly notified Azuria.

With the help of a resident telepath, Viktor was informed that they had found him in 1945 buried underneath the ruins of his castle and decided to take him back to a place called “America”. From there, a slow process began- helping the knight adapt to the new world around him, teaching him English and Latin, giving him the “crash course” on modern history and doing small experimentation on his armor and weapons(which he refused to take off, stating he had not done so since he attained it. This baffled scientists as to why he didn’t smell of body odour). After this, he was registered as a Hero and sent off into Paragon city…a city which held many wonders for Baron Kriegzahn.


After studying what it meant to be a “super hero” in the modern world, Kriegzahn has decided to continuing to adhere to chivalry, albeit, with one small modification- he does not kill, at least not humans. He is tough, brave and would be considered the Perfect Knight of he wasn’t so sullen all of the time.


Kriegzahn has shown mild telepathy- he is able to commune with people using nothing but his mind. He also possessing the heightened senses and, according to scientists, see heat. He has shown the ability to jump much higher than most humans, and a remarkable agility for someone wearing platemail- which is a mystery unto itself.

His platemail and hammer don’t hold any of the materials found n the periodic table of elements, and indeed, have shown to be just as strong as impervium. This armour also gives off a murky type of mist which seems to obscure UV light.


While being shown what ‘Television’ was, Kriegzahn spotted a ghost from his past: the figure that gave him his curse! She is known in the media as "Miss Dis". It has become Kriegzahn’s goal, besides the protection of the innocent, to find Miss Dis and reclaim his soul. He will find her. He will make her pay. It is only a matter of time…


(I drew inspiration for Baron Kriegzahn from the character known as "Lord Soth", and also the character known as "Strahd Von Zarovich", both from the Ravenloft D&D setting, whilst also adding a bit of "Spawn" into the mix.)

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