Bees Knees

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Bees Knees
Bees Knees.jpg
Holy Crap! Its a Bee!
The Bees Knees
Player: Sunfyr
Origin: Science
Archetype: Energy/Therm Corruptor
Threat Level: 41
Personal Data
Real Name: Beesly Kneesbit
Known Aliases: The Bees Knees, or simply Bees or BK. Sometimes mistaken for 8335 KN335
Species: Stingless Bee/Humanoid
Age: 17 years in human measurement
Height: 6'0
Weight: 140 pounds
Eye Color: Black and Bug Eyed
Hair Color: rumoured to be grey
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Servant of the Queen
Place of Birth: Riding Mountain National Park
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single so act fast ladies.
Known Relatives: about 1500 brothers and sisters. Most noteably his gaurdian Beeslebub
Known Powers
Can release pheremones that have healing properties and buffing properties to those around him. Can also release concentrated energy.
Known Abilities
Able to fly, Buff and Heal his teamates via pheromones, can release balls of energy, and can also change appearance and disapear via the use of a camoflauge device.
Respirator, com-link, hormone inplant, and fashionable scarf (function to be revealed)

The Bees Knees has become both famous and infamous in the Rogue Isles. A bit strange in more ways then one, Bees is just as powerful as he is confusing. He has many allies, and few enemies, which is his real strength. Crossing his path can be both a blessing and a curse, at the same time even.



Bees Knees certainly doesn't lack personality, as any of his friends will tell you. He is consistently cocky, thinking himself the best at everything, though he rarely is. In his mind all the women want to be with him, all the guys want to be him, and everyone both fears him, and envies him. Though this isn't true in the least, and though he has many friends, and even succesfully flirted with a few girls, he is generally seen as comic relief. In fact the Bees Knees is the essence of comic relief, most likelly the reason for his many friends. Sometimes though Bees Knees becomes a bit more realistic, and begins to see that he's not all what he thinks he is, but soon realizes that hes "too freaken awesome" to simply be comic relief, and soon reverts to his usual ways. The Bees Knees has been known to sometimes talk in the third person when he gets cocky.

The Bees Knees is often commented for being kind and friendly, even by heroes standards. In fact it sometimes begs the question why hes even a villain, which will be explained further down the page. He is often eccentric and hyper active, due to repetetive shocks by bug zappers and his ADHD disorder.

Sometimes though, in the heat of battle, Bees reverts to a more primitive instinctual mindset, making him seem normal, even brave and honorable. Though once the battle is over, or he gets defeated he will return to his normal self.



Through the use of Pheremones excreated from his body and mouth, the Bees Knees is able to buff and heal his allies. This is accomplished through different ways. Pheremones released can cause his allies bodies to release endorphins to relieve pain, as well as releasing chemicals to increase the rate of healing rapidly, effectively healing them. Bees Knees can also release pheremones that cause his allies bodies to release massive amounts of adrenaline, causing their attack to skyrocket. Pheremones can cause the brain to focus to improve accuracy, or cause the muscle to tense to improve defense. Bees Knees can even revive fallen allies, using pheremones that have a similar affect as smelling salts, causing the brain and body to reboot. It has even been reported that the Bees Knees can effectively communicate to his allies via pheremones, allowing him to use his leadership skills to command his team far faster then which could be done through verbal commands. Though the chemical nature of these pheremones reacts with the air, causing light to reflect and distort in strange ways, giving the illusion of fire. Also the endorphins released when being healed often give the feeling of warmth or even heat. It is for these reasons that Bees Knees is often mistaken as pyrokenetic. When asked if he ever used his pheremones to pick up chicks, he became quite nervous and figgity but responded "The Bees Knees doesn't need pheremones to get the honeys. The Bees Knees gots everything them pretty posies want."


The Bees Knees is also able to release pure energy as a projectile, though this is rarely done as he spends most of his time looking after his team. Since he does not release this energy often, it leads to the infamous Nova phenomina. Without expelling this energy, it builds up untill it reaches a critical point where it can no longer be contained, and Bees Knees quite literally explodes. Though his body remains intact he is effectively drained afterwards, causing a short period where he is unable to help his teamates or himself. This happens fairly often, and is quite the nuissance, especially to his teamates who require his help to keep them alive, and the brutes dont like their meatbags being blown across the room by an exploding bee.


Being a bee, Bees Knees is able to use his wings to fly. And even though scientists say he shouldn't be able to fly with such small wings, Bees Knees is able to reach speeds as high as 80km/h, and remain in flight for up to 48 hours.


People often ask what is up with the BK's yellow and black scarf. This scarf is actually a piece of technology that Bees Knees took from the research lab where he was mutated. And besides looking totally cool and sexy, it allows Bees Knees to bend light in any way he wants. Initially this was used to simply alter his appearance as seen by others, in order to fit in with the humans better as well as make it more comfortable for them. This is what allows him to have his human form. Though he appears normal, this is merely an illusion, and is still the same bee underneath. In the making of this form, Bees decided to give it the biggest smile possible, in order to make him seem more friendly to others, though most consider it a bit creepy and unatural. Bees Knees soon learned to bend light in a way that can make him invisible, or at the very least camoflauged. With further tuning, Bees was able to make the device bend the space-time continuem itself, allowing him to switch between dimensions, phase-shift, and even travel through time. When asked if he ever used these abilities to spy on naked hot chicks, Bees Knees once again became very nervous, but stated "The ladies are perfectly willing to show it all to the Bees Knees. The Bees Knees isn't a perv. Thats not how he rolls," as of the time of this report Electric Hand is still looking for her underwear.


If you were to ask the Bees Knees what weaknesses he had, he would tell you his only weakness is the ladies. This of course is only one of many weaknesses the Bees Knees has.

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